It would seem that there is a growing number of RINO’s who are now desperate in their attempt to convince anyone who will listen that it’s a growing number of Americans who are now actually choosing to side with them rather than to side with Donald Trump. And while I hate to burst their bubble it does, at the very same time, give me a great deal of pleasure to be the one to tell them that nothing could be further from the truth. Do they really think that after watching Mitch McConnell’s recent slamming of President Trump, from the floor of the Senate, convinced anyone to side with our RINO scum? That’s simply ludicrous and more than a little delusional!  

Which brings me to ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich who said, just this past Thursday when visiting ‘fake news’ HQ, appearing on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” that former President Trump’s “popularity and strength” were fleeting every day. Kasich said, “I think Trump’s popularity and strength is fleeting every day. Yeah, it exists with state parties who don’t have the power that they used to have. And maybe with these members of Congress who look over their shoulders and they’re afraid of a primary, which to me is ridiculous.”  For a guy who’s supposedly fading away it would seem that Donald Trump still occupies a lot of space in the heads of those like Kasich.

‘Crazy Uncle John’ continued, “But the biggest problem that Trump is causing is it’s very difficult for Republicans to recruit candidates, because candidates don’t want to get into this craziness. I think there’s a situation here where I can tell you this, people who have been very smart, who have been wealthy, who stood behind Trump, they’re leaving. January 6th was it for them. So I think it’s ripe now for candidates to be able to get out and meet with people who are smart, who are successful, who do have resources, and can get them to support them because I think Trump’s losing his power. I think it’s going to continue. He can’t affect much now.”

And ‘Crazy Uncle’ John finished up by saying, “He’s going to make a speech at CPAC, everybody is going to go gaga, but at the end, I see him as a disappearing guy. I really do.” I wonder, was ‘Crazy Uncle John’ invited to CPAC. Call me crazy, but somehow I doubt it. And you kind of have to ask yourself how it is that he could actually come to such a conclusion. I know he hates the guy, and I’m quite sure he wishes President Trump would go away, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen. Because, for one reason, I firmly believe that Donald Trump truly does love America and I have absolutely no doubt that John Kasich, just like every other RINO, definitely does not.

Obviously, Kasich is another of those who insists upon putting his bruised ego above what’s best for the country. And might that be for no other reason than because of how then-candidate Donald Trump made such an absolute fool of him during 2016 Republican presidential debates? He’s remained nothing but a bitter old man, out to get some manner of revenge, ever since and all he’s succeeded in doing is to make himself out to be little more than a joke. Now the leftist propaganda media occasionally drag him out so he can say something negative about the true President of the United States. ‘Crazy Uncle John’ hasn’t made a lick of sense in decades.

But one thing for sure, Kasich does know a thing or two about being a “disappearing man.” And if it weren’t for the leftist outlets, who drag him out every once and a while to bash Donald Trump no one who even knows who ‘John Kasich’ is. He’s merely projecting his own sad situation onto President Trump in some weird attempt to avoid facing his own reality! In short he’s a turncoat, a traitor, and one who seems determined to do all that he can to do harm to the Republican Party. In Kasich we seem to have a guy who, while he claims to have the best interests of the Republican Party at heart, seems to be doing all that he can to bring about its demise.

Kasich’s Republican party has been little more than a band of corrupt grifters for decades; a little band comprised of those who chose to serve their big money donors rather than our own American family. Donald Trump now threatens that little band. Donald Trump believes that at least one national party should serve the American people. In response to Donald Trump, and his movement, ‘The Establishment’ has no real response. Kasich is a rash on the body politic, with zero support outside of the beltway establishment. He can only dream of having a tiny fraction of Donald Trump’s following, which grows stronger with each and every day of Democrat misrule.

Kasich is nothing if not a clueless jerk. He refused to attend the Republican Convention when it was in his own state. He was angry he didn’t get the nomination, because he saw himself as deserving it. He would give his left nut to be as popular as President Trump. Instead of doing something productive to help the country survive ‘Creepy Joe’s administration, he stands back and throws rocks at Donald Trump. What a waste! Jealously is a mean trait and it’s many a person who have been ruined because of it. And Republicans are doing just that by continuing to make clear their hatred of President Trump. And in so doing, are doing themselves no favors.

This guy Kasich is such a has-been. Is it any wonder that he’s become such a featured player on CNN and MSDNC? He thinks he’s such a darling of the leftwing media and the Democrats, but they could care less about him. His only value to them is his hatred of Donald Trump and willingness to talk trash about him. When he becomes useless to them they will cast him aside like the trash that he is. He’s a loser whose only audience are people expecting him to say hateful things about President Trump and, of course, he never disappoints. What else can we expect from the Democrat propaganda press? Isn’t that what their audience expects? Why yes, yes they do.

Frankly I find it more than a bit disingenuous on the part of Kasich to claim that the biggest problem created by President Trump has to do with making it increasingly difficult for Republicans to recruit good candidates because, according to Kasich, candidates don’t want to get involved with all the craziness. But if one can’t handle a little craziness, then how it is that one can be expected to handle a true crisis. But look, it’s the ‘craziness’ of which Kasich makes reference to that is manufactured. Manufactured by ‘The Establishment’ because of its fear of President Trump and the movement he has inspired and that shows no sign of going away any time soon.

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