For decades countless Republicans have made countless promises about everything from controlling our borders to reducing spending so our kids and grandkids would not be buried under the debt created by our out-of-control spending. And in the end, they rarely, if ever, kept any of them. And then Donald Trump arrived on the scene, and the American people saw something in him that they had not seen before. Someone who claimed to feel their pain and promised, if they elected him, to do something to alleviate it. And they believed him, they trusted him and they elected him.

And it was the RINOs that Republicans have long been saddled with for as long as I can remember who then slipped a cog. And it was nothing less than an act of retaliation that they then dedicated themselves to preventing President Trump from making good on the promises he made on those very things that they themselves had promised to do for decades but in the end only provided excuses. And instead of working with the president from their own, a man who actually agreed with much of what they had been promising to do, they did the complete opposite and shunned him.  

We are tired of our representatives running on a particular platform to get elected and then do the complete opposite once in office. They constantly cave to Democrats because they fear being called racist, or whatever, and constantly manipulated by Democrats instead of supporting policies their voters backed. We have been burned so many times and Liz Cheney represented that type of governing. It all started long before Donald Trump arrived on the scene, we have been plagued with these RINOs for decades. Do names like McCain, Dole, Boehner, Ryan, Frist or Lott ring a bell?

And it’s little that has changed over the years. We still have a too large contingent of RINOs who seem to have dedicated themselves to doing all that they can to prevent Donald Trump from ever returning to the White House. That would be the same group who now has the gall to claim the election that replaced Donald Trump with the senile old dolt that now occupies the Oval Office, was totally legitimate. And so they continue with their hatred of President. Which brings me to Jeff Flake. I’m sure we all remember Jeff, if for no other reason than he refuses to let us forget him.

And it was just this past Friday, ahead of Rep. Elise Stefanik’s blowout victory to replace Rep. Liz Cheney as the Republican Conference chair, that Flake made another visit to ‘fake news’ HQ and rather boldly declared that the Republican Party is now the party of Donald Trump. Flake told “CNN Newsroom” that ousting Cheney over her opposition to the former president was simply a “loyalty test” for House Republicans. He complained, “It’s been an awful week for Republicans.” Flake went to add, “Liz Cheney did a stellar job in explaining why she did what she did.”

Flake continued, “I mean, that speech on the House floor and then her interviews afterward, it’s been a bad week for Republicans. Not because people care or even know who the House conference chair is, but the fact that this is a manifestation of a party that is unwilling to accept truth, that’s what’s really damaging.” Unwilling to accept the truth? What “truth” is it that Flake’s referring to? The truth that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and the Democrats were permitted to execute what was the most blatant act of election theft in our history, with nary a word being uttered by our RINOs?

Flake concluded his little idiotic little rant/tantrum by saying, “This is President Trump’s party right now. It won’t always be. I think he will lose influence more quickly than he would like. But right now, this is a loyalty test. It’s not a test on ideology.” Flake said, “Obviously, Liz Cheney is far more conservative than Elise Stefanik, but this is a test on whether or not you are loyal to a man, and that’s a terrible place for a party to be in. And so, yeah, it’s more of a purge than a civil war.” Frankly, I’d say we’re overdue for purge to get rid of those like…Flake!

Flake, as usual, is wrong. The Republican Party is not Trump’s party, nor has it ever been. All that President Trump did was to promote a pro-America agenda and attempt to put America and the American people first, which then helped to revive the American spirit that our Nation was founded and built upon, and that had been steadily beat down for well over 20 years. I can only hope that there are still those in government who will keep cheerleading for America and help fight the Democrats who are working very hard to turn our country into the next Third World CESSPOOL.

RINOs like Flake have essentially been behind the power curve for decades. All of the anti-Trumpers whine about President Trump, yet none offer better policies, or point out which of President Trump’s policies were lacking, or which of ‘Creepy Joe’s policies are better than Trump’s were. I don’t care about personality or who is perceived as being nicer. I, for one, care only about policy, and while President Trump’s may not have been perfect, they were the closest thing to conservative policies in decades. And it was RINOs, like Flake, who stood in form opposition.

I will admit that I did not support much of President Trump’s spending and would have preferred for him to have been a bit more willing to use his Veto power. Nor was I all that much in favor of his numerous Executive Orders (which ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was easily able to undo) over using the legislative process. But he was definitely better when it came to his policies on the economy, taxes, the border, international relations, the military and just about everything else than the last few Republican presidents were as well as every Democrat president in my lifetime.

The coming election will decide the direction of the Republican Party henceforth and forever. That my friends, you can take to the bank. And if Cheney does succeed in being re-elected after, having so thoroughly, pissing on President Trump and his voters, she will proceed to crow that President Trump and his voters are little more than paper tigers without any real power. It will then become open season on both President Trump and his voters. This will also be a signal to other Republicans who agree with Cheney that you no longer have to fear Donald Trump or his minions.

Personally, I can’t really understand why is it that any Republican would really care what it is that Flake thinks. After all he was another ‘supposed’ Republican that somehow saw wisdom in endorsing ‘Creepy Joe.’ People that possess no party loyalty are not deserving of being listened to. And what exactly is the problem people have with putting “America First?” What is it that those like Flake would prefer? Putting Communist China First? Putting Mexico First? Of course, it should be “America First!” Do you think any of these other countries put us or anybody else but themselves first?

For whatever the reason, our RINOs simply don’t get it. Because why wouldn’t someone who is a genuine conservative prefer the guy in the White House to be one who did or at least tried to do everything he said he was going to do, to someone who only said what you wanted to hear in order to get themselves elected, and who, once they’ve successfully gotten elected turn their back on the very people who put them into office. And this has been done over, and over again. You can’t blame those who choose to support Donald Trump simply because he did what he promised to do.  

Whether they like President Trump, or not, his administration’s policies were WORKING, and very successfully so, for America. Whether it was his economic policies, his immigration policies, his national defense policies, or his approach to foreign policy, there can be no doubt that President Trump left America far better off than he found it. Our politicians ALL need to live by the oaths they swore when they took office. It’s either that or they should simply resign so that we can then elect people who are actually willing to serve America in the manner we need them to.

Finally, I’d like to think that what recent happened to Liz Cheney was nothing more than a shot off the bow to ALL of the do-nothing RINOs now infesting Congress. She was siding with those who are willingly destroying OUR Republic with THEIR ‘big lie.’ She, like so many of RINOs, has done nothing to stop the Democrats’ power grab. They work to perpetuate the lie that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden won the 2020 presidential election fairly and squarely and blame him and him alone for the events of January 6. Flake speaks of a purge, I would argue that it’s a purge that is long overdue.


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  2. “ We are tired of our representatives running on a particular platform to get elected and then do the complete opposite once in office.”

    Your entire article is absolutely outstanding!! I will be putting this on fascistbook also.
    Jeff’s last name fits him absolutely perfectly…… this short paragraph it’s the vast majority of almost every member of the Republican Party. I will give you a classic example of this.

    I vividly remember back in 2012 2014 etc. etc. whenever the midterms came-around
    Back then, how every member moaned and groaned, cried & wined back then along these lines.

    “We can’t get anything done for you unless we have the house! so conservatives / independents etc etc made sure they got the house. And then leading up to the” 2014 Senate Races”, they did the same thing. Mewled & Moaned.

    For us to really get things done we need the Senate now that we have the House, we can finally get everything done that all of us have been wanting so bad . And they even came up with a list of everything they said they would do that all of us have been wanting for a number of years.

    A. Defund Planned Parenthood.
    B. Defund sanctuary cities.
    C. Define NPR.
    D. Defund The, “National Endowment For The Art’s & Humanities. both over the years have turned out to be nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Democrat party.

    E. National voter Picture ID Law! We will finally be able to get this pass! When we take the Senate!

    (These are just a few, a few that the GOP said they wanted to do, to get done for all of us! For the party, for Conservatives, for Patriots, etc most of all, for AMERICA!!)

    F. Repeal & Replace OBAMACARE! (Senator John McCain really pushed this one!! As a matter of fact, after Obama care was passed he is the one that led the charge to hold the worthless grandstanding Obamacare almost on a monthly basis what I call the, “VOTE-A-RAMA. They held hearings to vote to repeal & replace Obamacare. A total of 87 times, for Christ sake. All for show.

    It was President Obama’s crowning achievement. Did they really believe even if they could get this all the way to his desk that he would agree to it and put his signature down to repeal it? Of course not!! back then I was telling everybody even on the Internet, it’s nothing but a big show and a waste of time what they was doing.

    They never had a plan whatsoever to replace Obamacare with. And after Donald Trump was elected, the JIG Was up,for the sorry ass weak kneed Republicans. Because they held the house and the senate and they still could not repeal and replace Obamacare.

    And we know what happened there. Republicans’ seven-year quest to repeal Obamacare ground to a halt at 1:30 am on Friday when Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) approached the podium in the Senate chamber, raised his arm, and gave the clerk a thumbs down. What a lot of conservatives either will not admit if they do know the truth or they don’t know.

    And here it is. By the time this happened when John McCain voted know a lot has happened over the last seven years. Obamacare, had become very popular. Regardless if any conservative likes what I just said or not. Regardless if anyone agrees with me or not.

    The reason I know it had become popular by then is because I am a voracious reader, and I absolutely love data, statistics, empirical evidence, empirical data, polls, etc etc. from the first month that Obama care became available up until that night when John McCain voted no, Obamacare repeal was, for the foreseeable future, dead. In 2020, the 10 year anniversary of it, The WSJ did an online poll on its popularity and it came in at, 69.8% positive popularity.

    Please forgive me for being so long-winded but before I close this down I have to get back to 2014 and the sorry-ass-republican party and then I will be done. They have really screwed all of of us over that love this country.

    The Republicans regained the majority of the Senate in the 114th Congress, which started in January 2015; the Republicans had not controlled the Senate since January 2007. They needed a net gain of at least six seats to obtain a majority and were projected by polls to do so.

    On election night, they held all of their seats and gained nine Democratic-held seats. Republicans defeated five Democratic incumbents: Mark Begich of Alaska lost to Dan Sullivan, Mark Pryor of Arkansas lost to Tom Cotton, Mark Udall of Colorado lost to Cory Gardner, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana lost to Bill Cassidy, and Kay Hagan of North Carolina lost to Thom Tillis.

    Republicans also picked up another four open seats in Iowa, Montana, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Democrats did not pick up any Republican-held seats, but they did hold an open seat in Michigan.

    This was the second consecutive election held in a president’s sixth year where control of the Senate changed hands, the first being 2006. This was also the first time that the Democrats lost control of the Senate in a sixth-year midterm since 1918.

    With a total net gain of nine seats, the Republicans made the largest Senate gain by any party since 1980. This is also the first election since 1980 in which more than two incumbent Democratic Senators were defeated by their Republican challengers.


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