We all remember how the Democrats, and more than a few RINOs, accused President Trump of insurrection regarding the events of January 6. Going so far as to use it in what was another failed attempt to remove him from office and in a second attempt to impeach him AFTER he had already left office. And yet when comparing a video of what the president said on that day to a video of what Democrat ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters said, just this past weekend, when she joined rioters on the ground there in Brooklyn Center, Minn., the double standard that exists here becomes all the more clear.

You see it was then that ‘Mad Maxine’ was very purposeful in offering her outright encouragement to the rioters, telling them to stay out on the streets if they don’t get “justice” in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was charged in the May 2020 death of George Floyd. She said, “We’ve got to stay on the street, and we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational.” So it would seem that she has determined that Chauvin is guilty of murder in the first degree. She said, “We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

‘Mad Maxine’ claimed her decision to attend the riots was motivated by her wanting to show the family of Daunte Wright that someone was listening to them, adding her promise to continue to “speak truth to power.” Right, talk about hypocrisy, ‘Mad Maxine’ claiming to speak the truth. Some may remember how it was that ‘Mad Maxine’ took criticism for making similar comments several years ago, encouraging people to approach and confront anyone who worked in former President Trump’s administration and making sure they understood that they were “not welcome.”

It was then that we also had video of this loudmouth screeching to those who had assembled, “If you see anybody from that cabinet in restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station; you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome.” And I can’t help but wonder if this pathetic old hag will be made to face any sort of consequences regarding her latest effort to incite violence. Is this the behavior we are to expect from our sitting members of Congress? She is clearly undeserving of her office and should be removed.

If this is the direction in which the Democrats really want to take us, then the options to prevent such a thing from taking place are becoming fewer in number as well as less peaceful in nature. And the alternatives that those who do not share her rather warped view of America are being left with are now being forced upon us through no fault of our own. And if forced to act on those alternatives any resulting blood will not be on our hands, but on the hands of those busily inciting the violence, those like ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters. While she should tread lightly, I doubt that she will.

And so, thanks to those like ‘Mad Maxine’ whether elections can any longer be our avenue for changing any of this is now very much in doubt. That would be because, of course, the same Democrat operatives who counted the votes in 2020 will be doing so again in 2022, 2024. And also, as we saw in 2020, those who we refer to as RINOs will do nothing to prevent such a thing from reoccurring. And it’s the courts that have basically given the Democrats a rubber stamp to rig every election at every level from now on. The Democrats have spent over 50 years destroying the validity of elections.

Democrats are not now going to suddenly develop some love of free and honest elections. And I have yet been able to figure out why it is that so many Americans refuse to open their eyes and realize that the Democrat party hates the Constitution and is now on track to destroy our Republic. So, with options now few when it comes to saving our Republic, the Founders, in their infinite wisdom, did provide us with a means to do so. And it would now appear that that is the only way left to save our Republic. The Second Amendment is the only way left. It’s our only viable option.

Democrats now feel that there is no one willing to stop them, the behavior of Waters is proof of that. They have the Republican Party sufficiently cowed and reduced to doing nothing more than to issue useless objections without the will to walkout and deprive them of a quorum. Stop trying to see a love of country, of democracy and of the Constitution in these people. Stop trying to think there is a peaceful way out, Democrats do not tolerate different opinions.  Either we band together and rise up in arms in overwhelming force to destroy the tyranny of the left; or we lose our country.

The ‘rule of law’ no longer exists in America. Presidential elections are rigged and the Supreme Court rubber stamps it by refusing to allow evidence to be presented in court. Mob violence decides the judicial process with the implicit threat of violence against jurors. The Justice Department is used to run vendettas against the left’s political targets. The other 3-letter agencies are used to run deep-state attacks against U.S. citizens. The military is being politically purged. And the media is pure leftist propaganda, waging war against white Americans and all forms of normalcy.

Democrats hold the hands of the low information and freedom hating left while they whisper sweet nothings in their ears as they lead them down the path to a post-sovereignty, post-middle-class province without the U.S. Constitution or any of the freedoms enumerated within. The Republicans hold the hands of the more informed and freedom loving right while they whisper sweet nothings to them in their ears as they walk them down the path to a post-sovereignty, post-middle-class province without the U.S. constitution or any of the freedoms enumerated within.

They play their parts during the day in front of the cameras, only to high five each other in the backrooms out of sight of the cameras. It’s been that way for decades. Which is exactly why the RINOs chose not to work with President Trump on so many issues they once claimed to support. They want no borders, no strong and independent middle classes, and no U.S. constitutional protections. The globalists have, for almost 100 years, been hard at work buying lawmakers, and for the most part have earned quite the return on their investment. We must put a stop to it.

Now that Democrats know they can get away with a blatant daylight coup there may now be no way of stopping them. These domestic enemies are now at war with anyone who still defends the Constitution and the idea of continuing to have national sovereignty. What has, for over 200 years now, been the normal stance for Americans is now all of the sudden no longer allowed. These traitorous Democrats now consider Nationalism as being something totally unacceptable, and that all U.S. history and culture is to be considered racist and simply a product of white supremacists.

Democrats now openly ignore the Constitution. Sure they may quote it every now again, and claim that it somehow supports their warped agenda. They no longer support the notion of national sovereignty. They are purposefully decimating the strong, independent middle class, that President Trump worked hard to strengthen. Democrats disenfranchised 100 million voters with their premeditated and coordinated election fraud perpetrated by a combination of the ‘Deep State’ and their corporate owned enemy media and social media tech platform censors.

And finally, for an elected official to willfully whip blacks up into what is nothing less than a frenzy is the absolute height of irresponsibility and is not going to end well for anyone. And continuing to do so is nothing short of reckless. And then on top of all that for the Democrats to now be making noise about wanting to take from me my only means of protecting my property and the ones I love from the very ones they are inciting is even more irresponsible. This is not leadership by anyone’s definition. This nothing more than those in power seeking to keep that power no matter the cost.

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