It doesn’t take a genius, or at least it shouldn’t, to state what is so blatantly obvious to everyone except those who must be living under a rock. You see, it was the current Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Jaime Harrison who recently made the rather bold observation that the Democrat Party has some work to do regarding its image with working America. And it is Harrison who is now calling on Democrats to “battle the damage to the Democratic brand.” Look, it’s safe to say that whatever “damage” it is that’s been done to the Democrat brand has all been self-inflicted. Democrats have allowed their lunatic fringe to control the direction of the party.

The days of those Democrat politicians who were truly ‘moderate’ in their political beliefs ended years, if not decades ago. There were once those Democrats who I was able to accept as being reasonable people even though there were few issues on which we actually agreed. Remember those like Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson and Sam Nunn? And if either were around today, I would argue that both would have a very difficult time trying to get themselves elected as Democrats today in 2021. And while we continue to have those Democrats described as being ‘moderate,’ the truth is that there is no longer any such thing, as the ‘moderate Democrat’ long ago went extinct.

Anyway, while appearing on an episode of the Daily Beast’s podcast ‘The New Abnormal,’ it was Harrison who claimed that the party is having trouble with its image regarding “some of the folks who are core at the base of our party.” He said, “It’s not even just with Republicans.” He added, “The Democrat brand with some of the folks who are core at the base of our party is not the greatest.” Harrison actually claimed to have been the victim of mischaracterization in his bid against Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and went so far as to accuse the incumbent and “his crew of dark money” falsely labeling him as a proponent of defunding the police. Seriously?

And he said, “My grandfather on my stepfather’s side was in the Detroit police department for 40 years. So I don’t believe in that.” Whether that’s true or not, I’m sure he was, and still is, quite aware of the many outspoken leftists in his party who do profoundly support such a dangerous initiative. Nonetheless, he is calling Democrats to “battle the damage to the Democratic brand.” He said, “We have to take credit and claim the things that we will have gotten done over the course of this next two years. We’re going to do a lot for rural America.” He then went on to tout the “American Rescue Plan,” which he said will do “so much” for rural communities.

Harrison said “Those communities are also just as diverse as urban communities. We also need to make sure that we’re listening to them.” He emphasized the importance of delivering for rural America, which he said will grow the Democrat base and “persuade a few other folks to take a look at us.” Democrats have been trying to strike a balance as radical left members of the party work to advance their proposals with the White House of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. And Biden has been very receptive, even accommodating, by canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, rejoining the Paris Agreement, and rolling back many of President Trump’s key immigration policies.

And it was yet another Democrat, Abigail Spanberger who, after the election was heard telling her Democrat colleagues, “We have to commit to not saying the words ‘defund the police’ ever again.” Her remarks were, I’m sure, prompted by the fact that Republicans picked up several seats in the narrowly Democrat-led House. She added, “We need to not ever use the words socialist or socialism ever again. It does matter, and we have lost good members because of that.” Translation, “We must deceive more people and con them into voting for us and make them believe what we say and not believe their lying eyes when they see what we truly believe.”

So, at least to me, it sounds like what Harrison is really saying is that the Democrat Party doesn’t so much need to adjust its policy positions as it needs to adjust its messaging so that voters become much less aware of what their policy positions truly are. How very ‘progressive’ of them. Perhaps they need to have a sit down with their social media wing and inform them of what’s at stake if they don’t fix this for them. But that may be harder than it sounds in that the radicals in the party, especially since the arrival of ‘BO,’ have become quite used to operating out in the full light of day, whereas in the past the party kept their wackos pretty much in the shadows. 

Meanwhile, *president ‘Creepy Joe’ has continued to court the far-left wing of the party. White House chief of staff Ron Klain has engaged with leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and far-left members of the “Squad” in recent weeks as they aim to push their radical leftwing agenda items, including such things as ending the filibuster and enacting a $15 minimum wage, among their many other so-called ‘priorities.’ Now while I am certainly in no way a political ‘expert’ that doesn’t really sound like much of a strategy if your intent is to win over the hearts and minds of many rural folks. But like I said, I’m no expert, so I could be wrong.

So this genius, Harrison, has come to the conclusion that the Democrats have a “brand” problem. And he’s just realizing that now? Personally, it’s whenever I think of Democrats, what immediately comes to mind is their rather long history of racism, eugenics, abortion, political violence, a hapless FDR before 1940, ‘Slick Willy’s Oval Office BJs, and their rapid move in the direction of Socialism. That and what has been their very determined effort to do all that they can to bring about an increasingly violent end to the country that I love. Obviously, for anyone who has been paying attention, the Democrat Party has had an image problem for quite some time.

But in the big scheme of things this guy Harrison does have a point. After all, the Democrat brand has now gotten so BAD that they must now resort to rigging elections on a massive scale in order to win elections. The Democrat brand, in a nutshell is comprised of support for: socialism, open borders and illegal immigration, sanctuary states and cities, slaughtering the unborn, abortion on demand up to the moment of delivery, multiple genders and boys claiming to be girls. Also it’s the same Democrat Party that has become anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. And so, the beat goes on and on. And such is what the Democrat ‘brand’ has now come to represent.

For someone in his position, Harrison seems to be oblivious to the fact that white working-class Americans vote not just on economic issues, but on social issues as well. And it’s as long as the Democrat Party remains anti-traditional religion, anti-life, anti-traditional marriage, anti-police, anti-law and order, anti-fair trade, anti-traditional family and anti-white male, that the Democrats can attempt whatever ‘rebranding’ they want but they will likely continue to lose the votes of these people. Harrison would rather overlook all of these issues because doing anything else will get him in trouble with the far-left radicals who are now effectively in charge of his party.

And how do you garner more votes than any other presidential candidate in history with a damaged brand? A candidate who campaigned from his basement, was, and is, a man unable to string two coherent sentences together and whose running mate could only muster the support of 3 percent of Democrats in the primaries. Oh, and the same candidate who could never manage to attract more than a hundred folks at any of his rallies and was caught on videotape boasting of the very same thing that his party repeatedly attempted to impeach President Trump for, aka quid-pro-quo? Come on man! Nothing about this entire scam comes anywhere near passing the smell test!

There was NO mandate to fundamentally transform America. Nor is the rush to destroy everything President Trump accomplished by those who refuse to accept the fact that he did good things for the country. In times past, when the political balance of Congress was close to even, elected officials felt compelled to work together to get things done. This work, for the good of the country, involved COMPROMISE. The knowledge of history seems to be lost by the Democrats, who not very many years ago got ‘shellacked’ in the 2010 Congressional elections after working without Republicans to force Obamacare down the throat of the American people.

Modern day Democrats really have very little, if anything, in common with rural America. Those who reside in fly-over America love their country, love their God, and are hardworking. Those are totally foreign concepts to just about anyone who calls themselves a Democrat. For the last four years Democrats have waged what can only be referred to as all-out war against everything that America stands for and have tried to erase everything that is good about this country! They don’t want to use the words “socialism” or “defund the police,” yet they still support those ideas. They just don’t want to use those words. What the Democrats really want to do is up the spin.

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