In the spirit of full disclosure, yes I voted for Donald Trump, both in 2016 and again in 2020, and yes I was one of the 31 Million Americans who chose to tune into the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) gathering, this past weekend, for the sole purpose of listening to President Trump’s speech. And yes, I listened to it in its entirety and personally, I loved it. Now as you can well imagine the speech sent heads all over the left to spinning, and especially among those in the Democrat Party. And knowing that, for me, made the speech just all that much better.

And it has been since the speech that I’ve heard all manner of descriptions of it, and they have really run the gamut. But, as you can likely guess, it was one of the nuttier descriptions uttered that came from a guy who fancies himself an expert on such matters, none other than Juan Williams. It was on the Monday following CPAC that Williams claimed that President Trump’s speech was proof that he is “jealous” of *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  Now I’ve long known that Williams is more than a little delusional, by this most recent claim makes that even more obvious.

Williams provided his blatantly idiotic analysis of President Trump’s speech during a recent episode of ‘Fox News’ “The Five.” And on the subject of the speech, Williams said “It was a rerun. I have heard that speech before,” saying that he hadn’t heard President Trump say anything new. He then went on to criticize President Trump for continuing to claim that he won the 2020 presidential election, and perpetuated the myth that we continue to hear from so many other loons on the left, that it was the root cause of the Capitol riot and division within the Republican Party.

Williams said “Here’s a list of people in the Republican Party to go after, the people who told the truth about not only the election but what happened on Jan. 6. I think he’s promoting, again, you know, more division not only in the country but in the party.” Williams continued, saying, “That’s really difficult because obviously people in the country are worried about more violence coming. That’s why we still have the fencing around the Capitol and all of that.” No, why we still have fencing around the Capitol is because of the Democrats continuing with their political theater.

Williams’ idiotic conclusion was that President Trump is somehow jealous of *president ‘Creepy Joe’ and his success. He said, “It seems to me like he’s jealous. It seems to me like he’s jealous about the idea that Biden is having success. The COVID infection rate, the death rate’s going down. He’s jealous about the idea that the vaccines are getting out.” Williams said, “He’s jealous about the idea that somehow, you know, the rescue package that’s already now passed the House, looks like it’s on its way through the Senate successfully by the end of the week.”

Williams said, “I think he’s just jealous. It’s like it’s coming out of his ears.” And it was Greg Gutfeld who shot back that President Trump had only been questioning the outcome of the elections for three months meanwhile Democrats, including Williams himself, had questioned President Trump’s victory for years. Williams continues to make people wonder just what the purpose might be of having him appear regularly on a show that you would think would require its participants to possess some basic knowledge of the topics to be discussed. But that appears not to be the case.  

Williams must assume that everyone wants to be a demented hand-puppet of the Communist Chinese, who on any given day likely doesn’t even realize that he was ‘elected’ *president, who rarely makes even a lick of sense and who is the laughingstock of the entire world. What a gig it must be a figurehead created courtesy of a fraudulent election that the Democrats perpetrated on American voters. Williams has found his way into that alternative universe where reality, common sense, and truth simply don’t exist. His is a special little universe where only liberals can exist.

So I am curious, how is it that one can accuse a man who spent his life building a multi-billion dollar company, a man who was, because of his love for America, compelled to run for President because he was tired of watching corrupt politicians destroy our country, of being jealous of a guy who spent the better part of his adult life in politics, selling out his country and becoming a multi-millionaire in the process. How is it that makes any amount of sense, and yet, that is apparently exactly what Williams is claiming. And you have to ask yourself, how stupid it that?

That Williams would even purpose the notion that anyone could be jealous of the stuttering doofus who currently occupies the White House is incomprehensible. I can’t help but wonder exactly what demographic Fox News might be trying to capture by continuing to keep this mindless dolt on their network day after day after day. I mean he quite literally makes no sense. Truly, these liberals who seem quite literally consumed by their hatred of Donald Trump hatred will likely go to their grave with him on the brain! They have lost all perspective when it comes to Donald Trump.


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