Well, the answer to the afore mentioned question is really a relatively easy one. It’s whenever said scandal is committed by politician who happens to have a (D) after their name. Case in point would be the mess that the current governor of New York, Andy Cuomo, now finds himself embroiled in and that has those in our ‘fake News’ media unwilling to report on any of the rather unsavory behavior of the governor.  

You see, it is America’s three most prominent networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS, who have seemed to ignore completely any mention of the sexual harassment claims now being made again Cuomo during their evening news programs. And it should come as virtually no surprise that both CNN and MSDNC have also declined to address the scandal. But imagine, if you can, what would happen if Cuomo was a Republican.

According to transcripts, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS’s Evening News, and NBC’s Nightly News made no mention of the embattled Cuomo, who is also facing calls for his impeachment and resignation after he was accused of covering up roughly 15,000 deaths from the coronavirus in state nursing homes following his rather controversial order that these facilities be made to accept coronavirus-positive patients.

It’s one thing to get misinformation at the beginning of a developing story. Another altogether to fabricate the story from the beginning and then be allowed to simply apologize when the truth is finally revealed. I would even go so far as to say such an offense would be forgivable if it happened rarely. However, when it’s become a regular occurrence with every single story reported on, that should be unacceptable.

Cuomo’s former deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser Lindsey Boylan alleged on Wednesday in an essay published on the website Medium that Cuomo went “out of his way to touch me on my lower back, arms and legs,” forcibly kissed her on the lips during a one-on-one briefing, and suggested they “play strip poker” during a plane ride. I’ve always thought Cuomo was a bit creepy.

Ms. Boylan’s allegations come as Cuomo’s administration is currently under investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn following reports that the governor’s top aide told Democrat lawmakers officials withheld the nursing home data due to concerns that the figures could “be used against us” in a federal investigation. And I’m sure Cuomo was confident his misdeeds would never see the light of day.

It seems the only quality a Democrat needs is his/her/its ability to lie and to accuse others of taking part in the same exact behavior that they themselves are taking part in. Combine that with the fact that we have what is a willingly uninformed group of voters who seem only too happy to sell their vote in exchange for some ‘free’ stuff. I wouldn’t let Cuomo pick up golf balls if I had a golf course; he’d steal them.

It’s become the standard modus operandi of those in our ‘fake news’ media to defend Democrats to the death, no matter how horrific their conduct may be. We saw how it was that the media ran interference for Clinton, ‘BO’, Holder, Weiner, Spitzer and every other indicted or convicted Democrat politician who ever existed. A Democrat could strangle an infant and the media would either ignore it or blame Donald Trump.

It’s hard to believe the depths to which America has sunk. The death-junkie Cuomo commits mass-murder and brags about it. He faces no consequences for his enormous crimes. Yet, his career may be ended because he flirted with a woman. It’s a crime to flirt with a woman, but mass murder is somehow virtuous? So the lesson to be learned here? If a politician commits murder, charge him with sexual harassment.

We’re constantly being told how we must believe all women except, of course, on those not so rare occasions when we have a woman accusing a Democrat. And it’s on those occasions that a simple denial will be sufficient to make it as though any accusation of wrongdoing was never made. Cuomo may be done for, as we’re now beginning to hear from other Democrats how there is now need for an investigation.

But I seriously doubt that Cuomo will be made to face any serious consequences for his deplorable actions, it’s just the way it is when you’re an elected Democrat official. Your position comes with a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card. And so, there will be no reports by our criminally negligent ‘fake news’ media, that would lead to a meaningful investigation of criminal activity of any Democrat politician.

Those in our ‘fake news’ media are not doing their jobs as ‘journalists.’ They are shills of the criminal organization also known as the Democrat Party. However, at some point, some ingenious entrepreneur will come up with an idea or bit of technology that will destroy their stranglehold on information and the media will have no one to blame for that except themselves. They can go learn to code.

Democrats are always warning about the Republican Party’s war on women. But which party is it that it can be said is the only party with a conformed kill? That would of course be the Democrat Party, and who was it that was responsible for that kill? Well that would, of course, be none other than that ‘Lion of the Senate,’ Teddy Kennedy. One of those that most Democrats look upon as being some sort of icon. Sad!

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