Have you ever noticed how it seems that there is nothing worse than someone who is reformed? Like a reformed smoker or reformed drinker? Well apparently, it’s the very same thing that can be said of reformed politicians. Case in point would be Michael Steele. So, what better way is there to make crystal clear that the majority of blacks, at least here in America, are really pretty stupid than how they continue to listen to and, even worse, tend to believe, those who continue to do nothing but lie to them? Those who are frauds like Mr. Steele. There was a time when I actually liked this guy, but it was somewhere along the way that he came entirely off the tracks.

On Thursday, Steele, who was once upon a time the Chairman of the Republican Party National Committee (RNC) appeared on MSDNC’s “The Beat,” hosted by one of the resident losers, Ari Naftali Melber, who is, apparently, an attorney and a ‘journalist’ as well as being the ‘chief legal correspondent’ for MSDNC (Sorry, not impressed). Anyway, it was then that Steele made what I consider to be a rather bold prediction. You see, he predicted that there would be some pretty severe consequences for Republican lawmakers, and Gov. Brian Kemp, for choosing to pass what were considered by most as being commonsense changes to Georgia’s election laws.

So it was in making this rather bold prediction that Steele said, “The question to Republicans in Georgia and Arizona and elsewhere, who are taking rights away from Black people in places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, how do you think this ends? How do you think this ends? Do you think black folks will just sit by and let you get away with this?” He continued, “Every last one of your names will go on a ballot. Enjoy your time in office. You will see the power of the vote come back on you like a hammer. Like a hammer for the action you have taken and the bill that was signed into law today.” So who is it, exactly, that is taking away rights from anyone?

And this moron then went on to say, “It is antithetical to everything our party has stood for in its history, and it’s antithetical to everything this country has stood for. This is suppression, boldface it. And what are you going to do about it?” He added, “Watch and see. There are consequences here. Don’t just think people will rollover. You can’t have a drink of water brought to you while you’re standing in a line to vote? By the way, a line created by policies like this when you move good working machines out of the Black neighborhoods and put in bad machines, or you don’t fix the machines that are there.” Steele has now obviously gone fully over to the ‘Dark Side.’

Mike concluded by saying, “It’s just amazing to me that you are so afraid, so afraid to put good candidates and good policy in front of the people of Georgia or the people of this country that you have to resort to this kind of crap.” Crap? What the Hell is this boob even talking about? It’s no wonder he’s on MSDNC! Although there is now nowhere in all of cable ‘fake news’ that he would be challenged on the outright lunacy of his idiotic claim. And how is it that this guy continues to get away with calling himself a Republican when he so very clearly is not. You would think that as a black guy and how Democrats abuse minorities he’d sing a different tune. But nope!

I guess I’m just not understanding what it is that Steele sees as being so wrong with simply wanting those people voting to have a pulse, to live in the voting district in which they are voting, to not to be a convicted felon, to be an American citizen and to only vote once. I’m thinking that he has some ‘splaining’ to do on what it is, exactly, about how wanting any of those things can in any way be viewed as trying to suppress anyone. Such a claim is pure idiocy. I can understand why Democrats oppose, and rather vehemently so, such things because as we all know that if they were forced to rely only on such voters Democrats would never again win any election.

So, the list of Democrat voters who are supposedly being ‘suppressed’ would include but not be limited to: the graveyard vote, the convicted felon vote and the illegal immigrant vote. It also would include union members who are bussed from polling place to polling place to vote a dozen times. These are the votes that the Democrats are fighting for. But then there are also registered Democrats such as Bart Simpson, Charlie Brown, Tony Stark, Thor, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Spiderman and any number of other fictional characters who must also be removed along with the millions of other fake voters that have managed to be put on the voting rolls.

Steele has lost what little of his mind he had left. Whenever this argument comes up about having an ID to vote, I can’t help but wonder if these same people don’t need an ID in order to do those things that I need an ID to do? I mean, I needed to have an ID when I applied for my job, in my younger days I needed to an ID in order to buy alcohol, I need to have an ID before getting on a flight, to apply for a credit card or to open a bank account. So am I to believe that those same people being asked to provide an ID to vote to do not need to provide an ID when doing ANY of those other things? And who has ever met an adult who didn’t have some sort of a picture ID?

And so riddle me this, how is it that requiring one to show an ID for most every important thing we do as we go through life acceptable, but asking someone to provide one before taking part in what is our most important civic duty or to vote in person, unless there are some pretty extreme extenuating circumstances, is racist? People like Steele, and those in this country like him, are insane. Lack of voter integrity keeps minorities and lower income folks at the bottom of income levels! One person one legal vote could make for some very meaningful changes in their living conditions and opportunities! We must put an end to voter fraud and corruption!

And while racial harmony is a wonderful “dream” and a worthy aspiration, it is not a Constitutional requirement. However, racial equality and election integrity are Constitutional requirements. Interesting that Democrats don’t mind any number of identical ID and other checks to purchase a gun, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Gee, I wonder why? And racial harmony cannot be achieved by screaming and calling people racists. Also, if people are cancelled over something they said ten or twenty years ago, this is proof that these screamers do not permit or recognize redemption. This being the case, what’s the point of even trying?

Blacks already vote 90% Democrat. No other group is that monolithic in their voting habits. Why should be give them a damn thing? All my life, conservatives have been trying to win over blacks. It just doesn’t work. Steele is, himself, an example of this. He was put in charge of the RNC, was the Chairman of the Maryland Republican and was the Lt. Governor of Maryland ‘precisely’ because of his skin color. We’re told the Republicans need to do a better job at outreach concerning the black community. Not only doesn’t work, worse, it tends to backfire. For years now Steele has been a constant and thankless pain-in-the-butt. And, I think it fair to say, an open saboteur.

Steele is a Republican much in the same manner as old ‘Colon’ Powell. He was the RNC chairperson from 2009-2011, and we certainly remember how that went. In 2016, he compared ‘BO’ to Reagan. He actually endorsed ‘Dementia Joe’ in the 2020 election. Powell is finally now a registered Democrat after years of supporting Democrats. Steele acts as if the Republican Party has kept him chained to the party and all he can do is to yell, “I support Democrats.” He’s a free man, and he can freely walk away any time he chooses, just as ‘Colon’ did, and register with the party that he so obviously now supports. And he should not let the door hit him in the ass!

And it would be good riddance to him. He can go support full term abortions, unlimited immigration, unlimited spending, raising the debt ceiling to put our great grandchildren in hock up to their eyeballs and never-ending servitude, go where the goal is to stop production of our country’s natural energy resources, America being dragged into more endless wars unless Communist China, North Korea, or Iran blows us all to bits first while *president ‘Creepy Joe’ intends to keep America safe by putting together a ‘Woke’ military, offshoring more and more jobs, and increasing condemnation of those being born white. Mentally he is totally gone.

Finally, I can’t help but wonder if what might be underway here is an attempt by Democrats to do nothing more than to set up a backlash, of sorts, towards black folks that will be not of that group’s doing. White people are more than just beginning to resent the increasingly overwhelming imbalance. They are starting to understand that there is an actual movement to view white people as undesirable in every respect. At some point, and we are almost there, it’s clear that there will be a return to the silent discrimination against blacks that will take us back to the 1950s, and by many whites who have never before engaged in any form of racism. Is that the objective?

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