Believe it or not we now have one of the very same Senate RINOs who voted to impeach President Trump, on the second go around, making the argument that if the Republicans are serious about wanting to win in 2022 and 2024, the only way they’re going to be able to succeed in that endeavor is with Republicans who agree with Liz Cheney. You’ll recall Cheney is another RINO, in the House, who besides voting to impeach President Trump, has also claimed that he did not win the 2020 election, and that he was also responsible for the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

It was this past Sunday, during another visit to NBC’S ‘Meet the Press,’ hosted by that dweeb Chuck Todd, that Sen. Bill Cassidy said, “What I found is there’s a lot of misinformation out there, when you listen to people, they know you’re listening, and you present the other side you get people who are least neutral but oftentimes, ‘Hmm, I didn’t know that,’ and they’ll agree with you. For example, if I’m asked about voter fraud, I point out that Giuliani, under oath, said there was no fraud. Now, outside the courtroom, he says stop the steal. Inside he says there is no fraud.”

And he said, “I point out Sidney Powell in March said that no reasonable person would have believed what she had said. No reasonable person. She’s playing people for a sap. Once they hear that, that gives them a gut check. When you go through those facts and others I can list, there’s a reconsideration. I’m confident that process will continue.” It was Todd who then asked, “You know Lindsey Graham said he doesn’t believe the Republican Party can grow without Donald Trump. This debate is there, right? You can’t win with him and can’t win without him. Where are you on this?”

Cassidy said, “So the policies really worked before COVID hit. We had the best economy we’ve had in my lifetime. I would argue there are some who still see him as the messenger of that set of policies they felt was incredibly positive for our country. If you look at polls, there’s a whole group of folks that agree with Liz Cheney. And so, for us to win in 2022 and 2024, we need everybody. We need those who feel as Liz, those who feel as Lindsey. Ultimately it’s about the policies. You see that Cheney, Cassidy, support those policies. Those policies bring us back in 2022.”

That, of course, would the very same Liz Cheney who spends most, if not all, of her time trashing the Republican base while at the same time performing for the delight of all of her buddies in the ‘fake news’ biz. The base has seen this before and is no mood to be lectured to about its supposed fickleness by the likes of Cheney who has continually made clear which side she’s on. The left and the media, which are basically the same, have been very busy in trying to help her by pretending the issue is her courageous stand against the guy who hasn’t been president for a hundred days.

RINOs continue to think that we somehow NEED them in order to win elections and they refuse to accept the fact that it’s because of them that we continue to lose elections. After all it was McCain in 2008 and Willard in 2012 who lost for no other reason than BECAUSE they were both RINOs. And it was Donald Trump who won in 2016 (and again in 2020) who won because he is not. And in 2020 it was the RINOs who allowed the 2020 elections to be fraudulently conducted and stolen, otherwise Republicans would, today, control the House, the Senate and the White House!

And consider this, it’s 70-80 percent of actual Republican voters who think Donald Trump is right AND will most definitely vote for him and his policies, as well as for those candidates that he chooses to endorse. And it’s maybe 15-20 percent of Republican voters that either agree with the Cassidy/Cheney side of the party or are undecided. Which side of the party is it that you will support in the next election in order to help the Republicans take back the House, the Senate AND the White House? Are you undecided? Just ask yourself which side of the party will put America first?

Cassidy knows he’s free to give such idiotic advice with little fear of being forced to suffer any political damage as he is not up for reelection until 2026 and is confident that the folks back home will most certainly have forgotten by then the idiotic comments he’s making now. It’s RINOs like Cassidy and Cheney who seem to be deliberately destroying the Republican Party. I want nothing to do with ANY of those that the party seems so determined to embrace. Those like Cheney, Murkowski, Collins, Willard and this clown Cassidy. They are nothing but ‘Deep State’ stooges.

Cassidy is another typical RINO, with no position too vital not to be changed in the name of political expediency. Republicans can’t win without the Trump movement, but it has proven time and again that it can certainly lose with the Cheney side of the party. People need to keep in mind that Cassidy had previously been a Democrat, supporting Michael Dukakis for president in 1988, donating to Senator Paul Tsongas’s 1992 presidential campaign and to Louisiana Democrats Gov. Kathleen Blanco in 2003 and 2004 and Sen. Mary Landrieu in 2002. He’s not just a RINO, but a fraud as well!

If Republicans want to win in 2022 and 2024, they will need candidates who agree with the majority of sane Americans, that former President Trump did in fact win the 2020 election and was in no way responsible for the deadly riots. America First is a winning strategy! It rewards the American people, not Washington politicians who insist upon sucking up to Communist China. It means a healthy middle class, not a wealthy ruling class. It’s a simple, common sense approach to running our government so that American citizens come first, not career politicians and big donors!

Cheney’s offense is that she continues to publicly contradict the message of her conference when, as a member of leadership, she is duty bound to support the message. If she can’t, then she should resign that position. These people, these RINOs, are openly siding with the left, acting as useful idiots for the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, voting to impeach a duly elected Republican president. They not only refused to demand transparency in the 2020 election, they argued there was no fraud beginning the day after the election despite it being obvious that there was.

As I have said before, it’s these RINOS who represent a far greater threat to this country than do the Democrats, because it always at election time that they claim to be ‘conservative,’ telling us all what it is they think we want to hear. And it’s always after the election that these RINOs demonstrate that they most definitely are not conservative. We’ve always known where the Democrats stand, and it’s firmly against America. We expect them to lie, and they never disappoint. RINOs count on our willingness to hold our nose and to vote for the lesser of two evils. That must stop!!!


  1. “ We’ve always known where the Democrats stand, and it’s firmly against America. We expect them to lie, and they never disappoint. RINOs count on our willingness to hold our nose and to vote for the lesser of two evils. That must stop!!!”

    I could not agree more with your entire article. And especially with this paragraph right here. We know it must stop but the trouble is far too many will turn around and vote them right back in. I give you Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, just for starters.

    Last Wednesday on Tucker Carlson he really raked Lindsey Graham over the coals for being a card-carrying RINO. It pertain to a situation about Lindsey Graham speech he gave concerning young girls having a hard time to get abortions in Indonesia. And one of the things that Tucker said was this.

    (in fact he has gone after Lindsey Graham off and on since the first of this year real hard and you can tell just by his mannerism he can’t stand him.)

    “ The people of South Carolina didn’t send you to Washington to worry about the people in Indonesia. They sent you to worry about Americans here in America only. But like a good card-carrying RINO, You will only worry about everything besides America and preserving conservatism here in America.”



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