So riddle me this, my friends. Why is it that anyone with any reasonable amount of intelligence continues to pay any level of attention to anything that ‘Dr.’ Fauci continues to say on a subject that he so very clearly knows absolutely nothing about. Granted, he does sound rather convincing as do most kooks when describing whatever issue they may being trying to push at any given time, but it certainly does not mean that anything they’re saying has any resemblance to the truth. That’s why it’s always important for one to do one’s own research. And when looking back at the many flip-flops of Fauci his recommendations should be seen as being completely worthless.

And it was in his new capacity as *president ‘Creepy Joe’s ‘Chief Medical Advisor’ that Fauci, on Saturday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Today,” stated that he thinks the Center for Disease Control (CDC) will change its distancing guidelines for adults, he said, “I believe you can expect to see some changes in recommendations for a variety of things, workplace, travel, places of worship. Those are going to start rolling out.” So who cares? There is nothing we’ve heard from this boob, or the CDC, that has amounted to more than a hill of beans when it comes to the ‘Chinese virus.’ And though they have been consistently wrong, they still wish to be seen as all-knowing.

Fauci began by commenting on the CDC revising its distancing guidelines for schools, by saying, “Well, there have been a number of studies, one recently from Massachusetts, that showed if children wear masks consistently and you compare children that are at three feet versus children that are at six feet, there was no difference at all in the infection rate among them. And for that reason, as usual, based on the scientific data and evidence, the CDC has modified their recommendations. So now, children, as long as they continue to wear masks, will be in school at three feet. That doesn’t mean with the teachers.”

Fauci went on to say, “Because they still have to be six feet from the teachers and the teachers still need to be six feet from each other, but the children from each other, three feet is going to be okay from now on.” Six feet or three feet, this is just more BS, and BS of the most destructive type. We know, just like he knows, our children won’t be headed back to the classrooms until the very corrupt teachers’ unions say so. So he can peddle his crap to those who still see him as being some sort of expert, which I most certainly do not. In my world an ‘expert’ is little more than a drip under pressure. Fauci has continued to make clear he’s in over his head.

Anyway, co-host Peter Alexander then asked, “Obviously, a lot of offices, companies are paying close attention to that as well. Do you have any expectation that that could change things for adults, for the way businesses do their job going forward?” Fauci responded, “I think eventually that’s going to be the case. What the CDC does, is that they try, to the best of their capability, to accumulate good, solid scientific evidence and data, the way they did with children in school. When that data come in, I believe you can expect to see some changes in recommendations for a variety of things, workplace, travel, places of worship. Those are going to start rolling out.”

Here’s a suggestion for the esteemed ‘Dr.’ Fauci, how about changing things back to normal because this social distancing and mask wearing crap has always been just that, a bunch of crap. I mean it’s been at least 100 years since we last tried to use cotton fabric to protect from a virus. The media pretends we’ve learned nothing since then and accuses you of being ‘anti-science’ if you claim that we really have. If he were suddenly to tell us that everybody must now walk around with their left hand in their right pocket, those in the ‘fake news’ would likely back him up and we would likely soon see people doing it. Sadly there’s still many useful idiots roaming around!

And so we taxpayers have been put in the position of having to pay this quack Fauci’s rather substantial salary, and for what and for how much longer? It’s absolutely disgraceful if not criminal. An incompetent boob such as Fauci could never survive in the private sector. There’s an old saying that goes something like: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach.” And it’s in Fauci’s case that those who can’t go into government. After all, he’s never seen patient one, and is nothing more than a career bureaucrat. And I’m not sure why so many normal people still put so much stock into what he says. I expect those in the media to, because it’s their job to sell his BS!

Competency has never been a requirement for obtaining a government job, whether that job requires one to be elected to it, appointed to it or simply applied for. And depending on who ultimately ends up writing the history of this period of time, I have to wonder when looking back at 2020 and 2021, what it is that they will thinks of us. The ‘Chinese virus’ and the current wokeness have made us a joke. And what this pandemic has proven to us, or should have, is that Fauci, the CDC or the World Health Organization (WHO) are not to be trusted when it comes to knowing anything about the ‘Chinese virus’ and that they are clearly ill-prepared for the next pandemic.

Of course all of the supposed precautions for the ‘Chinese virus’ are going to change because the Democrats never thought they could so easily steal the 2020 election. And since the ‘pandemic’ was created to destroy President Trump’s chances at re-election, it will be made to go away so it doesn’t destroy *president ‘Creepy Joe’s ‘*presidency.’ Fauci is a stooge of the left and a hack for the Democrat Party. And just like his party he’s at war with the pursuit of happiness and a fan of permanent masks and lockdowns. In another time he would be pilloried in the town square and publicly flogged for the damage that he has done, and continues to do.

And since when are free American citizens, under our Constitution, supposed to be accepting of their government telling them how close they are to stand next to one another or to wear face masks? And what is it that qualifies some bureaucrat to be the one to determine which citizens and which businesses are ‘essential’ and other citizens and businesses are ‘non-essential’? And in what kind of country is it that places of worship are deemed as being ‘non-essential’ while at the same time it’s places like liquor stores, strip clubs and drug dispensaries are deemed ‘essential?’ That would be the same kind of country where Fauci is seen as being an ‘expert.’

The Democrat lockdowns, wall to wall ‘fake news’ coverage and false case/death rates made for good scare tactics when they figured they had four years to blame it all on Donald Trump. But now that the Democrats control all three branches of our government it can only be blamed on them. And they’re realizing that the American people might not yet be ready for a wholesale changeover to communism because President Trump woke the American people up and taught them how to fight back, and many are doing just that. These restrictions are the single biggest con ever perpetrated against the American people by their government! They must end!


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