Larry Hogan, well-known RINO and supposed ‘Republican’ governor of that bastion of leftwing lunacy, The People’s Republic of Maryland,’ stated during an appearance just this past Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that it’s “far more people” who now agree the Republican Party has to move on from former President Trump. And he’s been joined by other notable RINOs, such as ex-senator Jeff Flake and current Senator Bill Cassidy, all of whom have described how it is that the party must now part ways with Mr. Trump if it’s to survive. You will recall that Cassidy was one of the seven RINOs who joined with the Democrats in their effort to impeach President Trump.

Anyway, it was during his appearance on CNN that Hogan said, “I think there are far more people who agree that we’ve got to move on from Donald Trump, that agree that he was a part of inciting this mob at the Capitol. They’re disgusted by how he treated Mike Pence as they’re building gallows and talking about hanging Mike Pence. A lot of Republicans are outraged, but they don’t have the courage to stand up and vote that way because they’re afraid of being primaried or they’re going to lose their careers. You have to look at what’s good for the country and not worry about the next election or whether you’re going to be elected to something or not.” No shit!

Tapper said, “What is next for the Republican Party, do you think? I mean, look, to the frank a majority of the Senate, a majority of the House, a majority of the American people all agree with what you have said about Donald Trump, about the insurrection, about how he incited it, but a majority of the Republican Party voters do not feel that way.” And Hogan said, “You know, that’s true, Jake, but I think that that’s going to change over time. I mean, this is — we’re only a month into the Biden administration, I think the final chapter of Donald Trump and where the Republican Party goes hasn’t been written yet.” Me thinks Mr. Hogan is in some serious denial. 

Hogan went on to say, “I think we’re going to have a real battle for the soul of the Republican Party over the next couple of years.” Well, meaning no offense, nor disrespect, to Mr. Hogan, but I would have to argue that any perceived battle would likely be rather short-lived, especially when one takes into consideration the rather disgusting performance put on by RINO Mitch McConnell from the floor of the Senate shortly after the vote to acquit President Trump. I think the Republican Party, at least as it existed prior to Donald Trump, can be said to be officially dead. No matter how much they may wish it, there’s clearly no going back to how things were pre-Trump.

Let’s face it, Hogan is little more than a joke, and a bad one at that, and is someone who really has no future from here in politics. Donald Trump has started a movement, and regardless of whether it’s he who leads it, or it’s someone else who takes the lead, it’s a movement that will not be going away anytime soon. In fact, the next four years of incompetence accentuated by tyranny will likely only cause the movement to grow. And as much as Hogan, and those like him, may want to separate the party from Donald Trump it’s just not going to happen. There’s no way that those who truly do love this country would ever pick the likes of Hogan over Donald Trump.

It’s these RINOs, like Hogan, who still don’t seem to understand the level of anger felt by so many Americans against what a appears to be an unwillingness of those on our side to prevent, in any meaningful way, the continuing attempts by the Democrats to destroy our country. And it’s those very same Americans who are fed up with the never-ending attempts to appease the left! Donald Trump didn’t create his supporters, he simply listened to them and he gave their concerns a platform. What he said in public is what the masses have been saying in breakrooms and coffeeshops for as long as I can remember, and I’m pushing 70. Finally we had someone listening!

Yes, Mr. Hogan, there are ‘Republicans’ who, like you, wish to move away from the principles and movement conservatism pushed by President Trump. And we all know who they are, the very same ones who claimed to support the concerns I had, who made promises to address those concerns if I voted for them and who, after they were safely elected, provided me with nothing more than excuses as to why they could not keep those promises that they made to me. But all that changed with Donald Trump. Donald Trump said he supported those issues that were important to me, and while I was hesitant, I voted for him. And he made good on nearly every promise!

And it’s in Hogan that we clearly have yet another RINO in control of yet another Blue State now making the claim that it’s time for the Republican Party to move on, and away, from President Trump. But to put things a bit more accurately, what it’s actually time for is for those Americans who genuinely love this country to move on, and just as far as they can, from the spineless and gutless wimps in the Republican Party. You know the party that ran such pathetic losers as ‘The Maverick’ in 2008 and Willard in 2012. Adios MF and Good Riddance! We now have a champion, one who’s willing to tell it like it is, and who makes good on the promises that he makes!

And I hate to be the one to tell him, but he and his RINO compatriots are certainly free to move on, but let me just issue them this small, but very sincere, warning. If they do do that, they will do so at your own peril. Because it’s ‘We the People’ who have absolutely no intention of moving on from the “America First” agenda that Donald Trump put into place. Flag loving, patriotic, hardworking men and women were given a voice by Donald Trump. And with him or without him, he awakened something in us that will not be going away! And while you can try rid yourself of him we have seen what’s behind the curtain and won’t rest until this country is rid of it!

These worthless RINO frauds now need to be driven from the Republican Party, otherwise it simply won’t survive. Those like Jeb, Rubio, Kasich and any number of the other so-called contenders would have been soundly crushed by Hitlery in 2016. And certainly no-one like Hogan, Haley or Willard would have come anywhere near the 75 million votes that President Trump received in 2020. It’s none of these people who have even the slightest interest in furthering the demands of the conservative base of the Republican Party nor have any plan for effectively rolling back the totalitarian advances of a radicalized Democrat Party and its far-left activist base.

Like it or not, Donald Trump IS now the head of the Republican Party and is in command of its future, for as long as he wishes. And that’s what drives the RINOs absolutely apoplectic with impotent rage. Furthermore, if Donald Trump decided tomorrow to form a new political party, it’s easily that 75% of current Republicans would immediately signup, leaving the remaining Republican Party an empty shell. The populist, ‘America First’ principles Donald Trump espoused and acted upon was overwhelming resonant with patriotic Americans. And those same Americans have absolutely no desire to return back to the old Establishment, America-LAST ways.

Our RINOs seem unable to comprehend that there are many of us who can no longer support a party led by gutless wonders who oppose all that we believe in. So the way I see it, it’s those like Hogan who now have what are essentially three options. Those options being; 1) They can simply become the Democrats that, at heart, they’ve always really been, 2) They can repent their many sins and align themselves with Donald Trump and his ‘America First’ agenda, or 3) They can simply exile themselves to that place where so many political losers wind up, at one point or another, relegated to being just another talking head on some little watched ‘news’ network.

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