Let me just say that the last ones that I need to lectured by, and I do mean the very last ones and on any topic you can possibly think of, would be the couple of gay caballeros who, besides sharing their particular unnatural lifestyle, also happen to be employed by the very same propaganda network that strangely continues to proclaim itself to be a bona fide ‘news’ network. You see, it’s these two boobs who seem to be of the opinion, I guess, that if they sufficiently slander those of us who continue to demonstrate our support for President Trump and who recognize this impeachment sham for exactly what it is, they will somehow succeed in turning us against him.

But then I suppose I really shouldn’t be all that surprised because, after all, it’s both of these perverts who, and very enthusiastically, also choose to support the senile old pervert who currently occupies the Oval Office. The first of these loons that is none other than Don La‘Moan’ who said on Tuesday during his show “Tonight” that those who choose to continue to stand with former President Trump can not tell others to respect the police. After playing the video of the ‘deadly’ Capitol riot presented by the House impeachment managers, La‘Moan’ said, “Blue Lives Matter, huh? Law and order, law and order, respect the flags, respect law enforcement.”

And it was then that La‘Moan’ went on to say, “Why don’t you just comply? Don’t you dare even say that again if you can stand by after that video and give Donald Trump, of all people, Donald Trump…and his mob a pass. If you can do that, I don’t ever want to hear that again. I don’t want to hear that from you. I don’t want to hear family values from you. I don’t want to hear respect police officers from you. I don’t want to hear it. No moral high ground to stand on. Look who is on your side there. There have been a lot of lies. We’ve been warning you about all the lies.” You see, but the thing is, it’s ALL of the lies that have continued to be spewed by those like La‘Moan’.

And then we had his fellow limp-wrist there at the network, ‘Little Andy’ Cooper, who said, after watching the video presented by the House impeachment managers Tuesday during his network’s Donald Trump impeachment trial coverage, that claims by Trump supporters that they are lovers of law and order rang hollow. Andy said, “Any watching of the video that was played just today in the Senate Chambers, after watching that, the president’s supporters who were attacking the Capitol, the former president of the United States cannot claim to be a law-and-order president when you have the crowds chanting “kill the blue.” And this guy calls himself a ‘journalist?’

And it was Andy who then went on to say, “We saw them hurling insults and fists and objects and the American flag and hockey stick at officers. As you said, gouging out an eye, an officer lost three fingers, and one officer was killed. Two others have died by suicide. Any claim by them that they are lovers of law and order, it rings hollow, certainly after seeing that.” But in truth the Capitol sacking will come to be shown to have been enabled by those like Cooper. After all, which party said, defund the police, and encouraged confrontation with the police? That would, of course, be the Democrats along with the media mouthpieces like La‘Moan’ and ‘Little Andy!’

Let’s face it, these two are nothing if not a couple of degenerates, and as such are nowhere near qualified to be lecturing us about anything. And yet, they somehow feel qualified to do so being of the opinion, I guess, that their lifestyle somehow provides them with the moral high ground? Yet their drivel says far more about them than it does about those of us who continue in our support of President Trump. ‘You people’ is a collective term for all ‘you people’, used to describe those perceived to think in some muddle-headed, conspiracy laced way. Somehow we’ve all been brainwashed, and those like La‘Moan’ and Andy are only trying to save us from the evil genius.

Perhaps a question for both would be, why were they silent during the BLM riots, when killings, burnings and lootings were happening every week with entire city blocks turned into lawless autonomous zones. Yet there’s a riot at Capitol Hill that looks to have been infiltrated by hard left zealots and they’re whining and squealing about it. If memory serves, both stood in solidarity with the BLM rioters, why not now stand in solidarity with the Capitol hill rioters. You know, the one that lasted for a few hours on a single day, not for weeks and months on end (and are still going on). How can I get on CNN as a guest, I’d love these losers some questions!

What’s always so very conveniently left out of any conversation is how the DC police, and the Capital Police, had requested National Guard support, and that President Trump had offered National Guard support, and it was denied. And it’s many of the rioters who have already been identified as being registered Democrats, and Non-voters by those at CNN. I have seen, and continue to see, nothing but support for the police from President Trump, and nothing but disrespect for police from Democrats and those in the ‘fake news’ media. It would seem to me that those most responsible for the chaos that took place, are those now trying pin it all on President Trump.

Nice of La‘Moan’ and Andy to get their faces out of their pillows long enough to lecture us about law and order after glorifying BLM and Antifa for the last year. Democrats can no longer claim to love America, her history or her people. And while these two can make up claims about conservatives, we have actual soundbites and videoclips of Democrats, and members of the ‘fake news’ media, spewing all manner of hate for America. Meanwhile, the 75+ Million Trump supporters, who in no way participated in the protests on January 6, are now viewed as being somehow culpable and can therefore no longer claim to be supporters of Law and Order? Seriously?

Clearly there is no logic here. Guilt by association is still considered an injustice. Let’s put it this way for the thinking impaired. If one person of (fill in racial group) mugs you, then you can’t automatically say that all members of (fill in racial group) support mugging, are muggers, or should be punished for being muggers, does that sound about right?  The party of law and order treats all offenders the same. We do not judge an entire group by the actions of a few who are not, in many cases, of that group. We saw a lot of arson and looting during “summer of live.” Should we conclude all Democrats are arsonist and looters? No, only a disgusting low life would conclude such a perversion of truth and common sense. As are both La‘Moan’ and Andy.

No entity in existence is more responsible for the anger and division among Americans than the smug, criminally negligent, self-interested, traitorous, co-conspiratorial ‘fake news’ media. Because rather than reporting the ‘news,’ they suppress and control information in an effort to shape public opinion. Rather than arming us with information and truth, they shield the corruption of criminal politicians of their choosing and slander their personal political foes by manufacturing narratives that serve their personal partisan political goals. The ‘fake news’ is Public No. 1. They have enabled ALL of this to take place, and they’re quite proud of that fact.

I cannot recall a time when our media appeared more hypocritical, and more biased, than over the last four or five years. They don’t even try to hide it anymore, and they keep getting away with it. They fill the air with their sanctimonious BS and scapegoat half the country. It’s all about inciting hate to keep their viewers all throttled up and to push their political agenda. And I mean all of the national media, television, newspapers and radio. And now they’re using social media to silence opposing opinions. What they’re after is total control. This crazy talk is more than annoying. One has to admit it’s escalating and making things more than a little dangerous.

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