Not being a Catholic myself I’ve never really cared when it came to whom, exactly, the pope was at any particular time. Of course, I’m sure anyone old enough to remember will remember Pope John Paul II, and very fondly so. He was a man who was an inspiration to freedom loving people everywhere, whether they were Catholic or not. But it’s in the current pope, Pope Francis, that we now have a man who is everything that Pope John Paul II most certainly was not. It’s in THIS man that we have someone who cares less about freedom than he does about advancing every leftwing cockamamie scam from bogus ‘climate change’ to illegal immigration!

For instance, it was as recently as this past week that our self-serving ‘Commie’ Pope Francis declared, and rather boldly so, that our current “climate crisis” actually has its roots in the Industrial Revolution, but for many years “it remained imperceptible except to a very few clairvoyants.” And it was in the preface to a Vatican booklet titled “Pastoral Orientations on Climate Displaced People,” that the ‘Commie Pope’ argued that the disastrous effects of bogus ‘climate change’ should be evident to everyone. He even went so far as to assert, “We are engulfed by news and images of whole peoples uprooted by cataclysmic changes in our climate, forced to migrate.”

And it was the ‘Commie Pope’ who stated, “When people are driven out because their local environment has become uninhabitable, it might look like a process of nature, something inevitable.” And he said, “Yet the deteriorating climate is very often the result of poor choices and destructive activity, of selfishness and neglect, that set humankind at odds with creation, our common home.” And that which should come as no surprise, it was, as he has done on numerous other occasions, once again that our ‘Commie Pope’ chose to compare global warming to the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic, insisting, however, that humanity should have seen the climate ‘crisis’ brewing.

He declared, “Unlike the pandemic, which came on us suddenly, without warning, almost everywhere, and impacting everyone at once, the climate crisis has been unfolding since the Industrial Revolution.” He said, “For a long time it developed so slowly that it remained imperceptible except to a very few clairvoyants.” He asserted, “Even now it is uneven in its impact: climate change happens everywhere, but the greatest pain is felt by those who have contributed the least to it.” He claimed the “huge and increasing numbers displaced by climate crises” are fast becoming “a great emergency of our age and demanding global responses.”

And then, it was in choosing to reference the Bible, that the ‘Commie Pope’ went so far as to warn of future disasters if humanity fails to act. He said, “If you are ready to listen, we can still have a great future. But if you refuse to listen and to act, you will be devoured by the heat and the pollution, by droughts here and rising waters there.” And it was along with his many other rather dire predictions regarding bogus ‘climate change’ that the ‘Commie Pope’ then turned to another favorite topic of his, and others on the left: immigration. He claimed, “Those driven from their homes by the climate crisis need to be welcomed, protected, promoted and integrated.”

And in, I guess, what was his attempt to portray those seeking entry into our country illegally in the best light possible he said, “They want to start over. To create a new future for their children, they need to be allowed to do so, and to be helped.” And he went on to say, “This is the work the Lord asks now of us.” He said, “We are not going to get out of crises like climate or COVID-19 by hunkering down in individualism but only by ‘being many together,’ by encounter and dialogue and cooperation.” What a bunch of leftwing drivel. And I can’t help but wonder if advancing any of this leftwing lunacy is in any way part his current job description. Because I kind of doubt it!

Now I’m not a real religious guy, but the ‘Commie Pope’ is supposed to be, right? And it’s as such that I would have thought that his Holiness would have chosen to speak on our Lord’s passion and sacrifice during this Holy Week. But apparently such is not the case. Because instead, all we got more ‘fake news’ about ‘climate change.’ Before the Industrial Revolution the average life span was, I think, somewhere around 35 years, houses were heated with coal and/wood, lit with candles and all of diseases were rampant. So are we to assume that this is the type of world that our ‘Commie Pope’ wishes a return to excluding, of course, himself and the other elites?

So it’s in our ‘Commie Pope’ that we have a biblical ‘expert’ who now presumes to know what Jesus would think of those issues that didn’t actually exist when Jesus walked this Earth. Tell me, oh wise one, who is it that knows everything there is to know about the mind of our Savior? What would Jesus think about the ‘Commie Pope’s attempt to base his leftwing philosophy on the Bible? And is he deliberately trying to sabotage the faith which he professes to lead by meddling in issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with religion? Or, is he intent on promoting ‘climate change’ to where it holds the religious status which so many on the left already treat it?

It remains incomprehensible to me that the ‘Commie Pope’ can truly be this uninformed. It’s far more likely that he simply chooses to ignore the true data. Add to that the fact that he has absolutely no business expressing any opinion on anything other than spiritual ones. I get that he’s a Communist, but this goes way beyond that! Shouldn’t he be focusing on pedophilia in the Catholic Church, the loss of faith around the world or the push to eradicate Christianity currently underway all across the globe? This ‘Woke’ pope is nothing short of evil. If he isn’t the false prophet spoken of in Revelation, then he is most certainly paving the way for whoever it may be!

Look, ‘climate change,’ in one form or another, has been occurring ever since the beginning of time, NOT just since the industrial revolution. Is the ‘Commie Pope’ REALLY wanting us all to go back to the 1700s? If so, just how does he intend to feed, clothe, give healthcare to the billions now living on earth? Or, might a few of those billions be terminated in some way? The Industrial Revolution, for all its faults, provided a better life for most all of humanity. His hatred of anything that sounds like capitalism is unprecedent in the church. ‘Rome is burning’ and our ‘Commie Pope’ is distracted by ‘fake news.’ The ‘Commie Pope’ really should stick to theology.

Apparently, it’s all of us who are now said to be at fault. We should have all stayed dumb, ignorant and huddled around campfires in our caves, except for those like this pope who would have continued on to enjoy living in a degree of luxury that only they deserved. We should now all flagellate ourselves for our ruination of the planet. The ‘Commie Pope’ would rather we all go back to the horse and buggy days while he flies first class. This guy is the ultimate Marxist fraud. If the Catholic Church wants to go full blown political that’s fine, but it first needs to surrender its tax-free status on the billions that it has in real estate worldwide and on all the money it makes.

Break it, so you can remake it! The Democrats, encouraged by those like the ‘Commie Pope,’ are intentionally working very hard, every day, to bankrupt America by simply  ‘overwhelming the system’ so that they can then claim free enterprise (the correct term for ‘capitalism,’ which is a term coined by Communists), no longer works allowing them to then ‘remake’ the country, and the Constitution, based on what the government says what you can do and, what you can’t do. And they are succeeding. No one even talks about debt anymore. Actually, they won long ago, most just don’t notice, care, or can’t figure it out. It’s all now only a matter of time before it ends.

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