I don’t suppose it would be too much to ask for someone to please do us all a yuge favor and tell this vindictive old bitch to just put a cork in it. She’s done, over, caput, only complete loons continue to listen to the idiotic drivel she continues to spew. She just needs to head back into the woods with a case of her favorite wine and never, EVER, come out. This evil woman has yet to accept the fact that the voters rejected her and her cockamamie ideas twice at the ballot box. Yet, she still thinks people want to hear her opinions. Personally, I don’t give a damn what she thinks or says.

And yet the old girl persists. You see, it was just this past Thursday that everyone’s favorite two-time loser of the presidential sweepstakes issued what was a bit of an ultimatum, even though she’s really in no position to do such a thing. Anyway, it was then that she boldly stated that Congress must now choose between preserving the filibuster or protecting voting rights for those poor unfortunate minorities. But doing both, she suggested, is an impossibility. She said, “We can preserve the filibuster, or we can preserve the voting rights of people of color. But we can’t do both.”

Hitlery even provided a graphic, furnished to her by CNN, of the United States which identified bills “aiming to curb voting rights introduced in almost every state.” Her idiotic remark followed what has been a wave of leftist outrage stemming from Georgia’s recently signed election integrity law, which, despite popular belief, expands voting in some areas. Members of the radical left quickly dismissed the legislation as suppressive, prompting Major League Baseball’s (MLB) decision to pull its All-Star Game and draft from Atlanta, a city with a sizeable minority population.

Oddly enough, MLB decided to move the events to Colorado, a state which has fewer early voting days than Georgia, as well as ID requirements. Nevertheless, Democrats have continued to falsely describe the Peach State law as suppressive, even though poll after poll shows that a majority of likely voters, including black and Latino voters, support basic election integrity measures such as voter ID. All the while, Democrats have continued to push for the end of the filibuster as a means to advance their radical agenda. Their desperation is becoming increasingly obvious.

And it’s the genius who is now the White House Press Secretary, Jen ‘Sake’, who went as far as to describe the filibuster as “allowing for systematic racism in the country,” this despite the fact that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ defended the filibuster back in 2005. You must admit that it’s quite a stretch to connect the filibuster to any form of racism. But these days, at least according to Democrats, racism can be connected to just about everything, even highways. And as long as you’ve got a significant number of blacks who buy this kind of garbage, it’s a ploy Democrats will continue to use.

Contrary to the claims made by Democrats election integrity laws, like the one in Georgia, serve to help protect the rights of voters, voters from every background. Which explains why Democrats are so desperate to portray these voter ID laws as something they most definitely are not. Here in Florida I need to show ID when I show up to vote, and I never see anyone complaining about having to do the same. I mean it only makes sense, which, I suppose, is why Democrats are so vehemently opposed to it. Anything that makes it more difficult for them to cheat they naturally oppose.

Look, it’s all really pretty simply. Republicans want one person, one vote, but it’s under those rather ‘restrictive’ rules that Democrats would never again win ANY election. But how is it, exactly, that trying to enforce such laws is in any way an attempt to oppress minorities? Show me one case of voter suppression in any of the states requiring an ID to vote, just one. If someone was legally eligible and denied their opportunity to vote it would headline news. It’s a completely bogus argument. But can anyone point to any argument ever made by Democrats that isn’t bogus?

Hitlery offers us a false dichotomy. There is absolutely nothing about the filibuster that denies minorities rights, and both parties have used it for decades. Hitlery and *president ‘Creepy Joe’ share something in common, the fact they are both consistently wrong about everything. The longest filibuster in history lasted 75 days, and it was when the DEMOCRATS filibustered the Civil Rights Act in 1964. That’s a fact, and it is indisputable. But that, of course, is something that Hitlery likely doesn’t really want to talk about that, because it reveals what’s really going on here.

What’s really behind the piece of Democrat legislation, H.R.1 in the House, and S. 1 in the Senate, is NOT minority voting rights. What it is, is a blatant attempt at a federal takeover of national elections. It renders the states’ power moot, because the state’s no longer control their elections, Washington does. It’s an anti-constitutional move dedicated to destroying our constitutional form of governance. It’s being pushed by the radical left, because if they are successful there will never be another National election the left does not win. This is their big grab for total and complete power.

This will lead to the disenfranchisement of conservative voters throughout this country and that will lead to future problems. Really bad problems, because right now, even with the amount of fraud these Democrats used in those key states to get their puppet in, there is still a hope that we can have a fair and free election where we take back the House and Senate at the very least. H.R. 1 ends that hope. Many conservatives choose to try and work within the system to make change, but H.R. 1 makes that impossible, and will force the radicalization of the conservative ideology.

No longer will they work within a system that they understand is set up to deny them any chance to gain power and implement their policies. This will lead to an actual insurrection eventually. The American people cannot, they must not, sit idly by and allow radical Democrats to undermine our Constitution and strip their constitutional rights from them. There must be a major pushback if the left is successful at getting this abomination passed into law. Think of your children and grand children and the kind of future they will have if we, today, fail to do what we know must be done!

Not that long ago, there was one Election Day and absentee ballots for the infirm, elderly, and those in the military. If you can’t be bothered with getting to the polls to vote, if you do not value your privilege to vote enough to make that effort then maybe your vote should NOT count. Those who wouldn’t go to the polls but can check a box and drop it in the mail probably check the boxes for the Democrats and they are probably the lowest of the low information voter. The election process has been slowly but effectively bastardized by the Democrats to their advantage.

And it’s in beating the proverbial dead horse that I will say that Americans of every color still need to provide positive identification to drive, buy alcohol and cigarettes, buy a home or rent an apartment, fly on an airline, etc. Hitlery and her cronies keep putting black Americans in a box and make them look helpless when it comes to voting. Voter ID is the only way to prevent massive cheating, which both she and her liberal friends have gotten very good at. She can issue ultimatums all she wants, but she is still a two-time loser and nothing that she does or says will change that.

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