You’ve got to ask yourself, if the 2020 presidential election was NOT actually stolen by the Democrats, as so many continue to claim, including *president ‘Creepy Joe,’ then why is it that these same Democrats, right down to the very last one, continue to expend so much time and energy in what is their ongoing effort to attack and to smear all who claim the election was, in fact, stolen. The Democrats, while claiming there was no cheating, are at the very same time working very hard to avoid any and all forensic audits of the ballots and voting machines at all costs. Now why is that?

It was Rep. Madeleine Dean (Democrat) who, during Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” host by one of the network’s many resident bimbos and one who prides herself as being some sort of a ‘journalist,’ said that Republican lawmakers who continued to claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former President Donald Trump are making “everyone in this country unsafe.” Dean said, “I really want to say, publicly, that the big lie and the continuation of it, our top-elected officials on the other side, makes everyone in this country unsafe.”

This moron, Dean, continued, “It’s not just about electeds like Congressman Jayapal and me. It is about our staff. It is about the very Capitol itself. It is about —think of it— we not only lost Officer Sicknick but then, Billy Evans, just this week, we had to have him lie in honor. We are, all, less safe. So, I call upon our colleagues, and Pramila and I both serve on Judiciary where many of the big-lie spreaders are, in addition to the super-spreaders. I call upon them to reflect to say, I owe you the truth because I make all of you less safe, as I promote the big lie.”

And she went on to say, “I tell people that something was stolen from them. Nothing was stolen from them.  This election was fair and square. We know it.” At which point it was wannabe ‘journalist,’ Reid said, “It is frightening. I am frightened for you. And I don’t know how I would be able to go about working with people who were still pushing that when that is what caused the violence. As you said, people died as a result of it. People got sick because of it, and it’s traumatized the country.” Again it’s Reid who proves better than I ever could that she is definitely not a journalist!

With every LIE uttered by these Democrats they do more harm to the nation, to the rule of law and the health and well-being of every American citizen. Not to mention the lies told and then perpetuated, ad nauseam, by their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media whipping up fear and all manner of deceitful distractions. These same Democrats spent four solid years telling the world that the only reason they lost the 2016 election was because it was rigged and now demand that anyone who dares to question the validity of 2020 election should be ignored, slandered and/or ridiculed.

There is more evidence of voter fraud in 2020 then there ever was of Russian collusion in 2016. Yet Republicans simply stood by and allowed the Democrats to continue with their baseless claims of election rigging. My point is now that the shoe is on the other foot, and the Democrats claim to have won fair and square, they absolutely refuse to allow anyone to investigate their alleged “fair and square” victory. When they’re the losers the Democrats howl of stolen elections and demand, and get, investigations into their complaints, no matter how petty or how little actual evidence there is.

When they’re the winners the Democrats howl of legitimate elections and declare, that there are no such things as rigged elections and thus there will be no investigations into any elections they win, no matter how much evidence exists. And it’s anyone who dares to refuse to accept their version of the ‘facts’ that is then labeled as being totally brainwashed, willfully blind, completely uninformed or nothing more than a liar. And the Democrats have their very reliable cronies in the ‘fake news’ media standing at the ready to ‘substantiate’ every lie they tell.

We can not, we must not, accept their lies as being the truth, or they win. Democrats have made America unsafe, and are making it more unsafe each and every day, by allowing to take place what is nothing less than an invasion of illegal aliens and allowing drug cartels to establish enclaves of violence and poverty within this country. Of course the 2020 Presidential election was stolen. President Trump got more votes for President than anyone in American history. And he got over 300 electoral votes on Nov 3, 2020. And yet, here we are with a senile fraud as president.

And so, America is now ‘governed’ by what is nothing less than a dictatorship, of sorts. We have an illegitimate *president who is nothing more than a puppet for the sinister forces who are truly running the show. Forces that are being assisted in their effort by the courts as well as those in the ‘fake news’ media, the ‘entertainment’ industry, and our educational system. The next time there are ‘elections,’ those now in power will seek to make sure that they too are stolen using the same apparatus of systemic voter fraud and abuse that worked so well for them in the 2020 presidential election.

Will America ever again see fair and free elections? Sure, if you consider those elections that take place in countries like North Korea, Communist China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Cuba, and Venezuela to be both free and fair. The Democrats stole the 2020 election and are actively covering up the evidence and aggressively resisting any transparent review of the election results in highly contested swing states. To ignore the facts, or to accept being silenced, accomplishes nothing more than to embolden those who stole the election and offer encouragement to them to do it again.

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