Just when you thought you had heard it all from Juan Williams, that there is absolutely nothing else he could possibly say to prove just how absolutely clueless he is regarding any important topic, dang if he doesn’t prove you wrong. And I truly do believe that if he were EVER to speak the truth he’d simply disappear in a flash and a puff of smoke. But that said, he is one of the more reliable mouthpieces in the employ of the Democrat Party because there is absolutely nothing he will not say while on television no matter how patently untrue or so very easy to disprove.

And it was anyone who, for whatever reason, may have happened to tune into ‘The Five’ this past Wednesday, that witnessed yet another of Williams’ frequent trips off into the ‘Twilight Zone’ when he actually defended comparisons between Georgia’s election integrity law and Jim Crow laws.  Williams argued that while he believed some of *president ‘Creepy Joe’s comments about the Georgia law rose to the level of hyperbole, the idea that white citizens could change the balance of power in elections without any black input was worth comparing to Jim Crow.

And it was Cohost Pete Hegseth, who I am also not particularly fond of, who began with a clip of *president Biden doubling down on his comparison, saying again that Georgia’s law amounted to “the new Jim Crow.” Hegseth asked, “Does this hyperbole — which everyone is recognizing is patently false, they are not Jim Crow laws. Does it insult the real legacy of Jim Crow and isn’t, wasn’t he Mr. Unity?” And then he went on to ask, “Isn’t it damaging to our country to mischaracterize something?” Williams replied, “Well, I agree with you, Pete, I think it’s hyperbole.”

Williams noted the legacy of Jim Crow included violence, lynchings and burning people’s homes. He said, “That’s part of that legacy of how you demoralize and take political power and scare people to death.” Of course, as is always the case with those like Williams, there was absolutely no mention of the fact that it was the Democrats who were the main players when it comes to Jim Crow and the violence, lynching and burning of people’s homes mentioned by Williams. And again, he’s simply another of those on the left desperate to rewrite the history of their party.

Williams then pivoted to explain how he believed the comparison might be accurate. He said, “If you want to say that a group of white citizens want to take control of elections and determine outcomes, want to strip the secretary of state of power over elections, take, you know, have the arbitrary ability to take power from local election boards, that’s what the Georgia legislature, Republican majority, without any black input, just did.” You know, you have to wonder if Williams has even read the law or if, as usual, he’s simply regurgitating talking points given to him earlier in the day.

Anyway, Williams concluded his idiotic little diatribe by saying, “Now, I think they thought they could sneak this by, but in the aftermath of January 6th and the aftermath of Trump saying the election was stolen, I think corporations are very aware of what’s going on and nothing is getting, you know, pushed by them as if they can look the other way.” The comparison is entirely bogus and the dishonest Williams knows it. The Georgia legislature is NOT composed entirely of white people, nor were those in it elected entirely by whites. So it’s once again that Williams make no sense.

So casting this as being some sort of a ‘white takeover’ is disingenuous. Georgia is 57.8% white and 37.1% black. And as such is, just as America itself, majority white. So is Williams arguing that the majority has no right to outvote the minority and that minority blacks should somehow be able to determine elections and their outcomes? And by virtue of what, their race?  But it gets worse. Like many states, Georgia’s elections are largely administered at the county level, meaning that Fulton County, the state’s most populous, run by blacks and representing a black majority there.

It’s interesting that it is precisely in Fulton County where there were so many voting irregularities that a judge has now ordered mail-in ballots unsealed to determine whether, or not, they were properly handled and counted.  There is little doubt that parts of the new law are aimed at making sure there is no repeat of that nonsense so yes, if counties, whether white or black majority, can’t seem to get it right, the state will step in, as it should and guarantee that the law is followed. And that Williams can in any way associate this law with Jim Crow proves yet again he’s a complete moron.

And I’m not sure what it is about this new law that is so difficult for Williams to comprehend. What those of who want free and fair elections want is really pretty simple. We only want those who chose to vote to be a citizen of the United States, to vote within their specific state, and specific district, to be breathing, and legally able to vote. No more, no less. We will then happily identify as the winner the one with the most votes in any election with those rules whether they are Black, White, Male, Female, Gay, Straight, or any other category one may choose to identify as.

It’s the constant spewing of this kind of idiotic drivel that caused me to stop watching ‘Fox News’ altogether. I haven’t watched since election night. I don’t even watch Tucker anymore. Because when morons like Williams, Rivera and Wallace, to name but a few, who are kept on while those like Lou Dobbs are handed their walking papers, I’m done. It’s become rather obvious that they’re no longer interested in being ‘Fair and Balanced’ only in being another CNN and MSDNC. And I’ve read that even Ingraham who had come a bit off the tracks. So now I watch OAN or Newsmax!

To be perfectly honest, Williams has become little more than just another of the many Democrat Party’s house overseers, those willing to tell what ever lie their told to tell to those that the Democrat Party is desperate to keep on the plantation. And it’s obvious that it’s a status that he’s become very comfortable with. And while I’m quite sure he sees himself as being very knowledgeable, it’s every time he opens his mouth that he makes very clear the fact that he is anything but knowledgeable. Why he continues to be kept around I have no idea, unless it’s to serve as comic relief.  

Oddly enough, Williams seems to have no problem whatsoever when it comes to ‘Creepy Joe’, Pelosi and Schumer, who are all white by the way, robbing from the states their constitutional role in our elections. Williams has no credibility, he’s simply a mouthpiece for the radical Democrats. He’s gone full ‘left wing conspiracy nutjob!’ If anything, we’re seeing a system being established that gives special rights and MORE privileges to non-whites. Jim Crow is so far in the rearview mirror that it’s laughable. The only people who are being discriminated against have white skin tone.

Williams, like many other blacks, especially when it comes to subjects such as this, is rather ignorant and more than a little uninformed. I can only assume that Williams is yet another of those in favor of the minority, or blacks, being able to dictate to the majority, or whites, in Georgia and likely everywhere else. And he’s another who is quick to deny that there are far more black racists than white. And as one always eager to sound the alarm regarding so-called ‘white privilege’ he remains strangely quiet on the subject of the existence of the far more common, black privilege.

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