I’m beginning to wonder if there will ever come a day when those RINOs who have made it their mission to destroy Donald Trump will finally realize the extent to which they are wasting their time and instead focus on what is taking place in our country today under the worst president since Jimmy Carter. Is the reason they persist in expending so much energy on badmouthing a Republican president who has been out of office for 100+ day because they wish to prevent him from running again? Is that more important than addressing the damage now being done by a Democrat president?  

They constantly accuse Donald Trump of trying to divide the Republican Party when, in fact, they are the ones working so hard to divide the party by trying to turn us against him so they can then return to business as usual. And they must seem very confident in their ability to hoodwink enough Republican voters or why would they persist in this idiotic effort? And you have to ask yourself, when you have someone who remains as popular as Donald Trump, with your supposed base, why would you spend so much of your time trying to make him less popular? It makes no sense.

And this past Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” we had another of these RINOs, Gov. Larry Hogan, calling President Trump “toxic for the Republican Party and for the country.” Anchor Dana Bash said, “So House Republicans ousted Congresswoman Liz Cheney from party leadership this week over her criticism of former President Trump and the big lie. You have praised Congresswoman Cheney, and you have spoken out against Donald Trump as well. Does her removal send a signal that people like her, and people like you, governor, are not welcome in today’s Republican Party?”

Hogan said, “Well, certainly it appears to send that signal. I would caution everybody to say that this is very early in the fight. I have said that this is a four-year battle for the soul of the Republican Party. We have got another election coming up next year in 2022. I think it was a mistake. Liz Cheney is a solid conservative Republican who voted with the president 93% of the game. I thought she stood up and told the truth and said exactly what she thought. To ostracize somebody, remove them from their leadership position is crazy. It’s doubling down on failure.”

He said, “We have lost the White House, the House and Senate over the past four years. To continue to do the same thing and expect a different result is the definition of insanity.” Bash asked, “Do you agree with Congresswoman Cheney that former President Trump poses an ongoing threat to American democracy?” He said, “I think he is toxic for the Republican Party and for the country. I think we have got to find a way to get the Republican Party back to the party of Lincoln and Reagan, get back to the more traditional big tent party that can appeal to a majority of people.”

I guess my only question to Mr. Hogan would be, “What was it that President Trump did, or is doing now, that was, or is, so toxic and dangerous to our democracy’? President Trump represented ‘We the People,’ while those like Cheney, Hogan, Romney, Flake, Collins, Sasse, Murkowski and all of the other RINOs are interested in only representing themselves and their big money donors by going along with the Democrats on just about everything. They can’t muster up one good thing to say about all the good that President Trump did for our country and the world.

The only reason that Hogan was even able to get elected governor was because his predecessor, Marty O’Malley, who thought he was ordained for the presidency, was taxing everything under the Sun. Eventually he even started taxing rainfall. Even the idiotic voters there in Maryland had finally had enough. But since being elected, Hogan has morphed into a Democrat. And it’s few patriotic Americans who pay any attention to the Romneys, Flakes, Hogans, Cheneys or any of their silly ilk. They’re in the wrong party. Donald Trump redefined what it means to be a Republican.

Yet, ‘Lockdown Larry’ believes he’s adored by Republicans. And in his recent visit to ‘fake news’ HQ, he again criticized and called into question President Trump’s patriotism and his steadfast leadership, rather than focus on the failures of the current administration. He has been an utter failure and the biggest do-nothing governor Maryland has ever had. He has done NOTHING to advance Conservative principles or to reverse disastrous policies enacted by O’Malley. He is delusional if he thinks he stands any chance of actually being elected president in 2024.

Hogan is a RINO running a state populated by those who send mostly Democrats to Washington to represent them. And his eagerness to contribute to the pile-on is the main reason the media loves him and is willing to give him, and those like him, as much airtime as they want as long as they trash their own party and Donald Trump. He, as is every other RINO you can name, is the antithesis of Donald Trump. In other words, he’s just another whacko lefty and a worthless RINO eunuch. I have a feeling that he has likely advanced as far as he’s going to in his current profession of politics.  

What all of our RINOs fail to grasp is that we who voted for him were not followers of Donald Trump. We elected him because he was speaking for us. We finally had found someone who gave voice to all of our concerns and frustrations and was someone who was not a creature of ‘The Swamp’ or a career politician who spoke out of both sides of their mouth. He understood the degree to which our government had become the wrecking ball to the foundation of our Republic and a threat to our freedoms and the American dream. He was candid, blunt, and forthright in his opinions and thoughts.

In short, Donald Trump was unlike anyone we had ever seen before and a far cry from the usual hyperbole of a politician who gave lip service to all of our truly important issues. That he was able to achieve as much as he did, considering all of the impediments put in his path by not only the Democrats but by many members of his own party, was truly remarkable and only served to intensify the hatred directed at him by those who were part of the Establishment. President Trump was, and is, a man who stood, and continues to stand, for ALL the people, not the party or party elite.

And I would like to ask Gov. Hogan if he honestly believes that the 2020 election was totally legitimate? Does he not believe that election laws were changed to allow those who were dead and many from out of state, to vote. And does he not have an issue with precincts in key states, and only in states where ‘Creepy Joe’ was behind, stopping their vote count in the middle of the night when clearly things were not going ‘Creepy Joe’s way, only to find him leading when counting resumed. And is he ok with easily hackable voting software system being used in states ‘Creepy Joe’ won?

President Trump boldly unleashed American energy, and our nation soon became the world’s number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world. America’s newfound energy independence not only meant historically low energy prices, but also bolstered our economic and national security. At the center of this pro-American energy vision was a robust commitment to environmental conservation, renewable energy production, prioritizing the clean-up of major pollution sites, and investing billions in clean water infrastructure. America also led the world in reducing carbon emissions.

We expect a government that puts this nation, and the interests of its citizens, above all else. And as far as I’m concerned that is in no way an unreasonable expectation. It’s not our fault that Donald Trump was the first politician to ever actually do so in as long as anyone can remember. And while Donald Trump was far from perfect he was not, and is NOT currently, the problem. That would be those who comprise the party Establishment, the pre-Trump ‘Republican’ Party who completely ignored its voters for decades. The jig is up, folks. It’s now time to start taking out the RINO trash.

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