There are hacks and then there are HACKS. But it’s now become quite obvious that, in the words of ‘The Highlander,’ “There can be only one,” of whom it can be said stands above all other hacks to become the hack by which all other hacks can safely be measured. And that measuring stick, that gauge to be used, is none other than Juan Williams. And it was apparently on Monday’s thrilling episode of ‘The Five’ on ‘Fox News’ that Williams once again made that fact perfectly, crystal clear.

This time around it was in his making the argument that former President Trump is the one man who really should be blamed for the renewed hostilities between Israel and Hamas. And on what is it that this imbecile bases his most recent idiotic claim? Well, you see, according to our favorite political hack it would be because the peace deals negotiated by President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had “left the Palestinians behind” and that, you see, had led to additional conflict.

Dagen McDowell began the conversation by noting that several prominent young Democrats had spoken out against Israel. Jesse Watters turned the question to Williams, asking whether he believed the party had a problem with anti-Semitism. Williams responded, “Are you kidding me? This conversation is so wild to me. I think they’re like —” Watters interrupted saying, “Well, it’s the only aid that Bernie wants to cut, for Israel?” Williams argued, “Let me finish this point, Jesse.”

Williams said, “You asked the question. I was responding. There are like 23 or 24 Jewish Democrats and two Jewish Republicans.” He argued that the Israelis controlled the situation because they were superior in terms of military strength, calling the conflict a “David and Goliath situation.” He agreed with his cohosts that Hamas should not be firing rockets, but suggested that because Israel’s counterattacks were more effective than Hamas’ rockets, they were the responsible party.

Watters said, “So you’re saying Hamas is bad at terrorism?” Williams replied, “I’m sorry, Jesse. You’re so wrong on this.” Williams then went on to say, “Guess what? This didn’t start because Hamas started it. This started because people were being — the Israeli settlers were coming in Israeli Army forces … Then you get people angry. So much of this goes back to Trump and Netanyahu making a deal with allies.” So, if you attack me with a knife and I pull out a gun and shoot you, that makes me the bad guy?

Williams added, “I’m just saying, they’re going after Iran and Iran’s nukes. Okay, I understand that. But they absolutely left the Palestinians behind, the two-state solution that America had pursued for decades. Just left behind. So the Palestinians feel absolutely voiceless and powerless.” So is what Williams is suggesting here, that because Israel has the Iron Dome system, Israel shouldn’t defend itself or attack the Hamas terrorists, after being attacked by Hamas? How insane is that argument?

It was then that Greg Gutfeld piped up, saying, “I am just sitting here at this table listening to this and I don’t know what is going on.” He said, “We can talk about the displacement. It’s a land dispute that Hamas has used as an opportunity to start this war. If you want to go into that, we’re gonna need an hour to go into it. But don’t spin it like that. If you’re going to use the David and Goliath situation, use it appropriately. This ‘David’ happens to be the one that keeps starting the damn fight.”

It was in making his case bullies don’t always have to be big, Gutfeld said, “The most absurd argument is that the fact that somebody is a superior military force, somehow makes that a war crime? The fact that rockets aimed at Israeli citizens are protected by the Iron Dome but the people sending the rockets aren’t? That’s a war crime?” And he added, “You’re blaming the victim. It’s disgusting.” And let’s face it, it’s Williams, too, who is pretty disgusting. He is clearly a racist and a raging anti-Semite!!!

And I mean who is it that even thinks this way other than, of course, someone whose brain has essentially been eaten away by decades of telling nothing but lies. So it’s Donald Trump, the guy who negotiated multiple Middle East peace treaties and was nominated multiple times for ‘The Nobel Peace Prize because of his efforts and his thinking outside the box approach, who is now the one man who should be seen by all as being most responsible for Israel now having to defend itself from Hamas?

As is always the case, Williams is once again totally oblivious to the fact that it was shortly after ‘Creepy Joe’ resumed aid to Palestinians that these rocket attacks on Israel began. You’d have to be a moron not to know that Hamas always uses whatever aid it gets to acquire more offensive weapons. To be honest, Williams hasn’t made a coherent, truthful argument on any subject for as long as I can remember.  So for him to be so completely wrong on this topic, is nothing if not par for the course.

In fact, this is simply a consequence of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s undeniable weakness. Hamas smells blood in the water and has taken advantage of an opportunity that has been presented to it, to flex its muscles, understanding that ‘Creepy Joe’ is nothing more than a paper tiger who speaks incoherently and carries no stick. He will either capitulate to Iran or start a full-scale war. Either way, Hamas wins. If the Palestinians were truly interested in peace all they would need to do is…to stop making war.

Under President Trump we saw the longest period of Middle East Peace in decades, and new peace accords with several Arab countries.  And with ‘Creepy Joe’ in the White House the Middle East is once again on fire and somehow Williams thinks it’s President Trumps fault?  You really have to be pretty stupid to believe this line of reasoning, but then again Democrats never have been particularly bright!  Next he’ll be saying the disaster at the border and inflation are President Trump’s fault as well. 

Clearly the reason Williams is able to remain at ‘Fox News’ has less to do with his intellect than his skin color. Can you possibly imagine the accusations of racism that would follow if they were ever actually to fire him? He was fired by NPR without a peep be uttered in his defense by anyone on the left. But to be fired by ‘Fox News’ would be an entirely different matter. So those who continue to tune in can either listen to his drivel, change the channel or, as I have done, abandon ‘Fox’ for OAN.


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