Anyone still able, at this particular point in time, to view the Democrat Party as being anything other than some odd assortment of thoroughly unscrupulous individuals who, among other things, share amongst themselves a devout hatred of America, is either suffering from some extreme form of delusion, is blind as a bat or are themselves a Democrat who shares in the hatred of the country in which they live. I really do think that we need to start calling into question the mental fitness of anyone running for any office as a Democrat. Because clearly that is something that’s now needed.

Democrats have, for some time now, made it clear that their priority is not to pursue those things that are best for the country but are, instead, what’s best for their party and its ability to first acquire power and to then devise a plan that allows them to maintain and increase that power. And nothing proves that point better than does the current piece of legislation known as HR 1 that has been given the innocuous sounding name, “For the People Act of 2021.” And as intended, the name given to this piece of legislation is completely opposite of that which is, so very clearly, the objective of it.

HR 1 is Nancy Pelosi’s crown jewel and was passed along party lines in the House on March 3. It now sits in the Senate where, provided the filibuster continues to exist, it’s predicted to fail.  Sadly, the filibuster’s continuation now depends on ethical behavior of but a few Democrats, which gives us a pretty good indication of what its fate is likely to be. Especially when you stop to consider the fact that old Chuckie Schumer is very likely applying considerable pressure on those very same few Democrats because it’s become very clear that Chuckie wants the filibuster gone.

This bill is little more than a wet dream for elite progressives and a nightmare for everyone else in the country. Whether or not it fails, it does serve to reveal much about the objectives of our liberal elites, who are the only ones it would serve. Its primary purpose is to prevent fair elections from ever again taking place and to create a perpetual one-party dictatorship. Now I would have thought, knowing as we all do what it is that Democrats tend to do whenever handed complete control of our government, something like this should have at least been expected. And yet…

And to provide to those who may unfamiliar with this legislation a little insight into what the Democrats are truly up to here, the purpose behind HR 1 is to essentially eliminate state control of elections, which was specified in our Constitution to safeguard against exactly this type of takeover. Because, at least at the present time, there are more Republican state governments, 27 Republican governors and 30 legislatures, the only way for the Democrats to completely destroy our electoral process, which is very clearly their intended goal here, is at the federal level.

And it’s safe to assume that if the bill is passed, it will be challenged in court on constitutional grounds. But the problem with that is, as many have already noticed, we now have a Supreme Court whose majority is made up of liberals and/or cowards who would rather see our entire election process destroyed rather than be accused of making waves. We’ve seen that with Obamacare and even more recently, with the integrity of the 2020 elections being wholly disregarded by the Court. So all the talk of us having a conservative Supreme Court is really nothing more than bullshit!

Also, HR 1 wipes out any possibility of a clean election. Most of the provisions of the bill have one purpose and one purpose only, and of course that would be to cause all manner of chaos in the electoral process, thereby obfuscating obvious fraud. But knowing the level of success Democrats achieved in the 2020 presidential election, with all of the cheating that took place in plain sight, you have to wonder why it might be that the Democrats would even bother to include such measures in this new piece of legislation in their effort to completely bastardize our election process.

So anyway, there are nine parts to the bill and, within each, there are multiple sections. What follows here are just a few of the highlights or, should I say, the ‘lowlights:’

Registering to vote via the internet would be legal and you’d be automatically registered (whether you already were or not) when doing any business with a governmental entity. Election-day registration would be legalized.

Signature verification and voter ID would be eliminated. Teens can “pre-register” when they turn 16. Without signature verification or voter ID, what this means is that they could easily be able to vote. Indeed, anyone could vote anywhere they want, which means, with no verification, as many times as they want.

Felons could vote the day they leave prison. Ballots would be mailed to every voter, drop-boxes for collection would be mandated, and ballot harvesting would not only no longer be illegal, but it would also be encouraged.

States would have to accept absentee ballots up to 10 days after the election. This means that, once people see which way the wind is blowing on the actual election day, they can then start voting in dead earnest for their candidate or cause.

The bill outlines a new process for the District of Columbia to attain statehood, again circumventing the Constitution. It also grants the House of Representatives the authority to redistrict (gerrymander) via an appointed “independent” commission within each state, which panel is specifically taken from an “approved selection pool,” partly designated by race.

And so, the above are just a few of the ‘lowlights.’ And for those who may be interested, which should be every freedom loving American, the entire bill is available for one to plow through at one’s leisure. I can’t help but wonder what it is that drives such people to be so determined in their effort to destroy the greatest and most prosperous country in all of human history. Why are these people so hell-bent on destroying America? It’s hard to fathom. Greed, I suppose, is what’s at the bottom of it. If no fair elections can happen, the ruling class can do whatever they please.

If they wish, they can tax the middle class right out of existence and in the process create their socialist utopia where only the elite get rich, while the rest of us are left to suck hind tit. They can redistribute wealth to their cronies, and they can create “equity” that sees those who don’t have wealth given a boost up to that level playing field, provided, of course, they’re willing to be subservient to the demands of their masters. And those of us who have worked for all our lives for what we have will be kicked off the playing field entirely. Such is the Democrats’ vision for our future.

And it’s once the Democrats have consolidated their power, we can expect a wealth tax to be instituted the purpose of which will be not to bleed the “uber rich” of their money, as those are the people who can manipulate the system and donate to all the right people, etc. to avoid losing anything — but the rest of us. That the American people continue to entrust anyone in the Democrat Party the future of their children is quite frankly nothing short of mindboggling if no other reason than the fact that Democrats continue to demonstrate a serious lack of mental fitness for higher office.

And it should now be painfully obvious, at least to those who are of even average intelligence, is that what we are now witnessing taking place right before our eyes is the purposeful destruction of our country by those in the Democrat Party. And so it would seem that the only question that remains to be answered is, what are patriotic Americans willing to do, if anything, to prevent these power-hungry, leftwing radical politicians from being successful? I believe Democrats are convinced that we on the right are far more civilized than their own supporters, and will do nothing. Will we???

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