Now I do believe I’ve asked this question before, but just how different do you suppose this country would be today if we had a ‘news’ media comprised of folks who were genuinely interested in reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Because it’s at this particular time that we have a have employed at various ‘news’ outlets those that have moved well beyond being merely spewing ‘fake news’ to become nothing more than purveyors of what is really nothing less than the purest form of political propaganda. Which brings me to supposed ‘journalist’, Joy Reid.

Reid is another of those always more interested in advancing the proper narrative than in telling the truth. And so, it was Reid, in a conversation with ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid, on Tuesday, during her MSDNC show “The ReidOut” who accused Republicans of being the new “Dixiecrat Party.” She said, “The filibusters that Lyndon Johnson faced were largely around civil rights. The old Dixiecrats that used to do that are now the Republicans. That is the now the Dixiecrat Party. They are against anything that is progressive. You were quite good at politics when you were in the game.”

Reid then went on to say, “Could any Republican Senator get reelected for getting rid of things like Obamacare and getting rid of Medicare and getting rid of Social Security and banning abortion? The things they say they want to do if they did them? Wouldn’t they then be immediately removed by the voters?” So again, she lies because I don’t seem to recall hearing any Republican saying we need to get rid of Medicare or Social Security. What they have said is the Seniors would be far better off if Social Security were to become privatized. And Obamacare does need to be gotten rid of. 

And it was he who was once the Senate Minority Leader, ‘Dingy Harry’ who said, “Of course. We passed Obamacare on Christmas Eve. We got every Democratic vote we needed. Just barely had it. It was the first time we met on Christmas Eve in 150 years, but Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, has been widely popular throughout America. Republicans like it, Independents like it, and of course, Democrats overwhelmingly like it.” Obamacare has been wildly popular? I’m thinking old ‘Dingy Harry’ is either off his meds or is ON some form of a pretty heavy hallucinogenic.

But just how was it that Joy came to be where she is today? Well apparently, she graduated from Harvard back in 1991 with a ‘concentration’ in something called visual art and documentation form, film. But it wasn’t until 1997 that she began her career in ‘journalism’ after leaving New York and her job at a business consulting firm to begin working in South Florida for a WSVN Channel 7 morning show. She then left ‘journalism’ in 2003 to go to work at that wonderful little group ‘America Coming Together’ (ACT), which has little, or nothing, to do with what its name implies.  

And for those who may not be familiar ACT, it was a far-left political action committee founded back in 2003 and dedicated to preventing George W. Bush from being re-elected in 2004. Billionaire George Soros, along with Progressive Insurance executive Peter Lewis, and a number of other far left-of-center organizations joined to form ACT and the Media Fund, with Soros and Lewis providing $40 Million to ACT and its sister group. And it says much about Reid that she would choose to work for such an organization, and it gives us a clear indication of her leftist politics.  

Anyway, Reid would later make a return to broadcasting as a ‘talk radio’ host while also working on ‘BO’s 2008 presidential campaign. From 2006 to 2007, Reid was the co-host of Wake-Up South Florida, a morning radio ‘talk show’ broadcast from Radio One’s then-Miami affiliate WTPS. She served as managing editor of ‘The Grio’ (2011–2014), a political columnist for Miami Herald (2003–2015), and the editor of The Reid Report, which was something described as being a political blog, (2000–2014). As far as I’m concerned she, like so many others, is far from being a bona fide ‘journalist’.  

And from February 2014 to February 2015 Reid hosted her own MSDNC afternoon cable news show, ‘The Reid Report’ until the show was canceled in February 2015, and Reid was shifted to a new role as an MSDNC national correspondent. Since May 2016, Reid has hosted AM Joy, a political weekend-morning talk show on MSDNC, and is a frequent substitute for other MSDNC hosts. As of 2018, Reid’s morning show on Saturday averages nearly one million weekly viewers. So to make a long story short, I think for anyone to refer to Reid as a ‘journalist,’ is really more than a stretch!

But in getting back to the point Reid appears to be rather desperate to make here, it’s her beloved Democrat Party that has always been the party of racism, courtesy of its support for Slavery, Segregation, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow and on and on. And had it not been for Republicans, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would never have passed. Democrats can’t win on policy, so it’s all about race and election fraud with those like Reid working to convince blacks that it’s to their benefit to remain on the plantation. And yet she has the nerve to accuse those of us on the right of being the racists.

Perhaps Reid needs to familiarize herself with the facts, since it was both the first Republican President and the most recent Republican President who, during their time in office, did far more to improve the lives of blacks than did ANY Democrat president in history. The Democrats went from anti-Black defenders of the KKK to anti-White supporters of BLM, so they’ve been consistent in promoting racism. Republicans opposed both extremes. Republicans were the party that was created around the issue of freeing the slaves. Dixiecrats were Southern Democrats.

Frankly, I really do think that it’s a bit much to expect some Affirmative Action hire to actually know much of anything about American history, but there were 22 prominent Dixiecrats. Two changed their party to Republican in order to support the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The rest of them remained Democrats until the day they died. The last one was Senator Robert Byrd who remained in office until he died in 2010. Byrd was also a prominent leader of the Klan, a friend of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and a mentor to Hitlery. Another high ranking Dixiecrat was Al Gore Sr. Surprised?

And why the Hell is it that every race in the world is allowed to be proud of itself, and, in some cases, to be provided an entire month to celebrate its history, but if you happen to be white, and worse a white male, well it’s then you’re supposed to be ashamed of your race and to expect, unless you’re a rich liberal or a Democrat, to be treated like sh!t because you’re considered to be a white supremacist? Personally, I couldn’t care less what racist morons like Reid think! I’m white, I’m an American, a husband, a son, a father, AND a Veteran. And I’m damn proud to be all those things.

Reid has gotten rich by essentially selling out those blacks not as fortunate as herself and she seems not to mind in the least how Democrats continue to use blacks. In fact it’s Reid herself who seems only too willing to assist whenever and wherever she can when it comes to diverting attention away from just how badly it is that Democrats continue to abuse blacks and how they continually perpetuate a victim mentality. And Reid has worked very diligently to make sure that blacks remain convinced that none of their misfortune is their fault but is, instead, the fault of a white society.

Reid is nothing more than another of your typical black overseers, those who are simply too ignorant to even attempt to make any sort of a positive difference, but shallow enough to sell their skin color for a few bucks. It doesn’t get any uglier inside, or out, than this hate filled racist. Reid works to make sure blacks are convinced that remaining on the government plantation is what’s best for them. Never mind the terrible schools forced on them by blacks like Reid, the terrible crime committed by fellow blacks, the lack of jobs, the absent fathers, the drugs, the terrible life.

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