I’m beginning to wonder in which direction the Democrats now want to take us when it comes to the ‘rule of law.’ I’m sure you’ve heard the latest insanity to come from these “defund the police” lunatics? Is the intent here to get us to a place where blacks are essentially allowed free rein over the country with no fear of punishment? When it was only blacks killing other blacks I didn’t much care. But now with all of this “defund the police” craziness and calling for an outright end to all policing, things start to be far more dangerous for everyone. But it’s that sort of insanity that always results whenever we hand to Democrats complete control of our government.

Which brings me to Sheila Jackson Lee who, on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” hosted by resident bimbo Erin Burnett, reacted to fellow Democrat Rashida Tlaib’s recent call for “no more policing” by saying that Congress “is a big tent” and Tlaib “has a right to her opinion.” Lee said black people support good policing and touted the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. She said, “I think it’s important to realize that, as African Americans, we are filled with officers in our community, in our families. And we are supportive of the idea of good policing. And I think that’s the same place that vice president Harris is and president Biden is.”

Jackson Lee later responded to Tlaib’s blatantly idiotic statement by saying, “Erin, the Congress and America is a big tent. And so, the congresswoman has a right to her opinion. And there are many who are frustrated because race is a large issue in the way African Americans are treated by law enforcement. We were not shy in making that point. Race is always an element. But as we recognize race and racism and white supremacy, as we recognize that America is not where we would like her to be, but she is a country that has the ability to continue to form a more perfect union, we’ve got to work to get these problems solved.” Again Lee makes clear she’s a moron!

So what kind of worries me is how, exactly, these Democrats intend to define “good policing?” Nothing about that makes any sense. Because, frankly, if we were to look at most black males killed by the police, what would we see as being the common denominator in their deaths? Well, we would see how these supposed black victims were, for the most part, very combative, quite belligerent, and were connected to some sort of crime they had committed. In any event, they were uncooperative and forced the officers to react accordingly resulting in things turning out very badly. Had they simply done what they were told to do, they would all still be alive.

And for one to claim to support “good policing” would have to mean that they believe that there are those who are actually in favor of “bad policing.” And how stupid is that? I doubt that there is a police officer anywhere who is out there doing nothing more than looking for an opportunity to shoot some innocent black male just minding his own business. But people fighting with police or putting themselves in a position where deadly force has a high probability of being used, must accept some, of not all, of the responsibility for the likely outcome of this particular type of scenario. Not all lethal force used by the police is unjustified, most is, but certainly not all.

What is truly sad is the number of blacks who are killed every day on the streets of nearly every major city in America. Blacks who are killed via gang violence, drug deals gone wrong, etc., that gets little to no coverage outside of local network news in the cities they serve. No congressional hearings, no BLM or Antifa protests. No appearances by Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Nothing but silence. But let there be a white police officer involved in any way, then we need to bring an end to all policing. And who is it that thinks this way other than some dimwit of a Democrat? This woman, Sheila Jackson Lee, is a dolt. As is that other moron, Rashida Tlaib!

The only reason race continues to be an issue anywhere is because Democrats need it to be an issue, and blacks are either simply too stupid to see their being used or are willing accomplices because they’re permitted to use those opportunities where a black man is shot by a white police officer as being some sort of shopping spree with no fear of arrest. The Democrats MUST have some cause to champion that divides people, all the while claiming they have the solution. The fact that Democrats, like Lee, ignore the black on black crime in Chicago goes to show how fake their cries of racism are. Go ahead and get rid of the police. We can take care of ourselves.

In truth, it doesn’t matter what you or I think about these politicians. It only matters what the people who elect them think. And if they agree then we know where the real problem lies. If they actually do support those calling for “no more policing” then I can only assume they’re too stupid to understand what happens when there are no police to enforce the laws that are meant to protect all of us. This latest killing was a sad outcome for all. But he CHOSE to resist! There was an outstanding warrant on this guy, he was not a good person and I’m glad that he’s dead. And the fact that he is dead is no one’s fault but his own. Those like Jackson Lee and Tlaib are pure EVIL!


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