Of course, we all know that being a Democrat is pretty much synonymous with being patriotic, right? Actually, not so much. What is it that any Democrat knows about what it takes to be true patriot? That said, Democrats do have somewhat of a different definition for ‘patriotism’ than the rest of us. You see to be a patriot according to the Democrats, one must be in favor of open borders, of appeasing our enemies, and of butchering babies to name just a few! Democrats have made very clear that they very hate this country and all that it has come to stand for.

Take, for instance, Hakeem Jeffries, a fella who, besides being one of the most anti-America members of Congress, is also apparently another of a growing number of Democrats proudly defending Liz Cheney, a ‘Republican.’ And it was Jeffries who said on Thursday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “The Beat” that Cheney was likely being removed from her House leadership role because she had said she believed former President Trump incited the January 6 riot at the Capitol. And, according to Jeffries, that meant “being a patriot may be inconsistent with being a House Republican.”

But he didn’t stop there, not by a long shot. Jeffries also said, “There is a clear distinction between Democrats and Republicans right now. A moment of clarity for everyone. Democrats are the party of getting things done. Republicans are the party of obstruction. Democrats believe in democracy. Republicans believe in autocracy. Democrats believe in Building Back Better, the American Rescue Plan, The American Job Plan, The American Family Plan and Republicans are all about grievance and xenophobia.” He added, “This is who House Republicans are at this point.”

And Jeffries continued, “It is a full-blown cult of personality as it relates to bending the knee to Donald Trump. You can’t sugar coat it. We can’t moderate the language. This is who they are, and that is why they’re ousting Liz Cheney. Liz Cheney has one of the most conservative voting records in the entire House of Representatives, more so than the person who it appears may replace her. The big difference is she’s not willing to perpetuate the lie that Donald Trump somehow should be the president of the United States of America.” How stupid must you be to vote for a guy like this?

Anyway, this boob then went on to say, “This is a very reckless moment. Ulysses S. Grant said, ‘There is two parties now, patriots and traitors.’ This was back in 1861. Liz Cheney has chosen to be a patriot. Being a patriot may be inconsistent with being a House Republican.” You know, this is really all pretty rich coming from a member of the political party that seems to be Hell bent on destroying this country by enacting Socialism while at the same time lying through its teeth about what they’re trying to do. And yet he has the nerve to call someone else “unpatriotic?” What a moron!!!

While I can only assume that Jeffries views himself as a patriot, there’s nothing patriotic about inviting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross our border and then providing them all manner of ‘free’ benefits. There’s nothing patriotic about driving businesses out of this country courtesy of draconian tax policies. There’s nothing patriotic about spending Trillions of dollars that we don’t have to buy votes through government ‘stimulus’ checks. And yet to be a Republican is to be unpatriotic? What kind of a nimrod thinks like this? A Democrat, that’s who!!

So now, not only are we racist, but now we’re unpatriotic as well? Democrats are truly a pretty pathetic bunch! Apparently, Jeffries seems to think that being a patriot includes running those Americans who dare to disagree with his rather warped view of things, into the ground. Now the generally accepted definition of being a patriot means expressing a certain love for one’s country. But it’s Democrats who hate America, to the point where they want nothing less than to destroy it. There is no patriotism on the left, only treachery. And Jeffries personifies that treachery.

Democrats are the biggest threat we face today. And it’s anyone who dares to even imply any sort of critique of those on the left that is immediately censored on all of social media. Yet Democrats are free to say whatever they want, whether true or now, as long as their language is directed at those who are either conservatives or supporters of Donald Trump. A list of just a few prime examples of Democrat patriotism would include the more than four years of resistance, sham investigations, two failed impeachments followed by what was obviously a fraudulent election.

Anyone of average intelligence and a modicum of common sense understands that ‘Creepy Joe’ did not receive the most votes of any candidate in U.S. history in the 2020 election, nor even half that number. And we don’t need to see the videos of ballot stuffing, the videos of vans unloading ballots hours after the election was over, the photos of hundreds of ballots with the same signature, the testimony of hundreds of witnesses, the statistical analysis, and the insurmountable lead President Trump had in five states only to miraculously go up in puff of smoke, to know that.

As for Jeffries claims that “Democrats are the party of getting things done?” I can only assume that he’s talking about things like raising taxes to pay for all manner of pork, redefining the common language of our people to mean only what they want it to mean, killing jobs for purely political purposes, supporting the idiotic notion that there are not just two genders and protecting the borders of other countries while ignoring your own. Getting things done like allowing covid positive unknowns into the country while crushing your own citizens with restrictions. The list is endless!

And contrary to those like Jeffries, as well as those like Liz Cheney, January 6 was nowhere near an act of insurrection. For one reason we know Pelosi was well aware of events that were to take place that day, and that she denied requests from the Capitol Police for extra manpower. And in so doing she got exactly the result she had hoped for. Look, Democrats have a long history of accusing others of perpetrating the same actions that they themselves have done or are doing. And it’s their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media who did as instructed and blamed President Trump.

Liz Cheney remains unable to compartmentalize her obvious hatred of Donald Trump, who was quite honestly the most Conservative President since Ronald Reagan, from her responsibility to represent the people who elected her. The “attack” on the Capitol was planned for weeks and would have happened regardless of President Trump speaking. President Trump asked his supporters to “PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY” let their voices be heard. Cheney chose to vote for impeaching him over it because of her hatred of him, not because he did anything wrong.

The irony of the Democrats coming out in full-throated defense of Cheney cannot be understated. And attributing unpatriotic motives to those who choose to disagree with you, politically, is pretty low. In reality it’s the Democrats who are the party of disgrace, of destruction and of baseless accusations. They claim to be the party that gets things done, it’s just that the things they want to get done clearly run counter to our traditional American values. It’s become quite clear that Socialism, is their goal. And just as clear is the fact that they will do anything in their effort to succeed.


  1. There is absolutely no way OBIDEN Won the Presidential Election. His campaign, if you can even call it that, had no drive, no momentum whatsoever. And according to
    Mark Levin, “The total number of days that Joe Biden actually hit the campaign trail, going to a venue/rally, was 37. “ 37 total days is absolutely nothing!!!!!


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