At what point are folks finally going to wise up and stop paying any amount of attention to this clown, this fraud, this quack, this Anthony Fauci. After the many revelations that have now come to light about this guy, he has lost much of the credibility that he possessed when he first arrived on the scene. And it turned out what many of us had long suspected was actually true, that Fauci has long been little more than a stooge of the Communist Chinese. And as such he is most certainly someone who should be paid no amount of serious attention. Personally, I stopped listening to this fraud a long time ago. There got to be no point to it, he’s a liar.

And tt was on Thursday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “Morning Joe,” that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Fauci acknowledged that private and parochial schools have opened and transmission rates in schools that are open have been low, but “there are still things we can do to make it even safer.” And he urged following the CDC guidelines on school re-openings. Fauci stated that the default should be “do whatever we can to get the children back to school.” How about we make the schools safe by getting rid of the teachers’ Unions and their indoctrination curriculum? But I suppose that should be a topic left for another day.

Anyway, it was Co-host ‘Willie’ Geist who then said, “No question about it. And as you know well, there are private schools and parochial schools and daycares open across the country, and I think — especially here in New York City and big cities, we’ve been surprised at how low the transmission rates have been. Schools have been among our safest places. But you’ve got people like the head of pediatric medicine at UCLA writing an op-ed saying it is time to open the schools now. If we’re saying follow the science, we are following the science.” And ‘Willie’ then went on to add, “We’ve looked at the data for the last year, that schools are safe.”

And it was then that ‘Willie’ who asked, “So, it leaves a lot of public school parents mystified as to why their school is not open if the transmission rates are so low?” Fauci responded, “That is a good point. But, again, there are still things we can do to make it even safer. And I believe adhering to the CDC guidelines will be very helpful of schools to getting it open.” Now I guess I can understand why these ‘fake news’ media types continue to buy into what this boob is selling, but the time for anyone with a brain to waste even a second listening to his garbage has long since passed. It’s a rare thing when Fauci says the same thing two days in a row. It’s crazy!!!

Seriously, Fauci really does need to stop the engaging in what amounts to being nothing more than fear-porn. And the medical profession needs to stop trying to use our kids as nothing more than props in their continuing effort to assume some level of political advantage. And if it’s anyone who’s choosing to ignore the actual science of this issue it is Fauci himself. He continues to be all about politics, that’s why he is consistently inconsistent, because when you play politics you twist and bend for the moment. He’s been far more of a problem than he has been any sort of a help. This self-aggrandizing fraud/quack flipflops more than my freaking pair of flipflops.

Perhaps Fauci should consider following the same science that he continues to ‘dictate’ for the rest of us and actually look at the death rates of school-aged children along with the transmission rates. How much longer is it that this hoax is going to be allowed to go on? Fauci is that uncle who just about everyone has, the one who shows up at family get-together’s uninvited, talks too loudly, drinks too much and makes you uncomfortable. And he’s the one who always stays too long and when he finally leaves, stumbling out the door ranting something unintelligible, you breathe a HUGE sigh of relief! We’re all still waiting for ‘Uncle Fauci’ to leave.

And I can’t be the only one to have noticed how it is that Fauci, quite literally, never runs out of things to say we need to do. And it’s more often than not that he creates little more than confusion. And it’s according to Fauci, even though there’s no problem regarding the ‘Chinese virus’ and children in schools, that we intend to solve this problem by pretending things are much worse than they really are. New mandates and guidelines continue to be initiated that do great harm to our children, and to keep members of the teachers-union, whose own children are likely in private school, continuing to be paid so they can keep their fat, lazy butts at home.

Does Fauci believe he can remove all risk from life? If you never get in a car, you won’t die in a car accident. It’s all about trade-offs and common sense, something experts like Fauci seem to lack. The amount of fear exacerbated by our ‘fake news’ media on this subject has done grave damage to a generation of our children. When we get beyond the hysteria of the pandemic, the media needs to be held accountable for their complicit actions in causing this damage. The control freaks on the left have had a good run, but the jig is up. When the public sees that Covid rates do not rise in newly reopened States, the left will have no choice but to relinquish their hold.

Fauci is without question one the most irresponsible public figures today. His recommendations are typically made without any consideration whatsoever of the facts regarding the subject. The use of masks, particularly multiple masks, to affect the spread of the ‘Chinese virus’ is a perfect example. There are conflicting studies on mask efficiency and there are no studies regarding the use of multiple masks, and yet here we are. Social distancing is also problematic. He also clearly isn’t a public health expert. Public health experts consider all of the impacts that their recommendations would, or will, have on the population adapting them.

As a result of his haste and steadfast insistence of staying the wrong course we managed to do serious damage to our economy, bankrupt thousands of businesses unnecessarily, cause serious and perhaps irreparable harm to our children’s education, set in motion a significant increase in suicides and suicidal ideation, caused a 30-50% increase in drug and alcohol addiction and a related death pattern that will last years, and caused an untold number of deaths because necessary medical diagnosis and subsequent treatments were delayed until, in many cases, it was too late. As it turns out, the cure remains fair worse than does the disease.

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