It’s likely an understatement, but the level of hatred that continues to exude from those in the Democrat Party, as well as their many allies spread all across the ‘fake news’ media and beyond, when it comes to Donald Trump, as well as his millions of supports, continues to show no signs of lessening, and the guy hasn’t been in office for 140 days. And the fact that that is still the case says far more about the Democrats than it does about Donald Trump or, for that matter, those of us who continue in our support of him! Once again, we see the projection of the left for their own crimes: Democrats’ hatred of Donald Trump is both fanatical, and absolute.

Which, brings me to none other than that well-known communist sympathizer and enthusiastic supporter of Islamic fanaticism, and now an MSDNC contributor, ex-CIA Director John Brennan. It was on Tuesday, during an appearance on MSDNC’s “Deadline,” that Brennan again claimed there is no doubt “Donald J. Trump spewing forth the lies that the election was stolen” caused the Capitol riot. It’s scum like Brennen who continue to accuse President Trump of lying, but who always fall short of pointing out exactly what lies it is that he has supposedly told. On the other hand, it’s everything that comes out of Brennan’s mouth that is patently untrue.

And it was our not so esteemed Mr. Brennan who said, “In the aftermath of 9/11, they looked at the lack of cooperation with the federal agencies. I think we have to do that domestically. There’s a distributed responsibility. Unfortunately, I think between the FBI and Homeland Security and other departments and agencies working with local law enforcement, I don’t think we have a coherent architecture that’s able to understand some of these trends and these developments that are contributing to this rise in right-wing violent extremism. I think we have to organize ourselves better, so we are able to monitor and address these concerns.”

And it was this disgusting old creep that then went on to add, “Secondly, I think we have to look at what role the political official, policymakers play in stirring up these emotions. Clearly, January 6, the person most responsible for that, without a doubt, was Donald J. Trump spewing forth the lies that the election was stolen. Calling these people to appear in the Capitol January 6, the day the Senate was supposed to certify the election. Clearly, he was the instigator of it. He was able to tap into the fears and emotions and be able to bring them together in a way that led to that assault.” Brennan is another of those who must have been dropped on his head as a child.

Why this clown, Brennan, is not now rotting away in prison someplace is beyond me. It pays to have good connections, I guess. Millions of Americans witnessed ‘the steal’ taking place and in what was pretty much real time. The January 6 protest would have happened regardless of anything that President Trump might have said. People take exception to being cheated out of a victory, especially when the cheating is so blatantly obvious. Brennan invented the Trump-Russia collusion hoax to assist Hitlery getting back into the White House. When that didn’t work, Democrats were then forced to come up with alternatives for getting rid of their ‘Public Enemy No. 1’!

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, nor some supposed expert in the field of ‘intelligence gathering’ to deduce that the 2020 presidential election was, in fact, stolen, and rather brazenly at that! We all knew something wasn’t right with the election, we just don’t know exactly what, and they knew it too, because they have been fighting to shove it under the rug ever since. Even ‘Creepy Joe’ had once bragged: “We have put together one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organizations in the history of American politics.” And it was that leftist rag, Time Magazine, that actually spelled out how they carried out the crime as well!

I’m thinking that Brennan must now feel he’s pretty much out of the woods and feeling pretty confident that he’s now in the clear regarding how he was one of the major players behind the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax. He suddenly went dark when it appeared that the walls seemed to be closing in on him, but then when they were finally successful in removing President Trump he crawled back out from under his rock. And he seems to think that enough time has gone by and that the American people have forgotten about his treachery. But let me be one of the first ones to let him know that we have not forgotten, and we consider him to be worse than a traitor.  

And let’s be honest, something Brennan is quite unfamiliar with, President Trump said nothing that the vast majority of Americans weren’t already thinking. Whether Democrats stuffed ballot boxes or helped the ‘fake news’ media push propaganda or even aided Communist China in the dispersal of the ‘Chinese virus’ with the objective being to impact the election, all in an effort to remove President Trump from office, it matters not. There was clearly no limit to what they were willing to do. President Trump didn’t need to say a word. We all saw the coordination taking place to essentially misinform the American people from the top down.

And again, if we’re being honest, the real insurrection took place on May 29, 2020 at the White House. When thousands rioted for three days, setting fires, breaching barricades, injuring 50 secret service members and sending President Trump briefly into a bunker. But this violent mob never gained access. Congress is the only entity to be blamed for the intrusion of a much smaller crowd on January 6. In fact, the entire thing looks to be nothing more than a setup on the part of Democrats. Even more so when you consider that the person responsible for security, Ms. Pelosi, refused to accept 10,000 National Guard Troops to fend off the rioters, allowing for the breach.

Most reasonably intelligent people understand that it’s Brennan, and NOT Donald Trump, who represents the embodiment of everything that is wrong with our government today. A corrupt, lawless, liar elevated for the sole purpose of abusing his authority in order to assist in enacting the policies of his hardcore leftist masters. The single most detestable government official in recent memory, other than ‘BO,’ and that’s saying a lot. And it’s not what President Trump may have said, it was the statistical improbabilities and the fact that it was abundantly clear that the Democrats were, and continue to be, hiding any honest review of the election.

I find it all rather strange how those on the progressive left, and in both political parties, continue to refer to the January 6 protest as being some kind of a riot when the only violence that actually occurred that day was clearly provoked by those on the left and facilitated by the inaction of the Capitol Police, likely at the direction of Nancy Pelosi. Brennan keeps repeating the same lies over and over again despite the Senate investigation into the events of January 06 concluding there was no insurrection and President Trump had no link. Brennan, and those people like him is why it happened. People don’t like to be lied to by their supposed leaders.

Regardless of whether or not the election was stolen, and I believe that it was, with all the irregularities surrounding the 2020 presidential election, President Trump has every right to raise questions and to point those irregularities out. He never encouraged anyone to break the law, what did say was they needed to let their voices be heard peacefully. And the whole thing was blown wildly out of proportion. Especially considering the blatant hypocrisy after a year of violent, murderous, arson-filled insurrection by the Left’s brownshirt army of goons. Brennan is nothing but an American traitor. He is another enemy of this country operating from within.


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