Since when does anyone, with even the slightest amount of intelligence, care to waste even a second of their life listening to a tired old relic like Howard Dean? And if it’s anyone who can turn the phrase ‘well-educated’ into what is nothing more than an oxymoron, it would be none other than our esteemed Mr. Dean. Dean apparently views himself as being somewhat of political soothsayer, as he has recently been making what can only be described as some rather bold predictions regarding the 2022 midterm elections. Those familiar with this loudmouth, will only laugh.

It was just this past Tuesday that Dean, during an appearance on MSDNC’s “The Beat,” made the statement that “well-educated suburban people are sick” of Republican’s 2020 election fraud claims. And he proceeded to predict, therefore, they would vote for Democrats to keep control of the House in the 2022 midterms. So I’m assuming that those same “well-educated suburban people” are not sick of *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s open border policies or the fact that the price of just about everything has increased rather dramatically since this goof assumed office.

So anyway, it was pollster Cornell Belcher, in directing his question to Dean, asked, “You know, governor, I’m interested. If you look at what Republicans are doing and looking towards the mid-terms, I mean, what do you think about their positions for the mid-terms? When you think they have to win back a lot of suburban districts here in order to take the House. A lot of college-educated white voters here who reject this. We get this idea that Democrats will lose big in the coming mid-terms. What are your thoughts on that?” I thought it too funny that Dean was asked for his thoughts.

And it was Dean who responded by saying, “I think the danger for Republicans are the voter suppression laws being passed in all these states. I mean, Arizona just makes the whole thing look ridiculous. Even some of the Republicans in Arizona think the Senate has become a joke out there. But their big weapon, their only weapon, is redirecting. If the election were held today, we would kick their butts because I think the public, especially well-educated suburban people are sick of this. It is not just well-educated white suburbanites. It’s well-educated suburbanites, period.”

He said, “They are just sick and tired of all this stuff and they actually love America, and the Republicans clearly don’t.” And he added, “So I don’t buy for a minute we will get clobbered mid-terms. The Republicans will do their damnedest with redistricting to cost us some seats. But for every seat, they pick up in a place like Texas they are losing one in New York or in Michigan. So I’m not that worried about it. Biden is doing the job that needs to be done. You know that this is a referendum on Joe Biden in the mid-terms. So far, he’s going to win that referendum.”

Right, suburban Americans hated President Trump’s “America First’ policies that resulted in: economic and financial prosperity, lower taxes, lower gas prices and allowing the full operation of U.S. oil, gas, and coal producing industries to make America energy independent. Also, in renegotiated international trade deals, slashing government regulations, securing the border and stopping illegal alien migration invasion. And in promoting and protecting our Constitution, Individual Freedom and Liberty, etc., all of which created the fastest growing U.S. economy in U.S. history

But, at least if we can believe Dean, it would be these very same suburban Americans who absolutely love the concept of the Obama-Biden-Harris Socialist policies of massively high taxation, across the board, the destroying of small businesses and the further destroying of the nuclear family. Also, the re-legislating of Obamacare government mandated socialized medicine that would destroy our private Healthcare again and opening our southern border to mass illegal alien invasion by the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, destroying the sovereignty of our nation.

And then, of course, there’s the constant barrage of misinformation as they go about the indoctrinating of our children and young adults as they work to convince them to hate white people based on the color of their skin, as well as to hate their country and even hate themselves. And let’s not forget their mission to destroy the U.S. Oil, Gas, and Coal Energy production industry and the destroying of our currency value via the massive printing of money because of massive government spending, in turn creating massive inflation that is making 2021 look like nothing more than the 1970s.

And how can we forget the ongoing, and very blatant, attempt by the Democrats to, quite literally, legislate the nationalizing of our lections, courtesy of HR1, which would then enable Democrats to freely commit election fraud, on a national basis and with impunity, and able to forever pre-determine election outcomes in their favor.  And then there’s their aiding of the Communist Chinese against America and American workers, handing the Communist Chinese our military technology, aiding Iran, aiding those Moslems attacking Israel and turning our military into a bunch of pussies.

Education, unfortunately, has nothing to do with character or commonsense. I’d rather be neighbors or friends with people of good character, common sense, and less education, than with people as “well educated” as Dean. Well educated suburbanites will be the first to turn quisling when totalitarians come for their assets and individual rights. At any age, voting Democrat shows you have no brain and no heart. Democrats now seem to be full-blown Socialists. Socialism is a system of theft, genocide and enslavement. If you support such an ideology, then you have no heart AND no brain.

Well-educated people can be plenty smart, but they can also be plenty dumb. There’s a large number of well-educated morons out there with all the book-smarts their careers may demand, but without a lick of common sense. These people love to tell themselves whatever lies are necessary to allow them to sleep at night. Such as, “The Republicans are fascist racist bigots, it’s only Democrats who want progress, and all progress is always good and Democrats elected our first black President, so we’re all good now.” Everything requires faulty reasoning and cognitive dissonance.

So hey, perhaps Dean is correct in his prediction, but I sincerely hope he is not. One thing we do know for certain is that the Democrats will do all they can to cheat their way to victory. And I have nowhere near what I would describe as being a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling that enough Republicans will pull their head out of their ass long enough to prevent the Democrats from hijacking yet another election. Sadly, it’s those of us tired of watching our country being destroyed right before our eyes that are left clinging to the hope that enough of our countrymen, “well educated” or not, will do the right thing.

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