So I ask you, is it me or is it every single time that some Democrat claims to be talking about those evil Republicans, what they’re really talking about is…themselves? Take for instance that sleazy scumbag, Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff. You see, it was just this past Thursday during another of his regular appearances on MSDNC’s “The ReidOut” that old Shifty claimed that it’s the Republican Party that has now become, under Donald Trump, little more than a cult, completely devoid of both principles and ideology.  

And it was host ever-joyless Ms. Reid who got things rolling by asking, “Congressman Schiff, do we need to start having a serious conversation not just about Donald Trump being a bad guy, but about the Republican Party becoming a radicalized anti-democratic institution? Because you can’t have a regular party like the Democrats who have their flaws, and we can have an issue with them and a party that is willing to seize the power by force? Because that’s what that sounded like it to me.”

Shifty said, “That’s absolutely right. I think the managers they’re talking about Donald Trump because he’s the one on trial, and that makes perfect sense, but there are broader, serious problems with the GOP right now as a party. It has really become a cult of personality around the president. It doesn’t have an ideology anymore. It doesn’t have principles anymore. It’s willing to welcome in white nationalists and QAnon conspiracy theorists and people who use violence if they don’t get their way.”

And it was from there that Shifty went on to say, “That party needs to come to grips with what it’s become. It needs to be a party once again that stands for something and not just the cult around Donald Trump.” Now for those who have been paying attention for, oh say, the last 12 years which party is it that should now take a good long look in the mirror at what IT has become? And which party was it that reduced itself to being little more than a cult under the man who preceded Donald Trump?

Personally though, if putting America and the American people first, if believing in God, respecting our flag and Constitution, believing in the nuclear family and following Christian values as a model on how to live, if that means I’m in a cult, then so be it! The Republican Party, for the most part I think, is still a party based on principles. But, of course, we do have our own bunch of bad apples. But to be honest, I don’t really give a squat what Shifty thinks, or says, about absolutely ANYTHING!

It was for four years, and pretty much nonstop, that Shifty said he had proof the 2016 election was fake and that President Trump stole the election. But these days you’re immediately banned from the internet if you dare to claim to have proof of election fraud in 2020 and are labeled as a domestic terrorist. Democrats expose their own sins by projecting them onto others. It is they, and only they, who know what’s best for us, and how it is that we should have to live our lives. We are to have no choice.

It’s safe to say that Shifty is a fraud and this clown Reid is worse. There’s no such thing as a Trump cult. Supporters of Trump are those who support freedom, low taxes, less government, a strong defense, energy independence and defined borders. It’s Shifty and his gang who support high taxes, reliance on foreign energy, bigger government, a doctrine that has America leading from behind, wide open borders, social engineering and so many so-called ‘rights’ found nowhere in the Constitution.

And another thing, Shifty and his gang still don’t understand, and never really have, that the reason so many of us supported, and still support President Trump, was, and is, because he stood with us and for us. And I say this to the Democrats, just as I do to the many RINOS that we are forced to contend with in the Republican Party, even if it’s not Donald Trump in 2024, which I hope it is, the American people will stand with whomever it is that gives us the best chance to Make America Great Again, Again.

And, I think, it has been over the last 10, or so, years, that it has become very obvious that the only party that has become increasing radicalized and has actually become more of a cult than a political party is, of course, the Democrat Party. They have continued to make very plain their hatred of America as well as their addiction to political power which, as we have seen quite recently, they will take any steps they see fit to acquire. And how all who disagree with them must be destroyed!

Donald Trump supports what most Republicans in Congress have always claimed to support, at least whenever up for re-election. You know, like wanting to close down our porous borders, making America energy independent, bringing an end to pointless wars and even taking on Communist China, all of which their voters supported. And yet after elected these same politicians claimed to be unable to keep those promises because they lacked White House support. That is until Donald Trump was elected.

We all know who, and what, it is that makes up the extremist left in this country. Those who dare to disagree with them are called racists, deplorables, white supremacists, Nazis, fascists, homophobes, transphobes, Xenophobes, bigots, and on and on the hate goes. They believe in all manner of crazy conspiracy theories, and see things not as they truly are, but only as they wish them to be, with racists and white supremacists behind every tree. They are liars who only distort facts and events.

As far as I’m concerned, loving the Constitution and believing in freedom is both normal and good. And if it’s a wall that’s needed to keep the American people safe than it is sane and normal to build one. And when it makes no sense to rely on those who hate us for our energy supply, then it only makes sense to make America energy independent. And wanting to put America and Americans first is how it should be. The left now hates more than half the country and thinks that none of that makes sense!

And so the Democrats have now been calling us names and insulting our intelligence ever since 2016 if not longer. But they now seem to have acquired the ability to limit those whom they hate from having any say what it is that they wish to turn our country into. With Judges and states Attorneys General now firmly in their pocket, combined with proven cheating software, they can abuse us with impunity and still win elections. But they did kinda let the cat out of the bag in this last election.

You see, their problem arises because it was Hitlery, and the Democrats, who didn’t cheat enough in 2016 and, because she lost, they couldn’t really afford to expose the cheat. And then in 2020, when Donald Trump received millions of more votes than anyone could have imagined, it was ‘Creepy Joe’, and the Democrats, who got more than a little carried away with their cheating and ended up fully exposing the cheat. A fact which the Democrats, and their media allies, have been denying ever since.

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