I’m sure we all remember the rapid pace with which all of President Trump’s cabinet nominees were confirmed. Politically speaking, it took practically no time at all, right? In truth the Democrats slow walked all of President Trump’s nominees, to the point where at the time he left office he still had not filled his entire cabinet.

So, imagine my surprise in hearing how *president ‘Creepy Joe’ is “disappointed” with how slowly his cabinet nominees are being confirmed to their positions. But he doesn’t blame the Senate, nope! So who does he blame instead? Well, if you guessed Donald Trump give yourself a little gold star because you’d be absolutely correct!

‘Creepy Joe’ made the statement in response to reporter questions following his signing of an economic executive order at the White House on Wednesday. He said he doesn’t blame opposition in the Senate for the slow pace, instead he placed all of the blame on former President Trump for refusing to provide a “rational” transition.

Now I will admit that President Trump and his administration did delay and slow down the transition process as the former president and his allies sought to shed light on what were the many irregularities from our recent election result.  But in so doing he was doing nothing other than what Democrats themselves had done in the past.

More than a month into his *presidency, less than half of ‘Creepy Joe’s 23 cabinet nominees have been confirmed by the Senate. Both Presidents George W. Bush and ‘BO’ had most of their nominees confirmed within three weeks of their inaugurations. Like ‘Creepy Joe’, however, Trump also subjected to a slow confirmation process.

‘Creepy Joe’ made the statement as his nominee for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Neera Tanden, faces dire prospects in her confirmation vote thanks to her past partisan and offensive tweets and statements. Anyone the least bit familiar with this wackjob of a nominee should hope that she is not actually confirmed.

After 47 years in government, with eight of those as vice president, and still ‘Creepy Joe’ knows not how to deal with a transition of power with most of his staff being from the ‘BO and Creepy Joe’ administration. What a pathetic loser! And besides, name one of his nominees who isn’t some radical leftwing loon? That would be none!

Perhaps the problem for ‘Creepy Joe’ is that he’s picked some real losers to be in his cabinet. Or, could we just chalk it all up to karma. Democrats were warned that the way they were stalling President Trump’s cabinet nominations, with every cheap legislative stalling tactic they could muster, would come back to haunt them.

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