The fact that there remains today even one black American who is willing to waste even one second of the life they have been granted listening to the tax-evading-piece-of-sh!t that is Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton should make it painfully, abundantly clear even to the most ignorant among us that race relations in this country still have a very long way to go. This guy, Sharpton, is the epitome of all it means to be a total waste of skin and as such is someone who should have long ago been kicked to the curb by the very same black Americans that he seeks only to use to his own profit.

Sharpton has demonstrated on more occasions than I’ve been able to keep track of, that he is nothing more than an opportunist. Oh, and not your average run of the mill opportunist, but the most vile and disgusting kind. You see, Sharpton, this supposed man of God, seeks not provide anything positive but, instead, to increase his level of ‘influence’ by exploiting the misery and anguish of other blacks. Can anyone name one thing that this man has ever done that benefited anyone other than himself? And yet people still listen to him. Why? I mean what he has got to say worth listening to?   

The recent passage and then signing into law of a new election/voting law in Georgia has once again caused this turd to come bobbing to the surface. And it was just past Monday during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘Deadline,’ hosted by Nicolle Wallace, one of the many resident braindead bimbos there at the network, that Sharpton predicted boycotts of Georgia-based companies for not publicly opposing Georgia’s new voting law would be successful. Apparently, there have been those who have now called for boycotts of Atlanta-based firms like Coca-Cola, Arby’s, UPS and Home Depot.

Sharpton said, “Veterans gave their lives to protect the democracy, and to think that some of those veterans could be, from Georgia, or from one of the 43 other states that are changing election laws is to really make mockery of what veterans have given their lives for. When we look at this, we’re not only talking about the fact that they’re reacting, Republicans, are reacting to what happened last year in supporting Trump. They’re also looking for what may happen. Let’s not forget Governor Kemp is facing an election next year, re-election for governor.”

He went on to say, “They are distorting and perverting the democratic process to protect themselves, which is an autocratic process that they are leaning on as said the autocratic wing of the party, that they are part of.” And he continued, “Sanctions work. We’ve used it against countries that violate democratic principles. What civil rights groups are saying is that we need to sanction or boycott those companies that support undemocratic processes at home. We do it all over the world.” So old media whore Sharpton is on the loose again and the ‘fake news’ clowns are eating it up!

And in making it very obvious that she is nowhere near the ‘journalist’ that she apparently views herself as being, Wallace said, “I mean, just listening to you, I’m thinking of all the Coca-Cola ads running through my brain on a tape. They have to rethink everything if they maintain their current position.” Let me know what companies Sharpton wants to boycott and I’ll make sure to send all of my business their way. Sharpton is, and always has been, nothing more than a race hustler, working to line his pockets. That anybody takes this old fool seriously is quite telling.

And strange, don’t you think, that all of this racist drivel comes from someone who is routinely referred to as ‘Reverend.’ But then should we really be all that surprised, after all this supposed religious, civil rights proponent has, in the past, referred to members of the Jewish faith as “bloodsucking Jews,” and “Jew bastards.” ‘Reverend Al’ has referred to members of the Jewish faith as “white interlopers” and “diamond merchants.” Yes, spoken like the true man of God that he is! NOT!!! He is, to put it bluntly, an abomination. And those who give him credence are no better than he.

I’m sick and tired of this old black bigot. All he has done his entire ‘career’ is to use accusations of racism for fun and profit. It’s those like Sharpton, and Jackson, who work to keep the flames of racism burning brightly. Racism is their bread and butter. This whole lie about systemic racism is what they live for. They use those who they claim to be standing up for. And odd that you never hear from either about the skyrocketing instances of black on black taking place in so many of our Democrat controlled cities. They are the true enemies of the black community.

Sharpton has been bilking the black population (and other liberal nut cases) out of millions for decades. He owes millions in back taxes and yet he has never been investigated and continues to held in high regard by the liberal ‘fake news’ media. And, strangely enough, it was he who ‘BO’ chose to be his point man on all matters having to do with race. Which then gave the rest of us an indication where it was that ‘BO’ actually stood on the subject of race in America. Sharpton is, and always has been, a false prophet. His words are only made to incite more racial division.

And finally, it’s the Democrat Party that owns racism, and Sharpton is but another their many men working on the inside, willing to do all that he can to ensure blacks remain subservient and firmly on the plantation. And, I might add, he is paid very well for the services he provides. And blacks continue to feed right into it. And strange, don’t you think, how it was that race relations were actually improving in this country up until 2008 when all progress seems to have come to an end, oddly enough with the election of the nation’s first ‘black’ president. Was it just some weird coincidence??

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