I think it’s fair to say that you would have to be a complete moron to deny the fact that racism is still very much alive and well in America today. Because it most certainly does. But the thing is, it’s racism directed not at blacks by whites, but is, instead, racism directed at whites by blacks. And it’s those who have become the biggest offenders who are rapidly becoming far more overt regarding their racist sentiment, and with each passing day. And one of the best examples of these modern- day racists is none other than ‘professor’ Mike Dyson. Dyson is, today, one of the most disgusting, most vile individuals that you will find anywhere on the entire planet.

Dyson spews nothing but the very worst kind of hate, and the fact that someone like him is actually employed by one of our supposed ‘institutions of higher learning’ really does tell you all you need to know about any of our colleges today. And it was Dyson, while making another of his routine visits to MSDNC, on Wednesday, this time on “Deadline” said he was tired of the social criticisms towards women, transgender individuals and black folks from “mediocre white men” who he called “maggots.” Referring to co-panelist Tim Miller, Dyson said, “I agree with Brother Tim in speaking about the maggots, I’m sorry, the MAGA that is so corrosive in this political moment.”

He went on to add, “I resent as an intellectual and as a Black person in America that we have taken the brunt of anti-intellectualism. We have borne the brunt of being disloyal to this nation. And we have stood by to see mediocre, mealy-mouthed, snowflake white men who are incapable of taking critique, who are willing to dole out infamous reputations of the humanity of the other and yet they call us snowflakes and they are the biggest flakes of snow to hit the earth. They are incapable of criticism. They are incapable of tolerating difference. They’re scared of, oh, my God, critical race theory is going to kill your mother. They do not even know.”

Dyson said “They are not critical. They have no race and don’t understand theory.” And he went on to say, “I am tired of hearing mediocre, White men take to their pool-pits to exonerate women and trans people and black folk every other folk that ain’t them. It is time that we in America take back in the country for certain. To seize the reins of authority so that rhetorics of compassion, discourses of empathy, and love in the most radical sense possible would prevail. That means we read everything. I read right-wing stuff every day. I ain’t no right-winger. I try to understand and get beneath what it is that drove that rage, but it doesn’t make me full of rage.”

And finally it was Dyson who said, “So I think it’s necessity for us to be open-minded. Women and people of color and sexual minorities can lead the way because the white guys are flubbing it up in big fashion. Matt Gaetz and Josh Hawley and Mitch McConnell and Mr. Manchin and all of them are in the same boat.” Dyson may be tired of mediocre white men, MAGA maggots attacking blacks, women and trans freaks, but I’m tired of those mediocre black men, BLM supporting maggots not man enough to be fathers to the many kids they create! Maybe if they did then many young black men would actually do something positive as opposed to choosing careers in crime!

Hey Mike, there were 52 people shot, 7 fatally, in Chicago just last weekend. So tell us, Mike, how many of the shooters were those “white maggots” of which you speak?  It seems that for losers, like Dyson, to stay relevant these days, their accusations and thoughts on what is racist has to go to the next level. Are we going to continue letting these showboating bigots run our lives, or are we going to draw the line in the sand? This crap is not just their thoughts, these are accusations, and I’m not going to be accused of a crime of racism by proxy. “We the People” need to take action. Sound up if you’re pissed off, the line has been drawn and I’m giving another inch.

Blah, blah, blah, white people, blah Mediocre, blah. A bunch of senseless blather and he calls us mediocre and anti-intellectual. Well Mr. Dyson, to tell the truth I am less than impressed with you and the rest of the intellectual types. You just seem to be a bunch of boobs, with bad ideas on how to do and run things, and think you are smart cause you know a few three syllable words that you throw around to impress your other idiot intellectual buddies. Frankly, blacks are incapable of intellectual thought and are ruled by primitive emotions. All that you have to do is look at the crime rate and educational achievement scores. Facts are stubborn things.

And finally, try to imagine what our country would look like today had blacks never been made to set foot on American soil. How much different would American look today? And how different would most or our largest cities look? And there’s nothing racist in asking such questions, as they are only intended to prompt one to imagine how different things would be. And it’s those who claim to speak for blacks who want nothing more than to seize control of our country, they want to make it resemble every other country where blacks are in charge. And that is something that we simply can not allow to happen. If we love our children we must never allow that to happen.

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