Yes, by golly, it’s *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who has chosen to surround himself with quite the impressive bunch. There’s old ‘Doc Tony’ Fauci who serves in the capacity of *president ‘Creepy Joe’s Chief Medical Advisor and then he’s also got John Kerry-Heinz who serves as his presidential ‘envoy’ for all things having to do with bogus ‘climate change.’ And it’s neither of these two morons who can be trusted to know what they’re talking about, anymore than the other. We all know Fauci has made it painfully clear that he has not a clue when it comes to the ‘Chinese virus.’

And it was Kerry-Heinz who, very recently, again made it clear that he too has no clue about what has been, for decades, something very dear to his heart, bogus ‘climate change.’ It was when he made the rather strange admission during the “Washington Post Live” podcast that even if both the United States and Communist China had zero greenhouse gas emissions, it would not solve our ‘climate crisis.’ So, I guess I’d like to ask this supposed would be expert, how is it that making such a statement in any bolsters his case for America spending untold billions and destroying our economy.

So it was Kerry-Heinz who said, “The fact is that what President Biden is doing tomorrow is reconvening what we used to call and what we started with President Obama was the Major Economies Forum. It happens to also obviously contain large emitter nations. And so, it is critical because 20 nations are the equivalent of 81 percent of all the emissions on the planet, and we need those 20, above all, to step up.” Speaking to opinions writer Jonathan Capehart, Kerry-Heinz continued, “But the challenge is this, Jonathan. The United States could go to zero tomorrow.”

And it was “Kerry-Heinz” who then went on to say, “I mean, we can’t, but if you figuratively speaking, could go to zero, we’d still have a problem. The world would still have a problem. If China went to zero tomorrow with the United States, we’d still have a problem. So, every country has to come to the table. This is the single biggest multilateral, global negotiation that the world has ever needed, and the stakes could not be higher because, I mean, we hear people talk about this being existential. For many people on the planet, it already is.” This guy so hasn’t got a single clue.

Anyway, Kerry-Heinz went on to add, “But we’re not behaving internationally like it is, in fact, an existential challenge. We even have deniers still in the United States. We’re the one nation that has a lot of deniers, and a lot of money has been spent in our country to create that doubt and the possibility of denial. We need to get on track based on science, based on facts, based on truth, and that’s part of what this climate summit that President Biden is hosting is all about.” So, like I said, this guy Kerry-Heinz is someone who needs to be listened to no more than that other clown, Fauci!

What put a major crimp in the plans of those like Kerry-Heinz is the fact that President Trump was able to do what so many, including ‘BO’ himself, had been saying for years could never be done. And that was to make America energy independent. And it’s *president Biden who has worked to reverse that success because if America’s energy independence is lost, prices will go up, the standard of living will decline, and the goal of ‘fundamentally transforming’ America, during this the third term of ‘BO’, will be made all that much easier to actually accomplish.

Kerry-Heinz is always seeking to lump America in with Communist China when it comes to just about everything. And it’s likely out of convenience that Kerry-Heinz seems to ignore completely the fact that America actually does far better than does any other country when it comes to keeping its air clean, as well as its water. Communist China is the world’s worst polluter of both water and air, it creates bio-weapons to be uses against other countries, and tortures Christians. America is nothing like Communist China, although liberal Democrats claim otherwise.

Even bona fide climate scientists can’t decide if the earth is currently warming SLIGHTLY or cooling SLIGHTLY. I’ve been around over half of a century and I can tell you the temperature where I grew up is the same as it was in my youth. It’s warm in the summer and every once and a while it exceeds 100 degrees for a day or two, just like it did when I was a young boy. In winter it gets cold and there are those days it gets REALLY cold. And every once and a while there’s a ‘pipe-buster’ cold snap, just like when I was a kid. Virtually very little has changed, climate-wise, back home.

Kerry-Heinz, and those who share his rather concocted theory, when it comes to bogus ‘climate change’, think the only solution to this supposed ‘climate crisis’ is for ‘We the People’ to gladly hand over to him, and them, all of our hard-earned money. Manmade ‘climate change’ is nothing more than a hoax. Man caused ‘climate change’ is a myth, perpetuated by those who see it as way to increase their power over us. Of course, America stopping emissions completely would do nothing. It’s that big, bright ball in the sky called the Sun. Believing it’s anything else is delusional and dishonest.

The crisis we must work to solve is to prevent idiots like John Kerry-Heinz from ever holding ANY public office. This guy is a pompous ass who should have been tried and convicted of treason during the Vietnam Era. He seems to be pretending that China is making an attempt to reduce its emissions (which are continually increasing). The single most important action we can take to eradicate ‘climate change’ from our lexicon and simply ignore boobs like Kerry-Heinz. This ignorant savant is destroying the planet with his reckless and unscientific jihad against the Peoples of this Earth.

Kerry-Heinz was a Vietnam vet who threw away as many as nine of his ‘combat’ medals to protest the war in Vietnam. Kerry-Heinz was a Lt. Governor in MA. Kerry-Heinz was a useless U.S. Senator. Kerry-Heinz was a failed presidential candidate. All I’m trying to point out here is that Kerry-Heinz is NO scientist. And dare I say that it’s his rather oblong head that should be left to science to be later studied and, dare I say, perhaps put in the Smithsonian dinosaur section. And finally, I trust him on the climate about as much as I trust my garbage man to provide me financial advice.

Kerry-Heinz has absolutely zero credibility regarding the which he spends so much time talking about. While he and his leftist buddies, like ‘BO’, are busy buying houses on the beach (even though the rising water is going to kill us all!), and their carbon footprint is larger than that of my entire hometown, and as they all insist on traveling around in private jets at a drop of a hat, they are all hardly walking the walk. Oddly enough, it’s where I live that the climate changes every day, sometimes every hour. Here we all call it weather and it’s been going on since the Earth came into being.

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