Regardless of why politicians, and those in our ‘fake news’ media, continue to listen to someone who so very obviously is a quack, that of course being Tony Fauci who’s now *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser, why is it that the rest of us should pay any amount of attention to a guy who has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he knows absolutely nothing about the subject that he spends the vast majority of his time talking about. That, of course, being the ‘Chinese virus!’ And I mean absolutely NOTHING!! How he answers a question depends on the day.

And it was anyone who bothered to tune into Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by that well-known racist wackjob Joy Reid, that again witnessed this hapless dolt, Fauci, describing how “it’s very frustrating” when people question him about restrictions and freedoms without mentioning the number of people who have died from the ‘Chinese virus’ and that while he wants to get his life back, “I, also put, as a higher priority, the health and the safety and the lives of the American public.” I don’t believe anything that he says. He’s both a liar and a fraud!

Reid asked, “Does it shock you, frustrate you, how do you feel, when you are peppered with questions about, you know, restrictions and freedoms — and the dead, the 560,000 dead are not mentioned?” Fauci responded, “Well, it’s very frustrating, because, you know, as a public health official, I’m very much aware of this issue of COVID-19 fatigue about people really being worn down and tired of the kinds of restrictions that we have when we do public health guidelines. But the numbers speak for themselves. Congressman Jordan mentioned the people of Ohio.”

Fauci went on to say, “I care very much for the people of Ohio. I don’t want to see them get sick or die, because we have 560,000 Americans that have died so far. So, we’re looking at it from different perspectives. I’m looking at it from a public health perspective, and he was talking about the infringement upon liberties. Right now, what we need to do is get this pandemic behind us. And we will do that, and it will not be an indefinite period of time.” When is this clown going to realize that the rest of us have moved on and are no longer paying any attention to his gibberish?

He continued, “The thing that we have so much in our favor is that we now have 80 million Americans fully vaccinated and 127 million have had at least one dose. So, what we need to do is just hang on there a bit longer until we get the majority, the overwhelming majority, of people vaccinated. And you will see, the level of infection continue to come down. And when it does, then, you’ll see a relaxation of the kind of restrictions that people would like to get rid of because they want to get their lives back. I, certainly, want to get my life back.” What life does he need to get back?

Reid asked if fully vaccinated people can eat in indoor restaurants, fly, or hug their older relatives. Fauci said, “You know, it depends on the level of infection in your community. It doesn’t matter what the level of infection is, if you are vaccinated and you want to have something in the home, you, your family if they’re vaccinated, if grandma wants to come in and she’s vaccinated and see her grandchildren, they don’t, necessarily, obviously, need to be vaccinated. So, you could go to a restaurant if you’re — but it’s a relative risk. That’s why we say, wear a mask.”

Fauci made mention of Jim Jordan who just the day before, during a House subcommittee hearing, had said to Fauci, “You said when Texas ended their lockdown, ended their mandate, that this was quote ‘inexplicable and would lead to a surging cases.’ Texas is near the bottom of the 50 states, but all the states, all the states at the top are lockdown states.” And he added, “That guess didn’t seem to be too good.” Fauci’s responded in what has become typical fashion for him, saying, “There’s a difference between lockdown and the people obeying the lockdown.”

And it was then that Fauci went on to say, “You know you could have a situation where they say, ‘We’re going to lock down,’ and yet you have people doing exactly what they want—” It was then that Jordan interjected to ask Fauci to clarify if he was suggesting people in states with the highest case rates were not obeying those states’ coronavirus-related orders. But it was then that subcommittee chair Jimmy Clyburn came to Fauci’s rescue informing Rep. Jordan that his speaking time had expired, but Jordan objected, arguing that Fauci had not yet answered his question.

Look, this is all a crock. Even if you get the vaccine, you can still GET the ‘Chinese virus,’ you can still transmit it to someone else and the vaccine doesn’t last forever so you have to keep getting it, year after year. The vaccine only reduces one’s symptoms. Let’s face it, asking this quack, Fauci, for community health advice is about as helpful as asking your dog if he wants beef or chicken for dinner. Neither one has a clue. This is not about public safety any more than gun control is. It is all about raw political power and control and Fauci is nothing but a bit player in all of it!

All of these ‘Chinese virus’ restrictions are about submission and control. Democrats wanted to know if a public health problem could be warped into seizing power. So far, we’d have to say the answer to that is a very resounding yes. I’m not sure the question is settled, however. Now they’re beginning to talk about having to get a vaccine every year, just like the yearly flu shots. There never was a pandemic, only the appearance of one that Fauci, himself, helped to create. Now Fauci gets the freedom to tell us that our freedoms have to be subordinate to his permission.

Fauci has become an official member of the ‘enemy media.’ He’s perfectly suited to spew his nonsense which is why he’s become a regular on every ‘fake news’ network. If he wanted to be taken seriously he would agree to be interviewed by real journalists who ask real questions. No one takes him seriously or trusts his ‘good’ intentions when he aligns himself with race baiters and angry leftists with an agenda. But Fauci doesn’t give a squat and never has as far back as the 1980s and the AIDS crisis. He has been and always will be a little worm who is completely compromised.

It isn’t a matter of health and safety versus freedom. It’s a matter of health and safety versus health and safety. Freedom IS a matter of health and safety. Normalcy IS a matter of health and safety, long after this ‘Chinese virus’ is gone, the effects of this governmental intervention catastrophe will be hurting the health and safety of our children for decades. And I have yet to see how ANYTHING that Fauci has said, or done, has helped the situation! Has he saved lives? Have his mixed signals made things worse? Worse still is how he’s getting off on this, crowing from a pile of dead bodies.

Living free is better than living in fear. We will all die of something. But a 99.97% survival rate isn’t a death sentence. We’re told 560,000 have died in a nation of over 330 million people. Do the math. We have and entire country told not to get near each other, to wear masks, not to gather with family, and to tolerate lockdowns and school closures. I had the virus back in January, I’m 69 years old, it wasn’t that bad. I refuse to live in fear, I believe nothing that I hear coming from this toad, Fauci. We all will die, and will most likely die from something other than this virus.

I find it frustrating that this clown contradicts himself day after day. Fauci lacks the confidence, IQ, and/or the judgement to make useful recommendations. Of course, telling people to stay home and to wear three masks is the safest thing to say. And telling everyone to live like hermits relieves him of having to make sound, realistic recommendations. He cares nothing for what is best interest of the country. By telling everyone to lock down far more than what is necessary, with totally unreasonable restrictions, he is then free to blame any amount of spread on someone else.


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