And so it is that once again our cadre of RINOs, there in the Senate, are once again proving just how insidious they truly are and how very toxic they must now be considered by every Republican regarding the serious threat that they continue to pose when it comes to our ability to remain free. And I say that because they have once again demonstrated their willingness to stand with the Democrats and firmly against the American people. And it’s these same repeat offenders who continue to see nothing wrong with choosing to betray the trust placed in them by the voters and to stand with those whose only mission is the total destruction of our country.

And it’s become quite noticeable how nonchalant these RINOs are when it comes to them stabbing the American people in the back, as it has become quite the habit for them. And something that I think is very important, perhaps even crucial, for people to understand is the fact that it’s none of these people who are truly conservative in their political philosophy, not really. They simply claim to be conservative in order to get themselves elected. The names of the 11 most recent turncoats, so far, are not known but that matters not, we already know who they are, if for no other reason than because they’ve betrayed us all before, and more times than I care to count.

All of which brings me to RINO Rob Portman, Senator from Ohio. You see it was during his recent appearance, just this past Sunday, on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” hosted by that faux ‘journalist’ Chuck Todd, that Portman made the not so startling revelation that the 11 ‘Republican’ senators now working on an infrastructure deal are “absolutely committed to it.” Todd said, “There are many Democratic activists whispering in the administration’s ear. You think you have 11 Republicans, and the deal dies, or this is being dragged back. How committed is this group of 11 Republicans to sticking by this bill even if Mitch McConnell says he can’t vote for it?”

And Portman responded by saying, “I think we’re absolutely committed to it. I think there’s a number of others as well on both sides of the aisle. Last week I heard from a lot of my colleagues saying I just need to look at one other issue, can you do this, do that. There’s a lot of interest in having a bipartisan proposal. Chuck, this is growing the vote from the middle out. It’s more likely we’ll have success in doing that. You recall at the end of last year, we did the same thing with regard to a COVID-19 package which helped to get that final package done at the end of the year after really almost a year of no activity on something that was really necessary.”

And it was Portman who then went on to say, “This is the same thing. Everybody wants to do infrastructure. President Trump had a $2 trillion package he was proposing. President Biden proposed one in his campaign. By the way, this helps President Biden keep that pledge of having an infrastructure package, but also to keep his pledge of doing things cross the aisle and getting something done.” Portman is not running for re-election and yet he seems quite determined to do as much damage to the country as he possibly can as he heads for the exit. He reminds me of that other pathetic RINO loser from Ohio, ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich.

We are now in a fight for our existence as a nation and as a people and it’s very clear that we will get little or no help from those who we foolishly elected as our ‘leaders.’ It was many ‘Republicans’ who went out of there way not to support President Trump but now seem very comfortable, and quite willing, to climb into bed with ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. RINOs capitulating to Democrat lunacy with the taxpayers getting fleeced. Any Republican, and I mean any Republican, who votes for this pork filled non-infrastructure infrastructure bill needs to be gone. These ‘Swamp’ creatures seem not to care that when they work with Democrats, the American people get hosed.

And it’s these RINOs who are, yet again, giving the Democrats anything they want. They have no issue with working with Democrats to assist ‘Creepy Joe’ with moving forward with his ‘America Last’ agenda just as they worked with Democrats to obstruct President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda. But look, we have always been made to contend with these turncoats. And while the faces may have changed over the course of the last 20 years, not much else has. Back in 2001 the RINOs had names like Hagel, Cochran, Roberts and Lott, the ‘leader’ who actually agreed to power sharing with a one seat majority. And, of course, Collins and McConnell were there.

These RINO pukes are just trying to go about their business the way they always have. They refuse to accept the fact that the party has changed. Republican voters will no longer go along with the chummy swamp politics of these anachronistic has-beens willing to make any sort of a horrible deal with the Democrats. These are the same people from whom we heard nary a word about the blatant cheating that we all know took place in the 2020 presidential election. If it was successful in removing Donald Trump from office, then they were all for it. Let’s just make sure they are primaried out at the next opportunity and make sure no more of their kind are elected again.

Like it or not, and I certainly don’t, we remain in the position where it’s the RINOs who outnumber the non-RINOs in the Republican Party. And I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that they clearly despise the conservative base of the party. Yet they remain able to get elected because of a gullible base. It’s a formula the RINOs have used to shaft their base for decades. RINOs disguise themselves as Republicans the same way socialists disguise themselves to be democrats. And both RINOs and Socialists are the most disingenuous, dangerous, and dishonest politicians of all. And they are committed to making sure that America dies on the vine this time.

Creepy Joe’ and his big spending Democrat buddies are desperate for RINOs to go along with their boondoggle, if for no other reason than because it allows them, and their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, to create the façade of bipartisanship, when nothing could be further from the truth. These RINOs are simply allowing themselves to be used to provide cover for the Democrats for when this legislation fails to accomplish anything that they claimed it would. Because it’s then that they can say ‘Republicans’ supported it too. This whole pork barrel mess is doomed to fail. Why? The government is incapable to doing anything other than waste money.

To be a RINO essentially means to ignore the reality that the Democrats continue to wage war on all political opposition and to act, instead, as if America is as it was fifty or more years ago. That’s when being a Republican simply meant going along to get along and nestling down comfortably, and usually quite profitably, in the DC Swamp. And to never ask, too loudly, if some Democrat demand was really good for the country, or in line with the principles all Republicans profess at election time but too often drop when in office, and earning the moniker, RINO. All of which means that Democrats play to win while RINOs only want to play nice, always with shitty results.

If you are a conservative Republican, these people should disgust you. They have no interest in representing your interests. They don’t even understand how to! And remember, most of these RINOs are dead in the water politically. Portman, Burr, Blunt, Toomey, Shelby are all retiring. Hopefully, Romney and Murkowski are both finished with no chance of re-election. Sadly, Collins, Cassidy and Sasse just all got re-elected. There’s no reason for any of these people to be pandering to the Biden administration. Absolutely nothing rests on it politically. The only reasons are corruption and naivety. Both of which the RINO establishment has in spades.

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