Look, I think we can all agree that Juan Williams isn’t much of a journalist, and to be perfectly honest, he never really has been. But I’m beginning to wonder if old Juan hasn’t been holding out on us. You see, apparently Williams now sees himself as being some sort of medical expert, at least when it comes to the ‘Chinese virus.’ I had no idea that a bachelor’s degree in philosophy qualified one, some 40 years after having received said degree, to provide to anyone, any kind of medical advice. And yet…

Williams used that vast medical experience of his when recently defending Dr. Tony Fauci during Friday’s broadcast of “The Five” on Fox News. Referencing a Senate hearing spat between Tony and Republican Senator Rand Paul, someone who, is a physician who has actually treated patients, during which Paul asserted that wearing masks after vaccination amounted to “theater,” Williams came rushing to Tony’s defense, arguing that Fauci should still be recognized for trying to help Americans.

And it was Jesse Watters who asked Williams, “Juan, do you think Rand Paul gets under Dr. Fauci’s skin? Or do you think he’s just used to this by now?” Williams immediately jumped to Tony’s defense, saying, “If your health care plan allows you to pick a doctor and you had a choice between Dr. Paul and Dr. Fauci, you better take Dr. Fauci.” Now I hate to disagree with Juan, but Tony has been a bureaucrat his entire life and has never treated a single patient. So, I think I’d go with Dr. Paul. 

As is always the case with Williams, he once again demonstrates that he knows absolutely nothing about the current topic of discussion. Tony is only looking out for himself, and is very much enjoying his time in the spotlight. And despite the fact that he’s been wrong every step of the way, he continues to be viewed by those like Williams as being some sort of medical genius. Fauci is like an aging hooker resorting to even greater acts of depravity to lure an increasingly more disinterested clientele.

When your government gladly enforces edicts (not laws) issued by unelected bureaucrats and all in the name of ‘science,’ a word often used by those on the left as a way to end all debate on those issues they support, and closes churches, ignores immigration laws and allows hordes of unvetted foreign nations to flood across the southern border ILLEGALLY, welcoming them with open arms and then releasing them into our communities, might there be something sinister at hand? Just sayin’.

Tony has had his cushy government job with its taxpayer funded pension and health insurance his entire adult life. He’s been in that government employee bubble for so long, he doesn’t have a clue, and worse wouldn’t care anyway, about how the rest of the country earns a living. Rand Paul was right to finally expose him for the damage he’s done, not with his information on the virus itself, but the damage he’s done to the country by the measures he recommended to allegedly combat the virus.

And we have yet to see the full extent of that damage. We’ve seen lost jobs and small businesses, but wait until the health consequences of being made to constantly wear these idiotic masks, and the unintended consequence of essentially allowing other diseases to go untreated are finally revealed. And wait until the mental health consequences hit. And how we’re likely to have an entire generation of illiterate kids with no social skills and brainwashed by a year of woke indoctrination.

Tony not only treats Americans like children, but as the children of bad parents, a caricature of the awful parents who won’t let their kids out to play for fear of germs, and assure them that yes, there are monsters under the bed. He has no concern for the liberty of others. He’s the highest paid person in government and is a no-show at his place of work. He spends all of his time appearing on CNN and MSDNC spreading misinformation, while pretending to be the world’s leading expert on all things Covid.

Look what government, or more specifically the Democrats, has managed to do all under the guise of public health during the supposed ‘pandemic.’ They were able seize our electoral process, they have shuttered and destroyed our private sector, and small businesses by the thousands, they wrecked the education of millions of children, and concentrated economic favoritism to mega-businesses to the mutual benefit of big government and big business. All this was done without a single shot being fired.

And it’s the same ‘Dr.’ Fauci that Williams is now so quick to defend that has played, and continues to play, a critical part in this continuing ‘health crisis.’ He knows he’ll be paid no matter what damage is done to the economy and so is not bothered in the least by the effects on the economy including, apparently, the mental and physical wellbeing of the American people. And yet Williams says Fauci is exactly the right guy to be telling Americans exactly what it is that we must do to get past this ‘pandemic.’   

Contrary to ‘Dr.’ Williams I have a somewhat different opinion of the esteemed Tony Fauci. As far as I’m concerned his constant flip-flopping leads me to consider his recommendations as being meaningless, if not completely worthless. I’d have a bit more respect for him if instead of pretending to be using science to base his edicts he would just admit, “We just don’t know, but my best guess is….” But that’s never going to happen, which makes Fauci about as useless as a screen door in a submarine.

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