To deny that black politicians, at least those who adhere to the liberal philosophy, are some of the most vile and evil people that God ever took the time to put breath into is to essentially deny reality. And before anyone comes unglued and accuses me of being guilty of racism or, even worse, white supremacy, let me explain what I mean and why I say it. It’s because these people have continually lied to, extorted and exploited those within the black community for decades. And it has been for one of the most basic of reasons. Because in exchange for doing so that they have been granted, by the leaders of the Democrat Party, a certain level of power and prestige.

Sheila Jackson Lee is most certainly one of the more vile members of this pathetic little clique. And it was as recently as this last Friday, during an appearance on CNN’s “Newsroom,” that Jackson Lee provided even more proof of that  when reacting to Sen. Tim Scott’s remarks during the Republican response to *president ‘Creepy Joe’s address to a joint session of Congress earlier in the week. Jackson Lee blamed institutional and systemic racism for the difficulties facing the nation’s minorities. She said, “Institutional racism and systemic racism taints and spoils the way that America treats, in one instance, African Americans and other instances minorities.”

She then went on to say, “So, there are aspects of America’s laws, America’s structure as relates to the black community in particular and other communities that is racist. There are — certainly, what the president said is accurate about the American people, that the American people, I think, have called to goodness. That’s where they want to be.” So, once again, here we have yet another black Democrat politician making accusations of “systemic racism” without offering up any kind  of actual evidence or proof to back them up. And, as you may have noticed, it’s no one in the ‘fake news’ media who ever bothers to ask her, or anyone else, to provide any.

Anyway, Jackson Lee continued, “They want to be in a nation that respects all people.” And she added, “But our system is such that it then allows Americans, people, to act in instances in a racist manner. And I believe that it is important to call that out and to be able to find ways that we can learn more about each other. And, as you well know, I’m carrying the bill H.R. 40, the commission to study and develop reparation proposals. That study, that commission will be open to all ideas for people to hear the history, understand the history, and I think we will get to a better place. But yes, action by America and actions by people in America have been racist.”

Systemic racism in America, at least as defined by Democrats, does not exist in America. It’s merely a term promoted by many in the ‘fake news’ media and those like Jackson Lee, in order to promote their own blatantly racist agenda. There is no systemic racism. But there is, in fact, ‘systemic oppression’ as evidenced by such things as the fact that Planned Parenthood has at least half of its locations within walking distance of poor Black neighborhoods. A ‘welfare system’ that was conceived by Democrats for the purpose of turning Black voters into Democrat voters. Poorly funded schools, diminished neighborhoods can both be found in Democrat run cities.

Then there’s the ‘Three Strike Law,’ a favorite arguing point for systemic racism, that was written largely by ‘Creepy Joe’ himself. And it is this ‘systemic oppression’ that was largely created by Democrats. Blacks make up nearly 40 percent of the U.S. prison population and yet they only make up 13 percent of the total U.S. population. And it’s this ‘systemic oppression’ that has made blacks much easier to keep on the Democrat plantation. Our mission should be to convince blacks that those things the Democrats claim to comprise “systemic racism” are actually policies and programs put in place by Democrats. But that has seemed to be rather pointless as few ever listen.

The purpose of the propaganda continually heard from Jackson Lee, and just about every other black Democrat politician, is not intended to make things better, it’s only purpose is as a tool to be used to destroy our country. Our society and our nation are not better off because of this, but we are, and continue to be, greatly lessened because of it. By repeatedly promoting this false narrative (along with numerous others), asserting it into our workplaces, our schools and daily lives, they’re actually agitating many–both black and white–to become defensive, angry and resentful of one another. Where does that lead? It can lead only to a very, very dark place.

And so I find myself wondering when all of these people behind all of the destruction are going to start accepting any level of responsibility for how they behave. Starting with those who CHOOSE to resist arrest, CHOOSE to flee the scene, CHOOSE to destroy businesses, CHOOSE to loot and to riot, CHOOSE to destroy monuments and set fire to structures and then scream about racism when they are either subdued or caught. And when do all the people demanding all of this change start showing that they deserve it because of their actions and not because of the color of their skin? All are rhetorical questions, of course. Because such a thing is never going to happen.

The only systemic racism going on in America involves black privilege. For instance, look how whites must receive higher scores on ACT’s and MCAT’s in order to get into college? Look how often are more qualified whites get passed over for promotions in favor of far less qualified blacks? Look how there are so many more scholarships as well as quotas and taxpayer funded incentives for hiring blacks? Look how merely saying that ALL lives matter brings about such a rabid response? Look how BLM and ‘black power’ is celebrated publicly, corporately, politically, but white people are vilified as ‘racist?’ That kind of systemic and institutional racism is taking place!

Simply put, there is nothing that is ever going to appease blacks. You can give them money to fix up their ghettos and they scream “gentrification.” You move away because they don’t really want you there and they scream “white flight.” You try to integrate them into our society and they demand segregation. You give them favorable treatment in just about every aspect of life and they scream “white supremacy.” You give them free money and housing paid for, by mostly white people, and they spit in your face if given the opportunity. You give them places to shop and they rob, loot, and burn them down. Nothing will work, ever. So why bother trying.



  1. Lots of people including me based on years of personal observation are of the logical opinion that leftist/liberal politically correct knee grows are both net liabilities and security risks to any nation and the airhead perpetual victim mental mess Lee is a perfect example of this. Did I hear someone say, “dats racissss?”


  2. Perhaps it was rather, “Dey didndunuffin.” Meanwhile the “Most Wanted” homicide posters in big cities show a huge number of knee grow faces.


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