For as long as I can remember, and I’m now on the verge of turning the ripe old age of 69, it has been apparent that those in the Democrat Party have seemed to possess some sort of grudge against America. It was almost as if they were ashamed to be Americans. And I think it’s been that way going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson. But it’s been my lifetime that things have been shifting increasingly more to the left for at least the last 60 years. And while there were once upon a time those who could considered ‘moderate’ Democrats, that unique species went extinct some time ago. To where there is now essentially no such thing much to the detriment of our country.

I think we have gotten to a point in this country where it’s very safe to declare that the ‘American Left’ and its wholly owned subsidiary, the Democrat Party, are now involved in what I think is nothing less than a very open kind of warfare against America, as Democrats have become quite open and ruthless in their attacks on American society, its norms and its founding principles. It has been in the past that Democrats were a bit more low key when it came to their outright disdain for America, but things seemed to change, and rather drastically, with the arrival of ‘BO’ onto the scene back in 2008. And that trajectory as continued, seemingly unabated.

And where Democrats had once been more restrained in their efforts to “fundamentally transform” America, any pretense of subtlety seems to have now been completely abandoned. And the Democrats seem to be pursuing their goal with reckless abandon. Consequently, their asinine and self-indulgent theories and totalitarian tactics are now on full display and for all to see. It’s as if they are almost daring us into taking some sort of action. And it’s this odd assortment of American hating zealots who seem either unwilling, or unable, to grasp the irrational absurdity of so many of their recent cultural and societal pronouncements.

And now that the Democrats have finagled for themselves complete control of Congress and have a very questionably ‘elected’, and more than a little senile, senior citizen now occupying the White House, those policies that would seem to have only one purpose, that being the complete ruination of America, have now been put on the fast track.  And with threats to do away with the filibuster, they may soon be forced down the collective throat of the American people, whether we like it or not. So small wonder that an increasingly number of Americans, are now beginning to openly wonder just what sort of future it is that may lie in store for America.

And, of course, the primary weapon of choice in what is, and has been, this continuing war on America being perpetrated by those in the Democrat Party, at least for the last 15 years or so, has been one of never-ending assertions made against this country regarding its supposed deeply ingrained and irredeemable racism. Something which they claim seeps out of every pore of those who comprise nearly 70 percent of our population. Thus, these devout haters of America insist upon framing virtually everything in American life, as well as in society, with what is nothing more than claims of fictional “systemic racism” and, of course, “white supremacy.”

Now granted, yes there was a time right here in the good old U. S. of A. when racial segregation was pretty much of a government sanctioned reality. It was “separate but equal” that was the Supreme Court-endorsed directive of the land which, to be honest, proved to be to the benefit of both the Democrat Party as well as certain unions.  And it was something that was sanctioned and even promoted in varying degrees in what was then a number of states. But when the 60s came along, thanks to the bravery and perseverance of many in the black community combined with a vast number of white citizens, positive changes were made to take place.  

And by the mid-1970’s pretty much all vestiges of official institutional racism, which stemmed from laws, customs and regulations issued under the mandate of separate but equal, ceased to exist.  And no one except those who truly despised America could honestly claim that this was still a racist country. This movement succeeded because an overwhelming majority of white Americans were determined to right societal wrongs knowing full well that racism, which has always existed, and not just here in America, and among all races, would still likely continue to persist with only the passage of time and exposure to others finally, and fully, eradicating it.

Now of course the Democrats seized upon the existence of those attitudes no matter how miniscule to continue their claims that “systemic or institutionalized racism” still endures, when it so very obviously does not. And they do so to a) intimidate the guilt-ridden and oblivious segment of supposedly well-educated white America; b) incite resentment and raise expectations among minority communities; c) to make certain racial animosity engulfs the country: and d) to exploit the education establishment and corporations through the obligatory hiring of diversity bureaucracies.  All of which benefits Democrats in their continuing quest to seize power in perpetuity.

And, of course, we’re all aware of how the Sharptons and the Jacksons of the world have achieved some level of success in their effort to convince gullible whites that white Americans are the only ethnic group in the history of all mankind that has ever fueled racism. They are implicitly leaving the impression with these groups that they will make certain the white populace pays the price for centuries of bigotry through their so-called solutions to “systemic racism”.  Solutions which entail: 1) proclaiming that the white population will be punished through reverse discrimination and reparations and 2) reinstating “separate but equal” under the banner of equity.

And not satisfied to limit using the “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” claims to create racism and foment racial animosity, the Democrats have now set their sights on bringing about out and out censorship and the complete stifling of free speech. It is every role model of the Democrat Party that has used these same tactics in seeking to isolate and to target a specific group of people as apocalyptic threats to their nation and thus censorship and denial of free speech for the citizenry becomes mandatory in order to “save” the country. And it was the militant adherents of Fascism and Communism who were particularly adept at this practice.

And I don’t think it that far of a stretch to say that the modern Democrat Party can today be viewed as being the new Fascists as they have continued to declare “white supremacy” as being some existential threat to the nation. This despite the fact that less than 3 percent of Americans express strong support for white nationalism.  Therefore it has been decreed that any articles, current or previously published books, social media entries or speeches by anyone of European ancestry that does not strictly conform to the approved language and philosophy prescribed by those on the radical left must be censored and the author ostracized for the “good of the country.”  

And never ones to rest on their laurels, Democrats have turned their sights on a new target. For centuries women have fought to be recognized for their abilities and as full-fledged citizens, worthy of respect and equal protection under the law. Women in America have, more so than any other nation on Earth, achieved that status.  However, the Democrats have chosen to promote and to create the premise that transgenderism is something that must now be considered as normal. And for the very simple reason that it too is yet another vehicle that can used to undermine the Judeo-Christian basis of the founding of our nation and American society.

Recently the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed a bill, HR 5, euphemistically entitled the ‘Equity Act’ which would lead to the death of virtually all the rights women have fought so hard for, for over the past century. Those in the Democrat Party have chosen to allow any biological male who simply declares himself to be a woman able to participate in women’s sports, have access to women’s locker rooms as well as restrooms, be imprisoned in an all-female prison and have access to any favorable treatment or group activity involving women.  In essence women would cease to exist as a distinct and irreplaceable gender. Where are the woman’s libbers?  

And when you throw into the mix the Democrat’s self-serving handling of the ‘Chinese virus pandemic’ and their determination to alter American society to their benefit through unfettered illegal immigration, it becomes clear that they are the racists and the misogynists in their manipulation of the citizenry. The time has come for ALL Americans to snap out of their complacency and to stop being played for fools and to understand that the Democrats have one goal: to assume in perpetuity the reins of power and transform the nation into a one-party socialist state. They are ruthless in their tactics and determined to prevail. This is a war the American people must win.

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