Now despite the fact that President Donald Trump is no longer in the White House, is no longer on Facebook, is no longer on Twitter, is not on YouTube and is barely on television, the ‘former’ president continues to live rent free in the heads of Democrats pretty much everywhere. And we once again saw how that remains to be true and from none other than one time chief of staff for ‘BO, Rahm Emanuel. Someone who we should all be very familiar with as the guy who once boldly declared that the Democrats should never, EVER, let a good crisis go to waste.

Anyway, it was during an appearance just this past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” hosted by fellow hack George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, that Emanuel referred to former President Trump as being “an albatross around the Republican Party.” ‘Stephy’ started things off by saying, “One of the remarkable things about that, Rahm Emanuel, is, usually, when presidents are defeated, a first-term president is defeated, the party tends to abandon them. In this case, it appears that the GOP is doubling down.” Emanuel said, “Yes, I want to be the first on this platform.”

Emanuel declared, “I wanted to be done discussing this man in 2020. I don’t want to be doing this. But, that said, he will not…” Stephanopoulos said, “It’s reality.” Emanuel said, “No, no, it is reality. That said, look, if I were the Democrats right now — and, yes, you are right, George. A Republican president, any president, goes off and works either on their books or takes a project, like Jimmy Carter, Habitat For Humanity, does some other goodwill work. This has always been about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is always about Donald Trump. And that’s what he’s continuing.”

Emanuel went on to add, “But if I were the Democrats, I’d force every Republican right now, do you believe he will be reinstated? Put him back on the ballot because, in the swing districts, he is an albatross around the Republican Party. And I would continue — they’re trying to flip the cultural issues our way. I flip them right back and make Donald Trump the albatross around the Republican Party, which it is since he will not let it go.” So says the very same guy whose only success as a politicians was to make Chicago into the murder capital of America. Who cares what HE thinks?

First of all, if Emanuel truly did believe that Donald Trump is nothing more than an albatross around the neck of the Republican Party, who is it in their right mind that actually believes he would be saying a word about it. Isn’t it far more likely that old Rahm would be saying something like, “Donald Trump represents the best chance the Republicans have if they hope to have any chance of winning the 2024 presidential election.” Democrats are scared to death of Donald Trump running again and crushing any Democrat nominee, if the election is not a fraudulent one, as was the last one.

As usual these dolts just don’t get it. It’s the Republican Party that is the albatross around President Trump’s neck, especially if we’re taking about the RINO faction of the party. It must be a sinking feeling for these establishment types to know that they’re never getting their party back. Ever. Every treacherous act that they do only reinforces our hatred of them. They are destined to serve only as lackeys, slaves to the Democrats in their single-minded treacherous mission against the People. That’s it. That’s all they’ve got left. It’s not their party and they’re not getting it back.

It’s every single Democrat, and more than a few RINOs as well, who remain terrified of Donald Trump. They know he’s still very much a viable candidate for 2024. And what terrifies them even more is the fact that millions of Americans continue to support him. They can’t control us, they can’t make us bend the knee, and that light at the end of the tunnel is the ‘Trump Train.’ And you have to ask yourself, if Donald Trump is so washed up and is effectively finished as a potential candidate then why is it that the entire other side of the aisle remains so absolutely terrified of him?

President Trump actually listens to the voters, a rarity in corrupt, insulated DC. We voted for him, and we continue support him, because he has the guts to go against ‘The Establishment.’ in DC. To put it more bluntly, President Trump has actually lived and worked in the world of the people. He’s had his failures but he didn’t let them stop him, just like all real Americans do. He knows the pitfalls and the successes in business, he learned from his mistakes while most in DC have no idea. Lifetime career politicians have never worked in the real world, they haven’t got a clue.

They have never had to stay within a budget, they merely print more money, borrow more money or tax for more money. If there is one thing that they excel at, it’s spending other peoples’ money. And yet they think they know what’s best for those of us out here in the real world as they sit upon their ivory thrones contriving legislation that they never have to comply with, while we out here in the real world will end up in prison if we don’t. There is a reason these political insiders make the same campaign promises decade after decade, it’s because they don’t know how to fix anything.

If Donald Trump had been more of a failure, like every other Republican president since Ronald Reagan, they would likely love him and be saying, “yeah, keep talking we love it!” But the fact that they have to try to destroy him, only means that they’re scared to death of him. Donald Trump makes more sense than any other potential candidate out there and they know it. He also loves and cheers for America and the American people, wanting both the country and ALL of her people to succeed. His America first policy is disgusting in the minds of progressives, of both parties.

And you know Donald Trump is over the target when you have Democrats, and again more than a few RINOs, so determined in their efforts to convince Republican voters that they are risking everything by continuing to support Donald Trump. After all, it’s Emanuel who is one of those truly bi-partisan Democrat politicians who only wants what’s best for his counterparts in the Republican party. Right? It would seem that there is a lot of this type of talk of late coming Democrats. So, might it be that they want only to see the Republican Party as a stronger and more vital opposition party?

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