So just what is it that the rest us have been able to see over the course of the last 30 days, and far longer if we’re being honest, that so many of our supposedly unbiased, objective and highly observant ‘journalists’ have been so unable to see? Or, does it perhaps go deeper than that, in that they simply refuse to see that which appears so obvious to so many others?  I’m sure many remember how it was that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ campaigned on promises to govern by “consensus,” and how he devoted his Inaugural Address to “unity.” Yet he has issued more executive orders and actions in the first three weeks of his presidency than any other *president in U.S. history.

And what has been the focus of his more than 50 executive orders in 30 days? Well, for starters rejoining the badly flawed Paris climate agreement, ending travel bans put in place as well as revoking immigration policies put in place by President Trump, revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, ending construction of the border wall, revoking the ban on transgenders in the military, banning the use of “China virus,” to make ‘climate change’ the focus of National Security, restoring U.S. funding to overseas groups providing abortion, and so much more which form just the tip of a very sizable iceberg. And all are priorities of the radical left in this country!

And yet, even after witnessing all of this and so much more, it was Fox News anchor ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace who, and with a straight face no less, proudly offered some praise for *president ‘Creepy Joe.’ You see, it was just this past Friday, during an appearance on “America’s Newsroom,” that ‘Commie Chris’ described ‘Creepy Joe’ as “not getting pushed around by the left” on issues like student loan forgiveness. ‘Commie Chris’ argued that “puts him more in the center.” And it was ‘anchor’ Bill Hemmer, host and fellow Trump hater I might add, who asked, “How would you size up the first month of the Biden presidency, the good and the bad?”

‘Commie Chris’ replied, “I think surprisingly good, has been how disciplined he has been. You know, those of us who covered Joe Biden for a while know that he makes gaffes, he says things he doesn’t want to, goes down various paths. There hasn’t been much of that under President Biden. He has been very focused and disciplined in terms of his activities, in terms of his messages, and he really has kept to the idea that COVID, the public health aspect and economic aspect is job one.” And ‘Commie Chris’ then went on to say, “Where I think you can give him some negative marks, conservatives won’t like his agenda, but he won.” He won? Actually, he really didn’t.

Anyway, ‘Commie Chris’ continued, “They won’t like all the executive orders, but he won. You know, there has been some mixed messaging — not so much gaffes but mixed messaging when it comes to the vaccine, when will we go back to normal, when will vaccines available, when will schools reopen?” He added, “Given the fact he is a liberal Democrat, I suspect that most people — the people that voted for him are pretty pleased. I will say one thing that I was impressed by in the town hall on CNN this week. He is not getting pushed around by the left. There has been a push by AOC and Bernie Sanders for $50,000 debt forgiveness for school.”

‘Commie Chris’ said, “He said flat out I’m not doing it. On the minimum wage, he is clear he probably won’t push for that. I wonder if the people at the White House don’t think getting pushed from the left puts him more in the center, which is not a bad place to be in American politics.” And this guy claims to be a bona fide ‘journalist?’ It’s now gotten to the point where it’s absolutely impossible to take this guy seriously. I mean, he is nothing if not transparent. Especially when it comes to his outright hatred of Donald Trump and his willingness to say absolutely anything, whether it’s fact or fiction, in support of *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.   

So does ‘Commie Chris’ actually expect us to believe that every carefully crafted Executive Order *president ‘Creepy Joe’ has signed, and with the specific purpose of undoing all that was accomplished by the Trump administration was done purely from a moderate position? Things like killing 10,000 jobs on the Keystone XL pipeline was a moderate position. Banning fracking and drilling on federal lands, yep, purely a moderate position. Allowing illegals to swarm across the border when millions of Americans are unemployed, purely moderate. Rejoining the disastrous Paris Climate Accords, you guessed it: a moderate position. ‘Commie Chris’ is nothing but a liar.

’Commie Chris’ is only one of many in our ‘fake news’ media who are busy doing all that they can in the hope of distracting enough people just long enough for ‘Creepy Joe’ to complete his mission. But it may all be for naught because it’s with each passing day that more and more Americans are catching on to how ‘Creepy Joe’ is totally under the control of the Left. And how he is not functioning as an autonomous, lucid human being anymore. It is blatantly obvious to everyone, and for ‘Commie Chris’ to try to legitimize what it is that our new *president is doing as the actions of anyone but a robotic puppet tells us all we need to know about ‘Commie Chris.’

Look, all ‘Creepy Joe’ has ever wanted was to be *president, if only on paper. So desperate was he that he was willing to do absolutely ANYTHING to get there. And it’s those willing to do anything who are the most dangerous and represent the biggest threat. And so, it was with much outside help that ‘Creepy Joe’s dream was made to come true. And it’s now time for ‘Creepy Joe’ pay the piper. But he needs to get busy because time is short, as the window is small with another election cycle right around the corner. So the damage must be done now, and by ‘Creepy Joe’, before they then force him out making way for ‘The Ho’ to take over. Which was the plan all along.

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