Stacey Abrams lecturing us about Democracy now apparently makes about as much sense as Tony Fauci lecturing us about the ‘Chinese virus’ because neither seem to have a clue know about that which they are lecturing us about. It’s pretty obvious that Abrams, aka ‘The Black Kow,’ and never read word one of the Constitution and even more doubtful is the fact that she would have ANY understanding of it were she ever to take it upon herself to read it. And it’s every time, every SINGLE time, that she opens her mouth that she makes painfully clear that that is fact the case.

This past Thursday Abrams, during an appearance on Crooked Media’s Pod Save America, made the idiotic claim that voter integrity laws being established in states such as Texas are a “subversion of American democracy.” Abrams said, “We are watching the subversion of American democracy by allowing legislators, people in power to overturn the outcome of elections.” If it was as obvious that the Republicans had cheated, and ‘won,’ as it now is that the Democrats cheated in 2020, I have no doubt that this moron would now be screaming that the election must be overturned.

Abrams’ imbecilic remarks were primarily directed at Texas’s new election integrity bill, which works to expand the freedoms of poll watchers, create new voter ID requirements, and crack down on voting by mail. All of which that most reasonably intelligent people would view as being things necessary and appropriate if we’re going to be able to have confidence in our election results. But it’s according to this ‘rocket scientist’ Abrams that the bill would do nothing more than to give lawmakers the authority to simply overturn any election if they “don’t like the outcome.”

Abrams said, “I mean, in Texas, the bill that was stopped briefly — unfortunately, it will come back in special session — said that you could try to overturn an election without proof of fraud, which means if you just don’t like the outcome.” And she added, “And there are gonna be those who push back and say that’s not what it says exactly, but I’m a good enough lawyer.” Abrams likened the Texas voting bill to Georgia’s, which Gov. Brian Kemp signed; it limits the number of ballot drop boxes and establishes photo ID requirements for absentee voters, among other things.

Abrams insisted the “porous” and “poorly written” election integrity bills are designed to “allow the unspoken to become the rule,” further claiming that elections can now be overturned by the “bad actions of others,” something she believes is “deeply problematic.” I find it rather funny, especially after hearing excerpts from some of her supposed ‘romance’ novels, that she would dare to speak of anything being “poor written.” And also, it’s a pretty rare event whenever opening her mouth that she’s able to string enough words together to form a coherent sentence.

And it’s also *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who has also been critical of Texas’s voter integrity efforts, saying voting as a “sacred right is under assault with incredible intensity like [he has] never seen.” ‘Creepy Joe’ also insisted efforts to ensure fair elections are “simply un-American.” How does that, in any way, make any sense to anyone with even half a brain? But this is how Democrats now think, and if we’re being honest, have thought for a very long time. But Democrats now seem to feel quite comfortable speaking like this out in the open and not just behind closed doors.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responded to ‘Creepy Joe’s criticism, saying he “wouldn’t be surprised if Biden criticized the Senate bill without even having ever read it.” Abbott said, “I bet he doesn’t have a clue what’s in there.” And he said, “This, of course, is the same person who reacted swiftly, calling me a Neanderthal for opening things up, and he proved to be 100 percent wrong. He’s going to be proven to be 100 percent wrong about this.” He said, “The voter law in the state of Texas is far more accommodative and provides far more hours to vote than it does in President Biden’s home state of Delaware, where they offer exactly zero early voting days.”

Abrams is nothing if not a total and complete disgrace. She is obviously a racist and is clearly an embarrassment to her entire race. What she’s really complaining about here is how election integrity bills will make it far more difficult for Democrats to successfully steal elections through such things as voter fraud and mail-in voting.  Everything the Democrats support is the exact opposite of what’s needed to ensure the integrity of our elections. Personally, it’s anyone who is opposed to any measure than guarantees the integrity of our elections, that is clearly pro cheating.

There is nothing wrong or racist in demanding a voter show identification BEFORE being allowed to vote. There is nothing wrong or racist about verifying a person’s signature on an absentee ballot. There is nothing wrong or racist about allowing a person to vote only once. The laws being passed are to ensure election integrity, not, as would be the preference of Democrats like Abrams, to subvert it. But then what’s more important? Buying cigarettes or liquor, or voting? And oddly enough only one of these acts don’t require an ID. Which makes absolutely no sense, none at all.

I must not be as intelligent as Ms. Abrams, which is a pretty scary thought in itself, so maybe she can show me the parts of any of these laws where calling for voters to present an ID before voting actually restrict voting rights. If you are a U.S. citizen over the age of 18, you may vote. Just because you now have to put out a little effort to obtain an ID and schlep off to the nearest polling location, is not restricting your right to vote. If you are too lazy to do these two things, I don’t WANT you voting. You are obviously not involved enough to know what you are voting for, or against.

The only people who are subverted by voter integrity laws are the very same people who cheat, who happen to be Democrats, and especially people like Abrams. With the spread of electronic voting machines, the chances of election fraud is suddenly skyrocketing. Hackers, foreign states and other bad actors can easily employ a myriad of techniques to gain access to any voting system during any election. It’s amazing how stopping voter fraud somehow subverts democracy. An insecure vote is a step toward authoritarianism. Strange that integrity of any kind is now called ‘subversion.’

I am curious though regarding how it might be that Abrams chooses to define ‘democracy?’ Is it voting anytime, anywhere and however many times one may want to vote? Elections must be secure and protected. If that means making them a bit less convenient, especially for the people who believe the government owes them, then so be it. Democrats have two years to force upon states their twisted vision of our voting process. That anyone could consider this woman suitable for public office, or believe anything that she says, is amazing. She’s no better than Sharpton or ‘Mad Maxine.’

Protection of our elections is paramount, hence the intensity of those like Abrams to complain about it. We see what happens when the Democrat Party has the chance to cheat. After Hitlery, a much stronger candidate than ‘Creepy Joe’ on his best day, was humiliated by a complete political novice, the Democrat Party embarked upon that which was nothing less than a no holds barred scheme that would allow them to cheat their way to victory in the next election no matter who their candidate turned out to be. And they knew they could count in their friends in the media to help them.

Everything the Democrats have done in the last 15+ years has been a subversion of American democracy. Donald Trump won the 2016 election. How did they act? They spent $50 million trying to convince everyone that Russia somehow stole the election for him. They rioted, they lied and they screamed, “Not my President.” They had their Democrat judges reverse nearly every Trump policy. And yet in the end President Trump was proven right nearly every single time. But with the Democrats now in control of our government the sad fact is that we are pretty much screwed.

As a black woman, Abrams SHOULD be ashamed of the rhetoric she pushes. She knows asking for legitimate voter ID is not Jim Crow on steroids. A little historic perspective might be called for here, it was her party INVENTED Jim Crow laws and caused the collapse of the black psyche by continuously demeaning blacks for over a hundred years after the Civil War. Many Blacks have no other option but to reside in the hellholes created ‘for them’ by Democrats. Abrams continues to rant about how Republicans have destroyed the ability of blacks to succeed in this country while ignoring those who are most responsible for blacks being where they are today.


  1. On November 7, 2018, Kemp declared victory over Abrams with 50.2% of the vote versus her 48.8%, On November 13, 2018, U.S. District Court Judge Leigh Martin May ruled that Gwinnett County violated the Civil Rights Act in its rejection of absentee ballots after U.S. District Court Judge Amy Totenberg ruled the previous day that the votes must be counted and preserved.

    So, On November 16, every county certified their votes with Kemp leading by roughly 55,000 votes. So the number of votes for Kemp actually went up! Lol 😂. Shortly after the election certification, Abrams suspended her campaign; while she refused to concede defeat to Governor-elect Kemp, she acknowledged that she could not win the election.

    Kemp wound up winning the election by over, over 55 thousand votes. And yet to this day her SHIT-FOR-BRAINS, FAT-ASS Is still running around telling the SHIT-FOR-BRAINS, LEFTIST SO CALLED, “NEWS-MEDIA” that she actually won the election and got cheated.

    So Even after, after the votes got re-counted and she lost by even more votes!!! Btw, I call all 5 channels, ABC CBS NBC CNN MSDNC The NNC= Network News Cabal. In closing, I could say that I don’t think I’ve ever been so pissed off in my entire life. But I’d be wrong. I know,

    1st I don’t think I know I have never been so pissed off as I still am just as much as I was the day that this piece of shit in Washington was declared the winner of our Presidential Election. I am more pissed off than I ever was over Obama during the eight years we had to suffer through his presidency. This Administration makes Obama’s look like child’s play. And this is going to be the longest 4 years of my life.
    But most of all I’m scared. And I mean this with all my heart I am really really cared for our country because God only knows what it’s going to look like after 4 years.
    Our country is getting flooded with thousands and thousands of illegal pieces of shit. By the time this 4 years is up, with the sheer number flooding our border, and the sheer number of Muslim pieces of shit that OBiden Is now going to let it from countries that President Trump had on a block list, I’m so very afraid for all of us. The only way this could be turned around with the next Republican president no matter who it is they would have to do what President Trump said he would do it even his ass backed off from doing it.

    “ a\All of the ones that are here illegally will have to go out and can’t come back without coming back legally.” President Trump said this over and over and over so many times before he was elected in the only thing change was he mixed up the words now and then and that was no big deal because he meant the same thing and all of us knew it. And yet, Yet mind you, after the first 5 months in office and I follow this closely, he had this stopped. The rounding up of illegals. And they was going at it hot and heavy in California. Rounding them up. And it was so easy to do because California has so many millions of them just in that one state. Back then Tucker Carlson sat on his show, several different shows over 3 months, in different ways/different formats,

    “ The president is following through on another campaign promise. And that is the rounding up of illegal aliens and having them sent back to their respective countries. But to be able to get this done by the time his four years is up? “

    “ He would have to have all 3 entities of our federal government round up 200 thousand a month for 4 years and repatriate each one, each month for 4 years by the department of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) – which all 3 are in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).”

    “The president was correct by stating having so many millions and millions of illegals is a threat to our national security. oh but already we have been seeing the Democratic Party screaming bloody murder. Throughout California. And the Nation.

    And it’s obvious that the word illegal doesn’t mean anything anymore with the entire Democratic Party no matter how many times President Trump says they are here illegally, what isn’t that you don’t seem to understand, to each media pundit.”

    Tucker said this statement off and on in different ways up until the last month that President Trump had it stopped. Because he would not stop listening to all the press on the left!!!! He not only had it stopped when he did he didn’t even say anything about it to anyone in the media he just kept his mouth shut. Stayed quiet. Because he knew he could not justify it to all of us.

    Even after this he continued to keep his promises but he knew this was a major, major problem. A promise that he broke. What gets me back then and even to this day is this. It seems if you say one thing just one thing about President Trump that does not pass muster to other Trump followers/voters, so many of them will jump all over you and start calling you a traitor.

    Call you every name in the book. They will act exactly like the far left lunatics in there online behavior. Lunatic name calling. And your not. You’re simply pointing out the damn truth. Even though, you still like President Trump, there’s nothing wrong with pointing out the damn truth.


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