I have said it before and I will say it again and again, because it needs to be said. The greatest threat that this country now faces comes not from the Democrat Party, although Democrats do represent that which is a very serious threat, it’s the greatest threat that now comes from those who claim to be on the side of the American people and to stand for the Constitution and all of the freedoms it guarantees, only to demonstrate later that they do not. Those who we routinely refer to as, yup you guessed, the RINOs. We all know their names so it would seem pointless to list them, but we must recognize the threat they pose to our Constitution and to our country.

And that was once again made painfully clear just this past Thursday when it was ex-Democrat senator Doug Jones who, during an appearance on MSDNC’s “All In,” said that he believed ten Senate Republicans (RINOs) would likely join with the Democrats to pass voting legislation if it has a narrow focus to create “a uniform set of standards” on early voting, mail-in voting and absentee voting. Jones said, “What we are seeing happening across the country is really an attack on democracy. At some point, I think, very soon, Democrats are going to have to decide whether or not Congress can be the backstop for this. I am hoping that they will do that.”

And it was from there that Jones continued by saying, “You know, as we talk about Jim Crow laws and we talk about voting rights. HR-1, which is a great bill, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, all great bills. But if you want to stop this immediate assault, this immediate assault on voting rights, then you got to narrow this bill a little bit and focus on stopping that assault. There is a lot in those other bills that, really, will are good bills, good things, good pieces of legislation. Let’s focus on getting these things standards, you know, uniform standards around country.” Right, Democrats are all about “uniform standards,” but only if it enhances their ability to cheat! 

Jones added, “We keep talking, and we hear so many people talking about the election, what’s been called the big lie, the election was stolen, the election fraud. Well, if you want to stop this. If Republicans really want to get at this, let’s have uniform standards. We have federal elections every two years in this country. We need to have a uniform set of standards on early voting, mail-in voting, all of those, absentee voting, all of those things where people think that is fraught with peril. Let’s get some uniform standards instead of this hodgepodge from around the country. If folks focus on that, I do think there is an opportunity to get ten votes.”

And he went on to say, “I don’t believe that what we are hearing from all these things going around the country is representative of the entire 90% of the folks in the Senate. I think that there may be opportunities there. I really do believe that.” Now I’m quite sure that those “opportunities” to which Jones makes reference to has much to with our cadre of RINOs such as Willard, Murkowski, Sasse, Cassidy, Collins and Portman, to name just a few. And as we all know, it’s Willard, in particular, who will do absolutely anything in his effort to make sure that Donald Trump is never reelected. RINOs seem never to tire of serving as second string Democrats.

Any politician, regardless of party, who chooses to support HR-1 is very clearly someone who stands opposed to freedom and personal responsibility and should therefore not be in office. I think most of us realize that Democrat politicians are in the business of destroying lives and preventing people from becoming all that they could be in America. They claim to want to help people, but they never support policies that actually encourage or push people to become more productive, more self-sufficient and more responsible individuals. Democrat policies always incentivize people to be less productive and more dependent on government.

One of the most often repeated and vociferous complaints about the Democrat Party, from the left is that it has far too many “old white men.” And yet they proceeded to nominate, and then to ‘elect,’ the oldest, whitest guy one can imagine. And consider that once their old white man was nominated, it immediately became clear that he was suffering from pretty serious cognitive decline, and was essentially kept out of the public spotlight, only to greatly reinforce that perception on the very few times he did make an appearance. The ‘debates’ between ‘Creepy Joe’ and Trump consisted of Leftist media moderators spoon feeding Biden pablum and coddling him.

President Trump’s policies were all about putting ‘America First!’  And it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. who are now hard at work advancing those policies that put “America Last,” and are busy engineering the destruction of our economy! They have emboldened criminals to the point where they commit murder in broad daylight with no fear of being caught and punished! President Trump made America energy independent. ‘Creepy Joe’ is again making America energy dependent. President Trump secured our borders and ‘Creepy Joe’ has thrown the borders open. President Trump pushed for ‘fair trade’ policies and ‘Creepy Joe’ is reversing those as well.

I love how the Democrats continue to use the term ‘Jim Crow’. These were laws passed and put into action by Democrats, not Republicans. But Democrats know their supporters are either too stupid or too lazy to go in search of the truth. We are now under attack from all sides. We constantly being told that men can be women, that burning, looting and violence are somehow “mostly peaceful” protests, that being allowed into the Capitol building is an insurrection, that allowing the nation to be flooded with illegals is good for the economy and that it’s necessary to let criminals out of prison for ‘safety’ reasons. Pro-crime Democrats support all of this chaos.

Early voting isn’t about democracy and neither is mail-in voting about democracy. What IS about democracy is making sure that voters are who they say they are when voting. Security in the voting and ballot management process IS about democracy. And as we all know it’s Democrats, like Jones, who support the first two while Republicans support the second two. Funny thing though, it’s most all of Europe that either doesn’t allow mail in ballots at all, or they severely restrict absentee ballots. France, as an example, a bastion of liberalism, only allows absentee voting if the voter can prove they are ‘out of the country on legitimate business.’

As it now seems necessary to remind our supposed political leaders that it was at the time of our Founding that all states limited the franchise to male voters, and mainly property holders to boot. A few states broadened the franchise on their own, but it took a slew of Constitutional amendments, not merely partisan laws passed by whatever political party it was currently in charge of Congress to change the rules for the entire nation. Sufficient states had to agree to those Amendments before they became part of the Constitution. That is in no way what’s being attempted here by the Democrats and whatever number of RINOs they can get to sign on with them.

These days most, if not all, Democrats understand that there is no possible way they can win an election conducted on a level playing field. Couple that with their complete lack of integrity and honesty and you get the winning combination of deceit and manipulation that modern-day liberals seem to love most. We’re all for uniform and fair voting practices, but what the left really wants is to resort to the same bastardized standards that helped Democrats manufacture votes in numerous Blue States. Take away the voting shenanigans in those places and we have a vibrant and wonderful country with President Trump at the helm.

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