I find it disappointing, rather frustrating and, quite frankly, pretty surprising that nearly half of my fellow Americans approve of how their country is being destroyed right before their eyes. Democrats, with their *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, are on a mission, a mission to damage to this country to the extent which, regardless of who wins the next election or not, there will simply be no way to correct any of what they have done. Four years of steady illegal border crossings will be impossible to undo. Heavy taxes and heavy regulations will cause businesses to layoff workers and close up shop all together. Then consider ‘environmental’ concerns, and we are screwed.

All of which brings me to a recent Rasmussen poll, released just this past Friday, that would seem to indicate that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s approval rating is at 49 percent. Now it was also according to Rasmussen’s tracking poll that ‘Creepy Joe’s approval rating hovered around 50 percent in June, down from a high of 55 percent in late May. Other June polls showed *president ‘Creepy Joe’ slightly higher, including a Politico/Morning Consult poll showing him at 52 percent and a Reuters/Ipsos poll showing his approval rating at 55 percent. I suppose we could simply throw the bullshit flag on all of these polls, but I think we do need to pay attention to them.

Anyway, in recent weeks ‘Creepy Joe’ as continued exploring a bipartisan (bipartisan only because of a few RINOs) infrastructure deal, while delivering a speech addressing America’s racist past in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Greenwood race massacre. ‘Creepy Joe’ is now in Europe for his first international trip as *president at the G-7 summit, and you can almost hear the snickers from here, before a meeting with Russian President Vlad Putin (and wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall during that little get together). ‘Creepy Joe’ is nothing more than an embarrassment to this country but, I dare say, that suits the Democrats just fine.  

One of the biggest problems that we conservatives have is in accepting the idea that a  substantial number of Americans are nothing more than sheep, either unwilling, or to lazy, to think for themselves and who allow themselves to be led around by the nose by Democrats. We are unable to grasp the fact that so many Americans actually do hate their own country. They actually believe the drivel spewed by MSDNC and CNN. They’ve been taught and brainwashed by the left, courtesy of our ‘fake news’ media and our public school system, for decades. We keep thinking that we are the majority by some huge margin, but that’s just not the reality. And it gets worse every year.

And it’s polls like this one that tell far more than what the supposed approval might be regarding the performance of any one person. What it also tells us is the degree to which our country is already lost, and perhaps lost forever. After all, it’s always easier to destroy than it is to repair all of the damage that has been done. After only four months of being in office, inflation is now raging with the cost of gas, food, homes all going up. Any gains made under President Trump have been wiped out. The only good thing, I guess, is that the pain will eventually be too much for the American people and they will turn. The question is how much damage will done in the interim?

And which of President Trump’s policies is it that ‘Creepy Joe’ HAS NOT undone? Finishing building the Wall of which 500+ miles had been completed? The cancelling of the Keystone XL Pipeline? Raising taxes, the sending of more jobs back overseas, re-joining Iran Nuclear Deal? President Trump accomplished peace in the Middle East, until ‘Creepy Joe’ came along. ‘Creepy Joe’ is not supportive of Israel, our main ally in the region. And ‘Creepy Joe’ approved of the Russian Pipeline to Germany while shutting down our pipelines here at home and the nixing of those trade deals that were fair to America that President Trump had with places like Communist China.

‘Creepy Joe’ also enjoys taking credit for President Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed.’ And it’s also worth mentioning that it was under President Trump that America was energy independent. And it’s now under *president ‘Creepy Joe’ that that is no longer the case. President Trump is also, very clearly, a Capitalist. And it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who is, just as clearly, a Socialist. So yup, ‘Creepy Joe’ is a superstar. A superstar with no fans attending his appearances, no one listening to his silly speeches, no one meeting his arrivals whenever he drops in for a visit and no one paying attention to his ramblings. But, I guess, that seems sufficient to impress at least half of us.

So even after engineering what is the largest government spending package in our history ‘Creepy Joe’ still hoovers around the 50 percent approval mark. It’s really sad how the DC ethic of simply shoveling money at an issue without ever taking even a moment to consider any of the potential long-term consequences that have created a financial burden that our children and grandchildren will be left to pay. How fair is that? And ‘Creepy Joe’s approval rating does nothing to alter the fact that he’s an imbecile and compromised by Communist China and Middle East terror states. It took him only four months to screw up everything President Trump had under control.

You have to ask yourself about the psychological profile of those who stand in opposition of President Trump. If they oppose him then that would suggest they also oppose his policies and actions while in office as well as the campaign promises he made when running. So, do they oppose low unemployment, border security, law and order, supporting Israel, energy independence, taking care of veterans, a strong military, NATO contributing their fair share, bringing manufacturing back to the United States, downsizing the government bureaucracy, racial equality and unity? The opposite of those stances would appear to be chaos, which is what we now have.

The chaos that is essentially fueled by higher energy prices, tension in the Middle East, wide open borders and everything that goes with it (human trafficking, drugs, death, rape, etc.), racial tensions mounting and then being exploited and so much more. And then there are those who simply don’t like President Trump because they’re told not to like him by those in our ‘fake news’ media or because he’s not a career corrupt politician, or because he’s rich, or because he speaks off the cuff and tells us what he really feels. Regardless of all that and whether people love him or hate him, we need to restore integrity to our election process. Or else…

Finally, it’s every day that it becomes more obvious that ‘Creepy Joe’ did not actually win the 2020 election. And he is as much a fraud as was the election that allowed him to claim victory. The Democrats stole the election right in front of us and are now desperate to stymie any audits and fact finding. It’s time to clean up the process. No more hanging chads, no more machines that can be easily hacked, no shutting down the counting on election night. No more votes carted off after hours from God knows where. No more mail in ballots unless they are absentee ballots that were applied for properly in advance. Clean up the elections and everything else will work itself out.


  1. I believe the polls as much as I believe Biden won the election. They fixed the election, they can fix the polls, to make us believe he is Mr. Wonderful. He is a fake POS. Fix the election process yes, but also toss the cheaters in jail, starting with the leaders of those states where cheating existed. Start at the top with Biden, “We have the most fraudulent campaign/election organization in history.” The man is a criminal moron.

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  2. “ find it disappointing, rather frustrating and, quite frankly, pretty surprising that nearly half of my fellow Americans approve of how their country is being destroyed right before their eyes. “

    “Democrats, with their *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, are on a mission, a mission to damage to this country to the extent which, regardless of who wins the next election or not, there will simply be no way to correct any of what they have done.”

    “ Four years of steady illegal border crossings will be impossible to undo. Heavy taxes and heavy regulations will cause businesses to layoff workers and close up shop all together. Then consider ‘environmental’ concerns, and we are screwed.”

    We are. We are really fucked. And the only way they could get everything turned around, let’s start it with just the illegal aliens that are pouring in like an open faucet!! It would take a man that just wouldn’t pay any attention to how loud the party of evil sang out!! No matter how much and how loud it how long they screamed. IGNORE THEM 100%!! And, IGNORE THE ANTI-AMERICAN ANTI CONSERVATIVE MEDIA, 100%!!!! they would have to give the order to round up on a daily basis as many ILLEGAL PIECES OF PURE SHIT ALIENS!!!
    And they don’t have to go on TV which was one of President Trump’s problem he didn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and get on about his business. And he would not stay out of fights. I like the hell out of him don’t get me wrong I did. And yes I’d vote for President Trump again.

    But, I did see our side lose its shit in a heart-beat! if you ever posted a comment online that spoke the truth about President Trump in a manner that your garden-variety Trump Zealot didn’t like. You would go from being a good conservative to a despicable far left loon! you got called every name in the damn book. I have never been a political zealot over anyone. And I never will.

    Speaking of running for office, and I don’t want to get too far off into the weeds here. But i’m sure the owner of this blog knows there’s a lot of talk online about Florida governor Ron DeSantis running for the oval office. Oh and I have been seeing a lot of comments out of people that voted for President Trump twice and these people are saying what they rather not see Donald Trump run, but they had rather Ron DeSantos run.

    And, a lot of people are saying even though they say it hurts them to say this, but they had rather see governor DeSantis run and win then President Trump run and possibly lose. Again. Of course we all know he didn’t lose fair and square this time. But then again he did lose when you start counting the way all the mail in voting was done. Everybody and his brother could fill out a ballot, and send it in!!!

    I will shut this down with what you’re going to read out of Mark Levin. The reason Mark said all this is because he firmly believes and I do too that they plan on doing as much damage as possible because just like you said at the beginning, chances are, in all likelihood, the damage will be so bad!! that no matter what conservative could win the oval office they wouldn’t be able to turn everything around. So. The party of evil plan on securing their agenda even if it means they get thrown slap out on their “collective—asses.”


    “ No I don’t believe for a minute that anybody that calls themselves a democrat thinks they’re going to win the next presidential election. We’ are only halfway through the 1st first year, and and look at the damage already that’s been done. I know that I cannot be the only American that’s actually cried over everything were seeing. I never thought that I would live to see the day that I would say what I’m going to say next.

    But everything we have seen so far makes Barack Obama look like leftist lite. It does. It really does. And, and well you see, no, if I had to choose who would I rather have in office if I had to choose between Joe Biden and Barack Obama, if we could have Barack back on the same trajectory that he was on, he was was on the trajectory in his 1st year at the time of his 1st year right where he was, back then, I’d rather have Obama. I mean, my God! look what he or his handlers or, Obama or who ever the hell is, is, well, is actually, run! running things in the White House!

    But look what this administration has done in the first six months! They came out of the gate the first day!! he signed and we don’t know the real, the actual number of executive orders that he has signed! we dont Know! Nobody does! yes I, well yes! I know what Google says if you Google how many he signed. but that doesn’t mean anything anymore!

    We know how much this administration lies and, and how much all 5 networks covers for him and this entire administration! but look what we know about so far. Did you see what Tucker Carlson said Friday, yes Friday night. Here let me get it.”

    Words below by Tucker Carlson. This past Friday night.
    “Well folks another week has come and gone and look how much has happened just in this week! In this past month! this administration keeps topping
    Itself! Weekend and week out! Every day since Joe OBiden took office, I keep thinking I keep saying to myself OK that’s it. He’s got to level out now. This week, yes this week he will level out. Now. Yet another week comes and goes. And he tops himself again!”

    “This has been going on since the first week! and we barely made it into half of the first year and I could spend a week every night just focusing on all the damage that this administration has brought about. The talk among the beltway crowd which if you live in one of the neighborhoods like my family does we are one of the few that is not partisan Democrat.”

    “ But there’s really two types that live. The younger up and coming Uber wealthy progressive, or baby boomer and older liberal democrat. The young ones are all smiles and happy. The older ones are scared to death. Almost as bad as conservatives! I couldn’t be more serious, this administration is scaring older liberals so bad.”

    Oh, and who could’ve ever thought that President Trump could have been so wrong when he said during his State of the Union speech, that America would never become a socialist country. We are well on our way folks. We are. By the time Joe OBiden‘s term is up at the rate he’s going or somebody that’s running him is going, we will become a socialist country within 24 to 36 months.”


  3. And everybody that’s in my friends list on FASCISTBOOK, is really enjoying reading everything you come out with. And many of them, do pass it on to folks they know, and so do I my friend!!!!


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