I find it increasingly difficult to understand how it is that anyone with a brain, and regardless of political affiliation, is still able to view MSDNC as being, in any way, a viable source for useful ‘news’ and information. And I can only assume that whomever it is that actually owns this network is far more interested in using their network as a way to spread that which is nothing more than leftist propaganda, than in actually making any sort of a profit. Look, for some time now MSDNC has been seen as little more than a purveyor of ‘fake news’ the source of which is likely the daily talking points provided to them by the Democrat Party. Big surprise that this supposed ‘news’ network long ago lost what little credibility it might have once possessed.

Take for instance some buffoon by the name of Jason Johnson, someone described as being a MSDNC a commentator. It was during a Thursday appearance on “Deadline” that this hapless dolt actually referred to the Republican Party as “a cult not radically dissimilar from Al-Qaeda.” So apparently, the act of bringing people like this boob onto their network to spew his leftwing, hate-filled garbage is supposed to convince those tuning into MSDNC they can expect to hear a serious discussion on the important issues of the day. But nothing could be further from the truth. And yet these people wonder why it is that a growing number of Americans have come to have little or no confidence in our supposed ‘mainstream’ media. Is anyone surprised?

Anyway, Johnson said, “This is the thing that’s more scary for me. You have got 62% of self-identified Republicans in 2021 are saying ‘Hey I think the election was rigged.’ I look back at 2011 and you had 45% of Republicans in 2011 who thought Barack Obama was born in Kenya. So literally the Republican Party has gotten dumber or crazier or more conspiracy-oriented in the last decade. It would be a lot easier to convince people that Obama was born in Kenya than it should be to think that Joe Biden and somehow a collection of Democrat and Republican state senators and secretaries of state managed to rig an entire election. But that is what we are facing right now.” This clown gives a whole new definition to ‘crack-pot!’

Anyway, he added, “It is not just a crisis of confidence, it is not just a crisis of competence, it is a crisis of truth. At some point you have to recognize that when people worship white supremacy, when people worship Trump, when people worship whatever kind of QAnon conspiracy they want, it is now a cult. It is a cult not radically dissimilar from Al-Qaeda. At least as what we have seen so far as far as the belief system. And when you deal with cults, you can no-longer defeat those people with logic. You have to defeat them with laws and you allow people to live in whatever crazy fantasy world they want as long as they are not harming other people.” Haters like this Johnson boob deliberately poison our country.

It’s fascinating how supposed responsible ‘new’ organizations continue to cart out clowns, like Johnson, on a regular basis as if they’re some sort of an ‘authority’ on anything. In truth they’re nothing more than partisan hacks brought on to make slanderous accusations, while others on the panel nod in agreement. Today’s ‘fake news’ networks are nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. And let’s face it, no one does a good “cult” like woke Democrats. Johnson accuses the Republican Party of being a cult, yet it is the Democrats who think it’s acceptable for boys to use girls’ restrooms or who celebrate abortion right up to the time of birth. Johnson is another example of how one cannot be both intelligent and a Democrat.

And just to be perfectly clear, I do not worship Donald Trump, nor does anyone I know. And I’m not quite sure how one “worships white supremacy” but I guess somewhere in the rather warped mind of this guy Johnson, he’s got it all figured out. And as far as those who choose to live in some crazy fantasy world, what better way to describe the vast majority of those, likely including Johnson himself, who, and rather reliably so, vote for Democrats. I mean it’s not exactly an act of sanity for one to go out and willingly vote for those who see as being their primary objective the complete and utter destruction of the very country that they seek to lead. Does that not define perfectly what it means to live in some crazy fantasy world? 

So if we’re going to have any kind of a serious discussion on what does, or does not, constitute a true cult then we’re going to need to discuss the Democrat cult, the one which I’m quite sure that this boob Johnson is definitely a card-carrying member of. This would, of course, be the very same ‘cult’ whose members, just a mere five years ago, were convinced that Donald Trump had actually paid prostitutes to dance and pee on a bed in Moscow. Many of these very same imbeciles still believe it today. And it was members of this same cult who believed Donald Trump conspired with Russia to somehow ‘rig’ the 2016 election. And it’s many who still believe that today in the face of what has become overwhelming evidence contradicting ‘that’ fantasy.

And let’s not forget that it is this very same Democrat cult that believes to this very day that President Trump was attempting to organize a coup back on January 6. The Democrat cult believed that President Trump would not leave the White House and would bring the military to bear against America in order to secure his position. In truth, it’s every bit of evidence that we have that makes it very clear that for four long years it was members of this very same cult, the Democrat Party, who were actively involved in trying to bring about a coup against a duly elected president. Look, I could go on and on about the fantasies of the Democrat Party cult members, but readers would soon tire of laughing at these pathetic buffoons.

And so it’s according to leftwing kooks like this ass Johnson, that I am now one to be considered as being a member of a cult for no other reason than because I support more jobs in America going to actual Americans and because I see it as appropriate to deport criminal aliens. Also, I’m a cult member because I want lower taxes and higher wages through job creation and because I feel we should judge someone by the content of their character not their skin color. And, of course, I’m viewed as a member of some cult because I’m in favor of a strong national defense, I support freedom of speech for everyone and I support the Second Amendment. And because I’m in favor of energy independence. I realize they are old ideas, but I still like them.

And it seems that in spite of the fact that it’s the Democrat Party that’s responsible for the death of what has been millions of black babies and the fact that it is quite literally that thousands of blacks are essentially allowed to be murdered each and every year in our Democrat controlled cities that this loon has the nerve to say that it’s the Republican Party that is “a cult not radically dissimilar from Al-Qaeda.” Could this imbecile be more dishonest? Or, worse is he simply trying to divert attention away from what he knows to be the truth regarding his beloved Democrat Party in what is nothing more than a perverted attempt on his part to provide some level of cover to it? I mean, that would sort of make sense in a weird, liberal kind of way.

It never ceases to amaze me the delusional and idiotic comments that these Orwellian driven liberal loons at MSDNC, and any number of the other leftist propagandist ‘fake news/media’ outlets, come up with in their attempt to try to have some level of impact on public opinion. And I swear it’s getting more insane each and every day. And what’s so frightening is that there are still millions of people who, for whatever reason, actually do believe them. And until the Democrats, in particular, decide to work toward what’s best for the country instead of what’s best for their party I really don’t see things changing. Because it’s they who are responsible attempting to turn our country into what is nothing more than a social and racial battlefield.  

And finally, it’s from my point of view that what’s so disturbing is the fact that what we continue to see coming from MSDNC has come to differ only slightly from what we’re now seeing from just about every other outlet that seems to take great pride in calling itself a ‘news’ network. And that includes the very same network that once proclaimed itself to be “Fair and Balanced” and yet, after Donald Trump arrived on the scene, became far less of both. There seems to be nowhere in the so-called legacy media that one can now turn to get anything other than pure political propaganda. And who is it on any of these supposed ‘news’ networks that can justifiably be referred to as being a bona fide ‘journalist?’  There is virtually no one!!


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