You gotta love all of those RINOs who, right down to the very last one, all consider themselves as being a far better alternative than Donald Trump, when it comes to being a suitable candidate for president. I mean, just how delusional can these people be? Donald Trump supported all of issues that they have claimed to support for decades, and yet. He was pro-military, anti-illegal immigration and anti-abortion. He promised to make America energy independent, and he did. He promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to American, and he did. He promised to get tough on China, and he did. And yet all these RINOs did was gripe. Why would I vote for any of them? 

Take, for instance, Liz Cheney, a longtime critic of President Trump who said this past Monday it is unlikely that former President Trump will serve as the Republican nominee for president in 2024. In speaking to the Washington Examiner she said, “I don’t think that that’s going to happen.” And she added, “And I think it’s important that it not happen, given what he did.” Many will remember Cheney as being the ringleader of the ‘Gang of 10’ House RINOs who voted to impeach President Trump on the charge of inciting a riot on January 6. She said she “certainly would never vote for a Democrat” but stated she does not believe Trump “should be president again.”

During the interview, Cheney also called out GOP senators who legally questioned the 2020 election results. She said, “I think we have a huge number of interesting candidates, but I think that we’re going to be in a good position to be able to take the White House.” And she added, “I do think that some of our candidates who led the charge, particularly the senators who led the unconstitutional charge, not to certify the election, you know, in my view that’s disqualifying.” I’m curious, why is that questioning an election that was extremely dubious, which they have every right to, and something Democrats have done numerous times, is somehow disqualifying?

And apparently Cheney is not ruling out running for president herself in 2024. It was during an interview with The New York Post, when asked about a possible run, that Cheney responded, “I’m not ruling anything in or out — I’ve been here a long time.” Too long if you ask me!!! Anyway, Cheney continued, “I think we have a huge number of interesting candidates, but I think that we’re going to be in a good position to be able to take the White House.” She said, “I do think that some of our candidates who led the charge, particularly the senators who led the unconstitutional charge, not to certify the election, you know, in my view that’s disqualifying.”

She went on to say, “I think that adherence to the Constitution, adherence to your oath has got to be at the top of the list. So, I think, you know that certainly will be a factor that I’m looking at and I think a number of voters will be looking at as they decide about ’24.” Since voting in favor of Trump’s second impeachment in February, Cheney has repeatedly called for the Republican Party to move on from the former president despite his immense popularity among conservatives. Cheney has made it quite clear she will not support Trump if he seeks to win back the White House, seemingly blaming the former president for the deadly January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

And it was during an interview with fellow Trump-hater, Neil Cavuto that she said, “I’ve been clear about my views about what happened on January 6th, about my views of the president’s culpability. I obviously voted to impeach him. I think that it was the gravest violation of an oath of office by any president in American history.” And it was then that she went on to say, “For us as a party, we have to be the party of hope and aspirations, and we cannot embrace insurrection and can’t minimize what happened January 6. I think all of us, regardless of partisanship, have an obligation and a duty to the Constitution, a duty to the peaceful transition of power.”

Let’s face it, Cheney is Jeb Bush in a pantsuit. It was between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump that I was left with having to vote for the lesser of two evils. I could never bring myself to not vote so yes, I held my nose and voted for Bush 41, Dole, Bush 43, McCain and Romney. All of my representatives are Republicans. My senators are Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, my Congressman is John Rutherford, all of whom have proven to be disappointments who I’m not likely to vote for again. In the past it’s whenever they’ve faced a challenger in the primaries that I voted for the challenger, but in the general have still voted straight Republican, hoping for the best. No more!!

But my days of doing so, especially after watching how the Republicans treated, and continue to treat, President Trump my days of doing so are now officially over. If, in 2024, the Republicans insist upon giving us nothing other than a bunch of squishy moderates, aka RINOs, to select from, such as another Bush, a Cheney, a Romney, a Kasich or a Christie or any number of others losers, then I swear to God that I’ll choose to vote third party, write in Donald Trump, or simply stay home. Donald Trump showed the Republican Party what their constituents want, someone who is tough, no-nonsense and gets things done. Now they need to step up.

If Republicans, like Cheney, instead decide to return to the same old playbook, of whining about how they can’t get anything done unless they cave to the systemically corrupt Democrats, always moving the nation further to the left, they won’t get another vote from me. I’m done playing the “lesser of the two evils” game. And with Donald Trump I stopped playing that “just hold your nose and vote” game. And I have no intention of starting to play it again. And it’s amazing, don’t you think, how many of these fake conservative back-stabbers think that, with President Trump out of the way, they’ll be free to run for president and will somehow inherit the Trump voters.

Donald Trump served as a faithful constitutional president who kept the campaign promises he had made to the people when asking them for their vote. Bush 43, as an example, kept few of his promises. So it’s no wonder that so many ‘Republican’ politicians despise Donald Trump. It’s because he embarrassed them in a very public way, and for that he must be made to forever pay. It’s fascinating to see arrogant people so self-deluded that they not only don’t have the pulse of the people, but they also don’t have a clue regarding just how truly irrelevant they have now become. People don’t care what their opinion of President Trump is, they have their own.


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