I think it goes without saying that the Democrats have, going back at least as far as Jimmy Carter, always kept their expectations rather low when it came to the overall performance of their Democrat presidents. And so, it’s nothing that makes that more clear than to listen to James Carville when he describes how he views ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s first 30 days of doing his job as *president. You see, it was during an appearance, just this past Thursday on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” that Carville made the rather bizarre assessment of ‘Creepy Joe’s job performance saying that our new *president is “doing a remarkably good job so far.” Remarkable?

So when asked what grades he would give ‘Creepy Joe’ after 30 days, Carville said, “I would love to be sort of mildly critical of something the new president has done. I really can’t think of anything so far. I think his town hall was just right on the money. I thought he had the right attitude about it. He seems to be handling things. I’m sure it’s a bit of a honeymoon. We’ll have plenty to complain about later. As of right now, I think he’s doing extraordinarily well, and his demeanor and his policies and everything that he’s done so far. But this is not going to last, but right now, I’m 100%. I think a lot of people feel that way. He’s doing a remarkably good job so far.”

Well, ‘Creepy Joe’ IS doing a remarkable job, at least when it comes to advancing the Democrats’ radical agenda. And at the top of the list is, of course, destroying this country by any means necessary. Start by killing thousands of good paying jobs and all the jobs which will be lost due to the trickle-down effect, everything from truck drivers to steel workers. Not to mention all of the small businesses which provide goods and services to those same workers. And not having inflicted enough pain on the working men and women, his next step is to ramp up illegal immigration, dismantling all the hard work Trump put into making our country safer and stronger.

These low to no skill workers will be vying with the poorest of the poor American minority communities for jobs, leaving even MORE Americans without work. Moving on, ‘Creepy Joe’ has now mandated the vaccine for all the illegals entering and putting the most vulnerable Americans, especially the elderly, at a huge risk as they are made to wait their turn. All of this, plus more, in less than a month? I’d say that  even the most radical communist/socialist members of the Democrat Party are now doing hand stands right about now as he/she is watching our beautiful America being demolished in real time.  Yup, “a remarkably good job so far!”

If there’s anything that we now know about ‘Creepy Joe’ it’s that he’ll sign his name to whatever it is that’s shoved in front of him, much like Col. Henry Blake. But where Blake was essentially harmless, and basically a good guy, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who’s anything but, on any number of different levels, as well as being a pretty disgusting human being. His goal is to put America back to leading from behind and her people in ever-increasingly greater danger. I recently heard somewhere that he actually told ‘Iran’ that we’re ready to talk! Personally, I’m of the opinion that it should the other way around, Iran should coming to us, and ready to agree to our terms!

And it is in making such a claim that Carville makes clear his own hatred of America. I’m guessing going from energy independence to having to rely on the Middle East for our oil is nothing to criticize ‘Creepy Joe’ for? And I guess, instead of having private companies managing the vaccines, we need to let the government handle it, that too is nothing to criticize ‘Creepy Joe’ for? And I guess letting illegals flood into our country with impunity, who have no business being here, is nothing we should criticize ‘Creepy Joe’ for? And I guess we shouldn’t criticize ‘Creepy Joe’ for letting in all these illegals without them ever having been tested for the Chinese virus?  

Carville has essentially been out of the limelight for decades, so any opportunity presented that allows him to spew his drivel is just too good to pass up. There’s nothing that ‘Creepy Joe’ has done thus far that could in anyway define his performance as *president as being “remarkably good.” The only thing that has been “remarkable” was how ‘Creepy Joe’ managed to trip over his tongue only seven times during what was a joke of a town hall recently put on by the ‘Communist News Network’, aka CNN. ‘Creepy Joe’ was served up all manner of softball questions by Anderson Cooper and yet he still came across as being rather demented.

Yup, Democrats always seem to be so easily impressed with those whom they elect as *president. ‘Creepy Joe’ doing a “remarkable job?” Only if you hate America, despise Americans, seek to bankrupt American citizens, and wish to aid our nation’s enemies. Not sure what kind of standard Democrats use to determine what is, or is not, “remarkable.” Donald Trump lifted up all of America and helped all Americans, even the little guy. ‘Creepy Joe’ is tearing us down again, throwing all of his support to help the wealthy and his donor class, as well as making America weaker and poorer, just like he and his former joke of a boss, ‘BO’, did for eight long years.

This is typical Carville, wrong, disjointed, nothing but a bunch of bluster and making absolutely no sense. Carville is living in an alternate universe. With Democrat it’s always about party over country, it always has been. And who is it, exactly, that Carville is really trying to convince of this insanity?  Carville is yet another example of all that’s wrong with our ‘fake news’ media. This administration has been anti-American from day one, so of course this is what Carville thinks. After all, ‘Creepy Joe’ is ramming through every leftist wet dream imaginable. Just like everyone, on both sides of the political aisle, knew that he would. But remarkable? Hardly!

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