We recently had yet another RINO, one of the ‘malignant seven’ in the Senate who CHOSE to join with the Democrats in voting to convict Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial, very boldly declare that Donald Trump WILL NOT be the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2024. So I am curious about something though, just how is that the party intends to prevent just a thing from taking place? And who does this RINO think would make a better candidate? Willard Romney? Or perhaps Jeb Bush or any of the other losers that Donald Trump trounced in 2016?

So anyway, it was this past Friday that retiring U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, joined one of the many Trump Haters there at the ‘Fox News’, when he appeared on ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto.’ And it was then that he stated, and with some level of confidence I might add, that the former president will not be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2024. Yet, President Trump did more for America in four years than any other president in recent history and far more than did his Democrat predecessor in eight years. It’s Toomey who represents all that is wrong with the Republican Party. 

Cavuto said, “I know you’re leaving the Senate. You got into a storm of controversy with your own state GOP because you voted to convict the president in the impeachment trial in the Senate. Do you look back at that and have any regrets and the wrath you have received for that vote and the criticism of the president and others?” Toomey said, “I did what I thought was right.” Likely the true reason was that his act of being little more than a Judas has turned off many conservative voters significantly reducing his ability to get his useless ass re-elected.

But be that as it may, Toomey then went on to say, “Over time what Republicans will do is we’ll acknowledge and recognize, as most already do, that there were some tremendous accomplishments by the Trump administration during those four years, but in my view, the behavior of the president after the election, culminating on January 6, was completely unacceptable. And I think I did the right thing.” Cavuto said, “Do you believe he should run and deserves to run for president if he wants to? Would you support him if he were your nomination?”

Toomey said, “I don’t think he can be the nominee. Look what happened. He won the election in 2016, and then we lost the House. And then he cost us the White House, which was a very winnable race. And then he cost us control of the Senate by what he did in Georgia. I think with that kind of track record. It’s not likely that he’ll be the nominee.” McConnell lost the Senate and fraud bought the White House. One thing for sure, Toomey will never be anything more than a sellout RINO. Cavuto then asked, “If he were, would you support him?” Toomey said, “I don’t see that happening.”

RINOs like this spineless eunuch, whenever faced with even the slightest resistance, simply roll over and throw the American people under the bus. They don’t know how to fight to win and when they do actually win, rarely do they do what it is that their voters elected them to do. Donald Trump won, and he knew exactly what to do, even as the NeverTrumpers did everything they could to assist the Democrats in their effort to prevent President Trump from making progress on his ‘America First’ agenda. Just imagine what President Trump could have done with a little help from his own party.

And it’s the narrative that the RINO’s are now trying to create, that Donald Trump must be abandoned if the Republican Party is to have any hope of winning future elections, that is simply not resonating with conservative voters. RINOs like Toomey, Murkowski, Collins, Romney, Sasse, Cassidy, Burr and a whole host of others have all be quite busy of late doing their best to sound the alarm regarding the importance of the party thoroughly separating itself from Donald Trump. These RINOs are the ones from whom the Republican Party must now separate itself from if it is to survive.

Republicans controlled all of Congress during the first two years of the Trump presidency. And apart from confirming President Trump appointments to Federal Courts and passing tax cuts, what else was really accomplished? RINOs like Toomey thwarted President Trump’s every attempt to advance the Conservative agenda.  And apart from a handful of our staunchest conservatives, few defended President Trump against the relentless attacks by both Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media. And now because Toomey might actually have to justify his existence, he cuts and runs.

Personally. I find it quite remarkable what President Trump was able to accomplish in so short a time, with so little support from, and with the acts of sabotage by so many in his own party. Republicans missed a golden opportunity to become heroes in the eyes of the American people, all because they resented an outsider in the presidency, and were jealous of the power of his message and of his popularity. Toomey has zero credibility and now needs to go away. If he wasn’t already retiring it’s unlikely that the voters of Pennsylvania would have chosen to return him to the Senate.

The sad part is that there are several sitting Senators who would rather burn down the country than support Donald Trump. We all know who they are, they’re the usual suspects we’ve all come to know. The problem for Toomey and ‘his’ Republican Party is that ‘Republican’ voters no longer seem welcome. Apparently, Toomey, along with his fellow RINOs, has no qualms when it comes to *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden being up to all the rigors involved when it comes to his new office. And they even seem unconcerned about the dark place the Democrats are quickly taking our Republic.

President Trump won the 2020 election and it was the RINOs like Toomey who simply stood by and said absolutely nothing, or in some cases even provided cover for, what were blatantly unconstitutional changes made election laws, remaining silent about changes made by the courts and not by state legislatures, as is the law. It’s become obvious that the corruption was even more rampant than any of us assumed. The American people ‘will not be fooled again!’ And, we’ll be back, and you can bet your life on the fact that if Donald Trump runs again, he WILL be the Republican nominee!

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