Well I think it’s safe to say that what has been described as being the continuing charade, sham, circus and even “shit show” that was the attempt to impeach Donald Trump may finally be over, or so we can only hope. And after two attempts, and even with the assistance of seven RINOs in this the second attempt, the Democrats succeeded in only making themselves, and the RINOs who aided them in this madness, appear as being nothing other than power-hungry zealots eager to destroy the country. That and to make sure that Donald Trump would never again be able to stand in their way and, also, to make him pay for all he had dared to do as president.

So as I said there were seven Senate Republicans who saw fit to vote with the Democrats to convict former President Trump, even though there was little doubt that he would ultimately be acquitted in his second impeachment trial. President Trump was charged with inciting an insurrection on January 6, after what was said to be a mob of his supporters stormed Capitol Hill as Congress began certifying the 2020 presidential election vote. The Senate vote failed 57-43, failing to meet the two-thirds majority threshold need to convict the former president. This despite the fact that the constitutionality of such an act still remains very much in doubt.

So just who were these ‘malignant seven,’ these seven treacherous backstabbers? Well, despite the fact that all are likely, by now, familiar with their names I will list them here because I there to be no doubt just exactly who they are. There are no real surprises here, they are the usual suspects that we’ve been forced to deal with since even before Donald Trump was first elected in 2016. And they are:

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC)

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA)

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE)

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT)

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)

And it was Senators Burr and Cassidy who supported conviction, even though they had previously voted with Sen. Rand Paul in January on a motion that impeaching the president after leaving office was unconstitutional. Which I guess would cause most reasonable people to ponder just what it might have been that they were offered to change their position. The only senator who voted in favor of convicting President Trump who faces reelection next year is Murkowski. Burr and Toomey have already said they would not run for re-election in 2022. Burr, Sasse, and Collins were re-elected for another six-year term in 2020. Romney won’t face re-election until 2024.

These seven Republicans had absolutely nothing to gain, and likely everything to lose, so why vote to convict when they knew there was absolutely no doubt that President Trump would be acquitted? Was this, for them, perhaps nothing more than perhaps an initiation of sorts for becoming members of the Democrat Party? Because you would, at least, hope it unlikely that they hold another term with an (R) after their name. Now they have accomplished nothing but to put themselves at odds with their voter base who support Donald Trump! Or, perhaps they were padding their resume to up their appeal for a job in the ‘fake news’ media in case things do go south for them.

But look, while the treachery we saw from these seven is obvious, let’s not for that it was also many of those who voted to ‘acquit,’ in the end, of whom it can be said also have backstabbed him. I don’t recall one Republican ever saying that what President Trump said was FREE SPEECH or how it was right for him to challenge the blatant fraud that we all now know took place. These backstabbers claimed that the only reason they had decided not to punish him was that he was no longer President, so would they have chosen to convict if he was still President? As for me, it’s long live Donald Trump and long live the USA. I will only vote for Donald Trump, or no one!

The Republican Party, as it currently exists, likely turns away more conservative voters than it attracts. Recent history has shown this with McCain in 2008 and Willard in 2012. Donald Trump walked the walk, and talked the talk, his winning numbers prove he struck a chord with millions of ‘new’ voters. We can’t buy into Democrat talking points of how these RINO’s are in any way essential to winning over moderates and suburban women, because nationally they turn off more voters than they attract. What needs to be done, at every opportunity, is to primary out RINO Republicans and those with no spine and work to replace them with patriotic conservatives.

There was likely nothing that we did could have done to change what was obviously the predetermined outcome of this election. It was clearly stolen, and that can be proven nine ways to Sunday. They refused to see the proof, while at the same time saying our “proof” was invalid, without ever seeing it. That’s because they knew they stole it, and they want to make sure that it STAYS stolen. What happened at the Capitol was clearly planned weeks in advance with the sole purpose of bringing about exactly what it achieved. And it was basically allowed to succeed by the Democrats and many in the Republican Party simply allowed themselves to be taken in.

Clearly there is only one solution to ending all of this madness. And that would be in-person voting, with necessary exceptions of course, and with appropriate ID. Paper ballots and an effort to make the process as transparent and accountable as possible. There must be an effort to explain why voter ID is necessary and that is not voter suppression. And if someone chooses not to vote rather than to get an ID then that is their choice. But sadly it’s unlikely, at least with the Republican Party that we currently are stuck with, that such a thing will ever become a reality! So if we want such changes to be made, we may need to take matters into our own hands.


  1. Former Chief of Police Capitol Police Steven A Sund

    Letter posted online on what took place January 6

    Play by Play details

    1000s with riot gear, pepper spray, bear spray, weapons, ear pieces etc attacked Capitol Police

    Capitol Police were not equipped for this

    Mr Sund immediately called for help

    Department of Defense took 3 hours to approve an urgent request for National Guard support


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