Like a dog with his favorite bone, RINO Willard Romney seems very determined in his continuing effort to somehow paint Donald Trump, and Donald Trump alone, as being solely responsible for the events that occurred in our nation’s capital on January 6. Willard again called the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol an “insurrection against the Constitution.” Every time Willard opens his mouth he makes clear his limited knowledge of the Constitution and his confusion on how insurrection is defined.  

Willard’s idiotic comments came as several Republicans, including Rep. Andrew Clyde, Rep. Paul Gosar, and Rep. Jody Hice Norman, all Republicans, minimized the violence and pointed out the many false claims about the attack. It was Clyde who said during a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing Wednesday that calling what took place on January 6 “an insurrection” was “a boldface lie.” And on that I would have to agree. A “boldface lie” perpetuated by RINOs like Willard, Cheney and Democrats!

Willard told Huffington Post, another reliable source of useless information, on Thursday, that the mob attack resulted in several deaths, severe injuries, and severe property damage. He said, “I was there.” And he added, “What happened was a violent effort to interfere with and prevent the constitutional order of installing a new president.” He said, “As such, it was an insurrection against the Constitution that resulted in severe property damage, severe injuries, and death.”

Willard, as you may or may not recall, was one of ‘The Gang of Seven’ ‘Republican’ senators, aka RINOs, who chose to side with the Democrats in voting to convict President Trump on the charge of inciting an insurrection. Several of these RINO senators who chose to vote to convict President Trump have since been censured in their home states by local Republican groups. And it was the Weber County Republican Party in Utah that most recently chose to censure Willard.

Willard is another waste of skin in the Republican Party. He’s afraid Donald Trump will rob him of his last chance to be President. He fails to recognize that that ship has sailed! He needs to lose his Trump hate and do the job he was elected to do or the people will find someone who will! As for insurrection? How many guns were confiscated inside the capital? NONE! How many protestors killed someone, again NONE! Willard would make a wonderful Democrat. Marxism seems to suit him!

Willard, aka Pierre Delecto, is now not someone who any of us should be taking seriously, regardless of the subject being discussed! He was a lousy governor and has proven to be consistent in that regard with every day that he remains a member of the U.S. Senate. I truly hope that Utah voters come to recognize the error of their ways and work to ensure that he never again is allowed to darken the halls of Congress once his term is up. Surely, by now, they regret having elected him.

The violent leftwing riots of 2020 and 2021 was the attempt at insurrection that took place. Communists were attempting to take over our country. The fact that Willard has no problem with that makes clear he too is guilty of insurrection as well. Willard has become the Democrat Party’s favorite ‘Republican,’ as well as of those in the ‘fake news’ media. As has that other RINO loser, Liz Cheney. And the actual theft of an election and voting to certify fraud on January 6th was also an act of insurrection.

What morons these NeverTrumpers are, and continue to be. The insurrection against the Constitution was the stolen election. We now live in what is nothing less than a political ‘Twilight Zone’ where reality has been turned upside down, where evil is presented as good and the weak among us routinely betray our trust. The war is raging, and Willard has sided with the enemy. All those calling January 6 an act insurrection are either lying or they have no idea what an insurrection looks like.

Willard has taken up lying and misrepresentation like his leftist bedfellows. Willard, like Cheney, has been quite busy tying himself in knots in his attempt to gain the favor of, as well as compliments from, the vary people who completely despise him. What is wrong with people like this? It’s obvious that Willard, the traitor, would rather you focus on his lie concerning the supposed insurrection than on the massive amount of voter fraud that then allowed a senile old dolt to become president!

This is nothing more than the typical reaction from yet another person angry that the world has now passed them by. And the only way they have of getting any amount of attention (revenge) or to maintain any level of relevance is to direct this kind of drivel at the greatest president this country has had since Ronald Reagan. What seems to drive this man is an odd mixture of jealousy, hatred of a man able to accomplish something that he was not and what is likely more than a little Red Chinese cash.

Willard either does understand the problem, or he refuses to accept the obvious, because it involves Donald Trump. The 2020 presidential election was clearly stolen. The truth is coming out. When it does, will there be any sort of an admission uttered by those like Willard if for no other reason than because they failed to protect the votes of millions of Americans? He needs to resign from office and allow someone to take his place who actually cares about the American people and election integrity.

And while BLM and ANTIFA attacked court houses, state and local political offices, the police, tearing down monuments, blocking roads and interstates, and attacked conservatives everywhere they found them for nearly two years, Willard, and frauds like him, sat back and said nothing. Then, all of a sudden, they were outraged by the fake, orchestrated attack on the Capitol so that they could blame Donald Trump and his supporters. I never liked Willard and am embarrassed to say I voted for him.

And so Willard, like Cheney, continues to rail against the events of January 6 with nary a peep about how for four years the Democrat Party actively perpetuated what was nothing less than a coup d’etat against President Trump. And no Willard outrage when it comes to the BLM/DNC/ANTIFA death and destruction that took place in cities all across America. All these cities controlled by Democrats. I no longer know who I detest more, Willard, Cheney or any of the other RINOs who infest our government.

The second impeachment, which Willard willingly took part in, was an insult on the Constitution. Let’s review the provision for impeachment. Impeachment is for a sitting president, i.e., one who is still in office. What Willard voted for was unconstitutional and he knew it. But his need to be vindictive overrode what the framers had designed. Then, again, as a carpetbagger and all that moving around you’ve done, one can see why your understanding of constitutional law is so lacking.

The January 6 Republican protest was an attempt to let legislators know that we expected them to UPHOLD the federal election laws as specified in our Constitution. Of course, we quickly found out that the Democrat led states, the Democrats who run Congress and the Supreme Court didn’t give a damn about upholding the election laws or the Constitution if they don’t get the election outcome that gives them more power and control. We are now the subjects (not citizens) of an autocratic thugocracy.


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