Now I know there are likely those who hate it that I keep harping on how stupid this guy is, but, my God, it’s now gotten to the point where every time he opens his mouth he proves he’s even more braindead than the last time. And I’m sorry, but no one who has never been the position of having to make a split-second life or death decision has absolutely any right to criticize those who have. Least of all some hapless moron like Juan Williams. And I will tell you something else, if I was a white cop, I would no longer go anywhere near any black neighborhood, under any circumstances.

I’ve now gotten to the point where if these people are do determined in their effort to kill each other, then we should simply go ahead and let them. And if they no longer want police in their neighborhoods then we should do ourselves a huge favor and grant their wish! Because, quite frankly, I no longer really care how many of them decide to take it upon themselves to kill their fellow blacks. But they, as well as imbeciles like Williams, need to understand that if they bring their shit into MY neighborhood the chances are very high that they’re going to die in that endeavor.  

All of which brings to Williams recent idiotic comment, made this past Thursday, that he might have fired a warning shot before approaching the knife wielding teen, Ma’Khia Bryant, as she attempted to stab another girl with a knife. Williams made the comments on Fox News’ “The Five,” saying that he understood law enforcement was a tough job but that killing a person was a “pretty radical” response. Look, Williams has absolutely NO understanding when it comes to the job of law enforcement. Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada!!! He could not be anymore clueless than he so very obviously is.

So, co-host Jesse Watters started things by saying, “All right, first of all, it’s not a knife fight when only one person has a knife, that’s a butcher shop.” He then asked Williams what he would do if he were an officer in a similar situation. He said, “You see mayhem, there’s a guy that’s kicking a girl down to the ground and another woman lunging at a defenseless woman like this with a sharp blade, you have seconds to react. She doesn’t put the knife down when you warn her.” And then he asked, “What does Juan Williams, Officer Juan Williams do to save the lady’s life in pink?”

Williams responded saying, “I guess I would shoot the gun, not necessarily at somebody, but maybe shoot the gun and maybe run at the person and try to disarm them, like I don’t know.” Watters pushed back saying, “So wait, wait, wait. You would shoot the gun in the air like a warning shot?” Williams continued by saying, “Ah, well, hopefully to distract her and tried to stall or something so I could get — or my partner could get the knife away.” So, Officer Williams shoots his gun in the air, and the bullet comes down he knows not where? How irresponsible is that?

He said “Policing is tough work. But all I’m saying is, you know, I think that that woman with a knife is a danger to society and certainly a danger to the other person and we want her to stop and be disarmed. I just also think killing a human is pretty radical. I don’t think that’s a good thing.” As I said earlier this moron has no idea what it takes to be a police officer. If ever confronted by some black thug he’d likely do more than to cry like a little girl. But Williams went on to argue that the focus on Bryant’s case could distract from the real issues with policing and race in America.

Williams said that those issues were finally at the forefront after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three charges over his role in the May 2020 death of George Floyd. Williams then proceeded to spew more of his typical nonsense when he said, “Really, there is a problem with policing, that what black people have been saying about police brutality and abuse and lack of accountability for police to engage in that kind of behavior is a real problem in America.” What’s the REAL problem here is that blacks seem to think that laws don’t apply to them!

Williams said. “So I think a lot of people want to change that conversation by looking at this case where it’s not clear who is in the right and wrong. All that we know with some certainty that deadly force had to be used. A lot of people are saying, gosh, why do we have to do that every time?” Watters said he wasn’t sure that people were trying to change the conversation so much as reacting to a media narrative that was not telling anyone the whole story. He said, “This conversation was thrust upon us by really disgusting headlines that made it look like this was a racial execution.”

Watters continued, “And NBC actually got caught deceptively editing the video to make it look like the girl didn’t have a knife, and they edited the 911 call. Again, we are back to cleaning up another racially charged story that has been foisted upon us to divide us.” But what was done by NBC ‘news’ should come as no surprise, it’s the kind of crap they do every day, only this time they didn’t get away with it. But how many times have they not gotten caught? And it’s a big reason why fewer and fewer people trust the media and what’s earned for them the moniker of ‘fake news.’

A warning shot? What exactly would that have accomplished other than to have us with two people winding up dead. How about, instead, we focus on why it was that a 13 year old girl thought it was in any way appropriate to stab another person? Oh I know, it’s all the systemic racism that we have here in America, right Juan?  If only someone could better define exactly what that is. I’m sick of people, like Williams, continue to say it without ever providing any kind of an explanation about what it actually is and what it involves. And, oddly enough it’s always liberals who do that.

I for one am certainly glad that Williams is not a police officer here in my town. And for a guy who has all the answers, he sure seems to have a lot of trouble making a reasonable argument. How many people could be stabbed in the amount of time that he dithers on making a decision? Yet this police officer had a fraction of the time that Williams had and made the only logical decision and executed it perfectly. I don’t know what goes on in Williams’ neighborhood, but in most places an officer rides alone, with no partner. You show up on scene and are almost always outnumbered.

And so the race baiters again are looking for alternants. They know that this shooting was totally justified but that still hasn’t stopped from trying to gain some amount of anti-cop traction from it. We’ll hear how he should have shot the knife out of her hand, shot her in a non-lethal place, fired warning shots, blah, blah blah. What they can’t get around is the FACT that if that officer hadn’t done exactly what he did, the victim here would have been seriously injured, or ended up dead. The race baiters don’t care about dead black bodies, as long as they are killed by other blacks.

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