Well, we now have another on what is becoming a rather long list of Hollyweirdos now coming out to oppose the new voting law in Georgia. Tyler Perry, who apparently hails from the state, recently released a statement in which he said he hopes the Department of Justice (DOJ) under *president ‘Creepy Joe’ will investigate Georgia’s new voter integrity law, which puts in place voter identification requirements and other measures to combat voter fraud. Perry echoed other Hollyweirdos in calling the new law a form of “voter suppression” and a throwback to the “Jim Crow era.”

And it was in the afore mentioned statement that Perry said, “As a Georgia resident and business owner I’ve been here a few times with the anti-abortion bill and the LGBTQ discrimination bill.” And statement then went on to say, “They all sent a shockwave through Georgia and the nation but none of them managed to succeed.” And Tyler went on to add, “I’m resting my hope in the DOJ taking a hard look at this unconstitutional voter suppression law that harkens to the Jim Crow era.” Every time one of these Hollyweirdos opens their mouth, they reveal how stupid they really are.

Perry also commented on calls for Hollyweird to boycott the state. If implemented, such a boycott would potentially impact the ‘hundreds’ of employees of his own ‘Tyler Perry Studios’ in Atlanta. Perry said, “As some consider boycotting, please remember that we did turn Georgia blue and there is a gubernatorial race on the horizon — that’s the beauty of a democracy.” If Perry was being honest, which he most definitely is not, he would admit that Georgia was turned ‘Blue’ only because of those things that were ‘allowed’ to occur that this new law seeks to correct.

On Thursday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed into law Senate Bill 202, which passed along party lines by the state’s General Assembly. The legislation is intended to curb fraud by implementing voter identification requirements and limiting ballot drop boxes throughout the state. Hollyweirdos like Edward Norton, Susan Sarandon, Billy Eichner, and Rosanna Arquette have erupted in anger, calling the law racist and condemning Georgia Republicans as white supremacists. The left is also threatening to pressure sports teams and corporations like Coca-Cola into boycotting the state.

First of all, I would be very interested in knowing exactly what it is that this boob might actually know about the “Jim Crow era.” Because I gotta tell you, it would seem to be that if he actually knew ANYTHING about it, he wouldn’t be a Democrat and he most definitely would not be opposed to this new Georgia law. So, no matter how rich and/or successful he may be it’s by making such idiotic comments that Perry removes any and all doubt that in fact he’s nothing other than a complete moron. He’s obviously another of these loons who thinks wealth translates into intelligence.

Look, we’ve gone over this so many times I’m not sure why is it that those like Perry have such a difficult time understanding. Just some of the activities that require a photo ID that apparently are NOT racist include: buying alcohol, buying cigarettes, applying for food stamps, applying for Welfare, applying for Medicaid, applying for a job, applying for unemployment, renting a house, driving a car, renting a car, buying a car, getting on an airplane, buying a gun or renting a hotel room.  And apparently the ONLY activity where requiring one to show a photo ID that IS racist, is voting.

And does Perry genuinely believe that simply requiring someone to prove that they are who they say they are, when voting, harkens back to the days of Jim Crow? Now in the interest of perhaps enlightening Mr. Perry, as well as in name of anti-racism, it was the Democrats who were responsible for Jim Crow laws. And you know, in a way I almost feel sorry for blacks in America today who have these wealthy individuals, many of whom are black themselves, who seem to go out of their way to convince blacks that remaining on the Democrat plantation is actually what’s best for them.

Look, there are far more white voters in Georgia than there are black voters. There are roughly the same number of whites as blacks who live below the poverty level. White voters use absentee ballots as well as black voters. So how could this law be seen as means of voter suppression of only one group? Requiring voter ID is voter suppression only if you happen to think that black Americans are simply too stupid or too lazy to get one. Which is, of course, what these fascist Democrats like Perry, really do think. Any black who aligns themselves with the Democrat Party is stupid!

So the memo has now apparently gone out to all concerned with instructions for the hive to make sure that they all repeat the proper catch phrases such as “back to Jim Crow.” You know there had to be much pre-planning involved regarding this blatant and very deliberate act of deception. The progressive left is very confident that a good chunk of their followers lack the will to research the actual bill themselves and will simply choose to swallow that which is repeated in the ‘fake news’ media without question. The fact they are correct in that assumption is very bad for our country.

But I do now understand ‘white privilege,’ it’s suddenly very clear to me. By the age of 18 I had all the necessary ID I needed in my jurisdiction to do everything an adult could do. And if by some strange chance it was something that got lost, I knew how to go about replacing it, and where to go to replace it. Imagine living in a place where there was a percentage of the population who were so incapable, so incompetent, or so just plain stupid, that they were totally incapable of performing any of these most basic of societal needs. I suppose I should view myself as being quite fortunate.

And I can’t be the only one to have noticed how this imbecile never gives one example of how this new law suppresses votes. Instead, he just regurgitates the same Democrat talking points like those spewed by so many others like him, and that even the Washington Post labeled as ‘false.’ When these clowns claim that something is racist, we need to demand that they prove it. No buzz words or silly metaphors. We need to demand specifics and to hold these people accountable when all they do is lie. When we allow them to lie without any pushback, the lie becomes the truth.

To those Americans who happen to be black, I would like to say this. You been played my friends, and with help from people like Perry. You’re no longer the Democrats’ favorite group. They have officially moved on to those flooding across our border. The sad truth is that they never cared about you, you were simply a means to an end, and they were willing to tell you whatever they needed to, to gain your cooperation. And what should truly make you angry is the fact that you were sold out by those from right there within the black community. Those just like this guy Perry.

And finally here’s an idea. How about we make anyone who wants to vote go through the very same process one is made to go through to buy a firearm. Make them fill out the form, do a background check, show 2 forms of ID, be present when voting, have a waiting period and pay for the background check. And if you lie on the form then you go to jail. And they have to do it every time they vote. And there is a definite upside if we were to ever do something like that. Because it would be highly unlikely that a Democrat would ever be able to get themselves elected to so much as dog catcher.


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