I think I’ve made myself pretty clear that I am less than satisfied with those in Congress who laughingly refer to themselves as being ‘Conservative’ Republicans. To the point where I have said that I am done with them and their party. Because it has been more often than not that what we’ve seen from these same politicians, especially over the entire Trump presidency, was one instance after another where they did nothing more than to aid and abet the Democrats, often quite willingly, in constructing every manner of roadblock/speedbump imaginable in the hope of slowing down or derailing completely President Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda.

And now we find ourselves with a president who was ‘elected’ courtesy of what was, to put it bluntly, a fraudulent election. And so we still have, at least according to a Quinnipiac University Survey, at least 75% of Republicans who remain very much in favor of President Trump continuing to play a prominent role in where it is that the Republican Party goes from here. And it’s also 87% of Republicans who said that he should not be barred from holding any future office. The only thing that would prevent me from abandoning the party completely would be if Donald Trump were to remain a major player in the selecting candidates and determining policy positions.

We have a significant number of Republicans, such as myself, not yet ready to abandon President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda. So it would only make sense that the best way to keep those people happy, and to keep the party intact would be for the party, as a whole, to embrace the Trump agenda. But what’s become so frustrating is how, for decades, I have voted for candidates who claimed to support the very same things that Donald Trump supported. And for decades all I’ve gotten are excuses as to why progress was never made. So when, in 2016, Republicans controlled Congress and the White House I thought things would change.  

And yet, it was very little that changed as President Trump got very little help from those within his own party in advancing his ‘America First’ agenda. Even with control of both the House and the Senate, the Republicans seemed quite content to allow the Democrats to control the legislative agenda, and if the passage of a bill was deemed to provide President Trump with any amount of credit, it was simply allowed to die. This despite the fact that Republicans had promised their constituents they would do all that they could to get such legislation to the president’s desk. And so after watching such nonsense be endlessly repeated I, at least initially, threw in the towel.

Look we all support lower taxes, legal immigration, the border wall, smaller government, fewer regulations and ‘America First’ policies. All of the very same things that we’ve been told time and time again by those whom we were voting for, that they supported as well. And yet it was after every single election, once they were all safely elected, that we got nothing but excuses when no progress was ever made on any of the issues that got them elected. And then when the opportunity does present itself where they control both houses of Congress and a Republican in the White house, still no progress is made and still all we get are lame excuses.

So what’s the solution other than scrapping the party altogether and starting from scratch? Granted, we all understand the consequences. And we would all have to enter into such a venture with our eyes wide open, knowing full well that going the third party route would guarantee Democrats would win every future race for more than a few election cycles. But when we have Republican representatives making the statements they have recently, it’s important to note that it’s that kind of rhetoric that only serves to cause more folks to consider a third party. We must keep in mind that most Republican voters appreciate what President Trump did for this country.

Right now, the truth is that those in the party who criticize the man who brought positive change to this country are the ones who are divisive and are not correctly reading the majority of Republicans. They recoil at the populist direction of the party of Donald Trump because they still don’t understand his appeal and they’ve grown rather accustomed to being in the minority, to the point where they’ve come to see that as their role. Donald Trump’s platforms win; lower taxes, taking on China, the wall, the economy, useless regulations, the Middle East, and Jerusalem the capital of Israel, to name but a few. And it’s those issues that must form the basis of the party.

The days of the “this is the way we’ve always done it” must be seen as being over. President Trump remade our party to be what the Democrats always claimed they were, but were not. There is no turning back in the face of Socialism. People with the courage to push back harder than they are pushed are the only hope for the future of this country. The old Republican Party is obsolete. It can never again be the party of people who just want to go along to get along. Third parties are self-defeating. You need majorities in both the House and the Senate to accomplish lasting change. And it’s true that it could take decades for a third party to make that happen.

The Democrats would love nothing better than to divide the Republican Party. But all Republicans in office would do well to correctly assess the current sentiment of the majority of Republican voters. To understand the Trump voter, because the Trump voter demands action and results. We are now the party of the working class. We must reassure those who joined us by the millions that we will remain the party of the working class. We will not betray their trust in us. We need to refuse to be cowed by entities from the left. They would never moderate. The Trump voter can smell weakness. We must remain proud of the accomplishments of the last 4 years.

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