All manner of Hollyweird has-beens, losers, and perverts recently displayed that which can only be described as a meltdown of epic and, dare I say, even Biblical proportions. And what was it that caused them to do so? Well, these Hollyweird ‘elites’ were voicing their displeasure and expressing their outrage over Georgia’s new, and rather sweeping, voter integrity law. It’s this new law which puts into place voter identification requirements and limits ballot drop boxes. These same ‘elites’, the vast majority of whom don’t live in Georgia, are condemning the law as racist.

Furthermore, they go so far as to describe it as being “straight up” evil, and a form of “voter suppression.” To be honest it’s these people who, when lumped together, form what essentially the personification of that old John Lennon song, ‘Imagine.’ Now knowing as we all do that since these people are nothing more than mere performers, they naturally possess very little, if any, actual intelligence. So I think it’s pretty safe to assume that none of them have actually sat down and taken the necessary time required to actually read this new law that they now feel so free to condemn.

So anyway, it was on Thursday of this past week that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a ‘Republican’, signed into law Senate Bill 202, which passed, as expected, along party lines by the state’s General Assembly. The legislation gives the Georgia State Elections Board the ability to take over county election boards in areas that are deemed to require oversight. And it also removes Georgia’s Secretary of State from chair of the State Elections Board. All are changes that were definitely needed, yet our odd assortment of Hollyweirdos were very vocal in their opposition to it.

And it was among these most notable of losers that we find such geniuses as Edward Norton, Susan Sarandon, Rosanna Arquette, Padma Lakshmi, and Billy Eichner, has-beens all who now seem so very desperate in their effort to find a way back to their glory days, who were now voicing their displeasure over the bill’s passage. Edward Norton (who?) called Georgia Republican leaders “racists” for signing the bill into law. So when was the last time this boob made a movie that didn’t suck? Oh, that’s right…NEVER! Sorry, Ed, but I couldn’t care less about what you’ve got to say.  

Sarandon, another loser now in search of relevance, tweeted a meme associating Georgia GOP leaders with “white supremacy.” And it was another imbecile, Rob ‘Meat Head’ Reiner, who appeared to imply that the new law is intended to prevent people from voting. And it was in taking to Twitter that this boob said, “The Republicans stand for nothing.” Rosanna Arquette called Gov. Kemp a racist, accusing him of being a member of the Ku Klux Klan. And supposed comedian-actor Billy Eichner declared the new law “makes me sick,” while calling Republicans “racist” and “vile.”

And, as one never the least bit shy when it comes to showing off her ignorance, it was that flaming nutjob Alyssa Milano who signaled her intention to violate this new law’s provision against providing food and beverages to voters waiting in line. And it was Bravo’s Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi who called the law a “desperate attempt to disenfranchise millions of voters.” Now no offense to Ms. Lakshmi, but what the Hell does this bimbo know about anything, she’s a cook! And then it was ‘actor’ Michael Kelly, who hails from Georgia, who called the law “blatant” voter suppression.”

It’s important to keep in mind after listening to all this drivel from these mental midgets, that if one only wants legal voters, then one is nothing but a racist! Also, if one doesn’t want Illegal immigrants voting in elections, one is a racist! And if one doesn’t want ballot boxes stuffed by partisan elections officials, one is also a racist! And if one believes any of this ‘racist’ crap, one is very likely to be nothing but a clueless ‘celebrity.’ The question is, is it racist to expect everyone to have a valid ID? Or, Is it racist to assume some races are too stupid to be able to obtain a valid ID?

Now while I am certainly no expert in the subject, I’ve heard that it’s a relatively common feature of their pathology that Marxists have what can only be described as a compulsion for cheating in elections. Indeed, they actually feel they are entitled to steal elections. Other than the pursuit of power and the act of destruction, their lives are completely empty, meaningless and, to be perfect honest, quite barren. Without power, they experience an inner void that is so agonizing to them that it can only be managed with what can only be described as rather intense psychiatric treatment.

Now at the risk of perhaps offending, the fact is that it’s Black and Brown people who seem to have more of a problem with their color than do the overwhelming number of whites do. Personally, I don’t know any white people who sit around thinking about discriminating against minorities. They, like I, have much bigger concerns as they go through life, like feeding their family and making sure they have a safe home and can see a doctor if needed. And I keep waiting for the white privileged relief fund to take my problems away, but I’m thinking my application must have gotten lost.

The first time I voted was in 1970, and it was then that those who wanted to vote had to physically show up to their polling place, show a picture ID and present their voters registration card. The only ones able to vote by mail were overseas government employees, members of the military, or American citizens living overseas. And today it’s in all Third World countries that the U.S. helps with their elections that require their citizens dip there finger in dark blue die so they can’t vote more than once. Perhaps we should to the same thing, it would make is easier to catch the cheaters.

No sane individual actually believes that it’s good for America to allow in all those who wish to come here through what is now nothing more than an open border. But then it’s the leftists among us of whom it can be said are indeed insane. Many hate America and just hope for its downfall with no regard at all for the consequences to those far less fortunate than themselves. But it’s so many of these Hollyweirdos who, while they may possess great wealth, are essentially uneducated and not particularly bright. Their profession requires them to be neither, hence it’s all they can do.

Or, could all of this supposed outrage that we’re seeing come from these leftist elites be nothing more than a distraction. I mean think about it. These Republicans now implementing this law in Georgia now are pretty much the very same Republicans who said ‘Creepy Joe’ was legitimately elected. And are these Hollyweirdos now just noise meant to distract from the backstabbing that we all suspect is coming? The question should be how are these Republicans going to once again betray their base, and how might this faux outrage by the left end up giving both Democrats and RINOs cover?

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