I’m likely stating the obvious here, but it has now become quite clear that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is exactly what we all knew that he would be as president, which is nothing more than a puppet and a front man, of sorts, who very clearly isn’t all there. And we also now know the identity of the puppet master, as if there was truly ever any doubt. Of course, there should have been no doubt about the identity of the man behind the curtain who is now pulling the strings. ‘BO’s shadow government has been operating in our nation’s capital for years, hard at work undermining the Trump administration and now working even harder at finishing the destruction of America.

It was during an interview with New York Times columnist Ezra Klein, which was published just this past Tuesday, that ex-president Barack Obama (BO) stated that his former vice president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was now very hard at work finishing the job of redistributing the wealth in this country that he, ‘BO,’ had started through programs such as Obamacare. ‘BO’ said, “I think that what we’re seeing now, is Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job.” And he said, “And I think it’ll be an interesting test. Ninety percent of the folks who were there in my administration, they are continuing and building on the policies we talked about…”

‘BO’ expressed a certain level of frustration over the fact that former President Trump’s administration interrupted his ability to take credit for the strength of the economy. And yet, it was all that went wrong during his entire eight year tenure as president that was said to be the fault of his predecessor while everything positive that has taken place under his successor was his to take credit for. ‘BO’ said, “That clouds what I think would have been a more impactful shift in political views towards Democrats as a result of my presidency.” But ‘BO’ said he hoped ‘Creepy Joe’s success would shift the next generation of Americans toward more leftist policies.

Sounding ever so confident, ‘BO’ then went on to say, “If they’re successful over the next four years, as I think they will be, I think that will have an impact.” ‘BO’ said the political environment of the coronavirus pandemic was different, as Republicans had teamed up with Democrats to spend $2 Trillion in economic stimulus and Americans were more willing to accept ‘help’ from the government. ‘BO’ said, “I think we’re now in an environment where if we just get some big pieces in place, building on what we did before, people will notice.” And he added, “And it will have a political impact.” What a vile and disgusting individual this guy is and continues to be!

The fact that ‘BO’ is emerging from the shadows should be considered by all who love this country as being a rather ominous sign of supreme confidence on his part that his plans to bring about the total destruction of our country are nearly complete. ‘BO’ remains as toxic as we remember him, and his policies did extreme damage to the country during his two terms, but he had plenty of help along the way from those with names like McCain and Romney, and any number of other RINOs. And I have no doubt that our cadre of both Democrats and RINOs alike are now quite thrilled that the world is once again in turmoil and the U.S. is again hanging by a thread.

I’m sure all will have no trouble remembering how it was that ‘BO’ once called for the United States to be “fundamentally transformed.” And it was throughout his entire presidency that he continually advocated for the country to be essentially burned to the ground so that it could then be rebuilt into something better than it was before. And he achieved much success during his tenure thanks to uneducated voters and trillions of taxpayer funded handouts giving them all the power that they need. And it was with the taking over of our public schools that the Democrats were able to create an entire generation of useful idiots to bolster their imbecilic voter base.

Originally the plan was to grant ‘BO’ his third term under the guise of a Hitlery presidency, but the American people saw through that and elected Donald Trump. And I think there can be no question that ‘BO’ & Co. attempted to rig the 2016 election but they failed to realize the to which Donald Trump would receive votes. And that was also the case in 2020, but by then they had been able to improve their game but were still caught off guard by the level of turnout for Donald Trump, forcing them end up drawing attention to themselves because of the number of fraudulent votes that needed to be generated in order for ‘Creepy Joe’ to ‘win.’

The frustration of being unable to remove Donald Trump from office, courtesy of all manner of fraudulent accusations, forced ‘BO’ & Co. to be a bit more creative in their effort to make sure that President Trump would not be reelected in 2020. The only obvious solution was to assume control of the election results. In this most recent interview ‘BO’ openly admitted that ‘Creepy Joe’ is little more than his ventriloquist dummy, as he had planned for Hitlery in 2016. ‘BO’ is now making it clear that he successfully executed a successful Marxist fascist revolution. Yet our cadre of RINOs pretty much refuse to acknowledge it, whether because of stupidity or duplicity.

For all intents and purposes ‘BO’ is a Communist. But beyond that, he is a simple-minded degenerate, full of hate for all those who dare to disagree with him. And what ‘BO’ finds so irritating is that he can never rise above our country or our Constitution. ‘BO’s end, therefore, will be lacking victory and his shallow Iife will be laid bare by history. A life of lies and of pretense is bare and beyond redemption. No one will care about this full-throated narcissist. There are no adequate words to describe how much I despise what ‘BO’ did in his effort to destroy our country, which is not something one really expects to see coming from one’s elected president.

Democrats don’t even try to hide the treachery anymore! They are now doing all they can to destroy America. ‘BO’ loves to take credit for President Trump’s many successes. However, his true legacy is really not all that much to brag about: Leaving the military totally decimated, leaving the U.S. weak and not be able to defend itself. Secrets were sold to Communist China, many businesses moved to China, along with millions of jobs and opportunities for Americans. Funded terrorists with Iran. And his supposed scandal-free administration was guilty of all manner of scandals. From Benghazi, to ‘Fast and Furious,’ to bogus ‘stimulus’ heist, and so very much more!

As usual with ‘BO’, it must always be about him. Malignant narcissism is a trait shared by many of the world’s more diabolical despots and dictators: Qaddafi, Hitler, Stalin, Marcos, Mussolini, Pol Pot, as well as those who aspire to be just like them. ‘BO’ would very easily fit on that very same shelf. I would also include ‘Creepy joe’, but he would, of course, be a couple of shelves down due to mental infirmity. ‘BO’ will forever be remembered as being nothing more than a shit stain on American history. Fifty years from now those interested in telling the true story will write about him as a globalist commie puppet who worked so very hard to destroy his own country.


  1. “BO’ said, “I think that what we’re seeing now, is Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job.”

    Finishing the job alright. Polishing off our Nation!!!!


  2. Watching how he walks, he is so unsure of himself. He is so unsteady. President Trump carries himself 100% more secure, in himself. Far more sure footed. Far more confident himself. Biden is simply, old. President Trump is not.


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